Date:May 30, 2014Author: Jason Smith

Homeopathic is stated as an optional medicine, which was introduced by a person called Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It is a form of pseudoscience, whose effect is comparatively less than placebo. The formation of homeopathic medicine includes alcohol or distilled water (proper purified water). It gets manufactured through precise pharmaceutical method known as “potentization”, which are mixed with the diluted …Know More>>

The acupuncture treatment originates from china and has been practiced in China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries since thousands of years. In this treatment, specific points or acupoints of the human body are induced simply by inserting and manipulating thin metallic needles, which consist of a diameter ranging between 0.18 mm to 0.51 mm. handling of needles, is possible …Know More>>

Date:May 22, 2014Author: Jason Smith

Day By day the problems associated with traffic are increasing. In fact, it becomes a very serious issue. Everyone is unable to find any solution over this problem. People are not much aware about the dangerous effects of traffic on human health. One study has found that road vehicles are responsible for emission of greater number of carbon dioxide, nitrogen …Know More>>

Yogurt and Its Importance for Health, Hair and Skin
Date:May 7, 2014Author: Jason Smith

Yogurt is nutritionally rich foods finished by mixing a microbe of pasteurized milk. This germ naturally forms milk sugar, to generate lactic acid, which makes the yogurt thick, creamy and sour in taste. It is formed by microbial fermentation of milk. This fermentation generates lactose, which helps produce lactic acid that works like a protein in yogurt. Sometimes, the yogurt …Know More>>

Exercise to Uphold Healthy Eyesight
Date:May 6, 2014Author: Jason Smith

The eyes are the windows of the world; its damages spoil the happiness of the life; since, it is one of the key organs, which works like a camera.  Through eyes you can see a fantastic and gorgeous world. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the world. However, a disorder of one eye disturbs both eyes function. Thus, eye …Know More>>

Hazardous Effects of Tobacco on Human Body
Date:May 1, 2014Author: Jason Smith

Tobacco is extracted from the dried leaves of the plants from the nicotiana tabacum. It is an herbaceous annual or perennial plant and belongs to the family of solanaceae. The tobacco plant is oval in shape and has a thick, hairy stem and large simple leaves. Tobacco is also referred as Viriginian tobacco or cultivated tobacco. Originally plant of tobacco …Know More>>