Congenital Heart Defects in humans
Date:November 20, 2017Author: Steven Smith

Congenital heart defects are popularly known as heart anomaly or heart disease. These defects occur due to problem in heart structure that is present by birth. Symptoms can be minor or life threatening. Some of the symptoms include rapid breathing, bluish skin, poor weight gain and fatigue. Heart failure is the main cause of heart defects. Poor nutrition, use of …Know More>>

Erectile Dysfunction Is Treatable With Generic Viagra
Date:November 8, 2017Author: Jason Smith

In this post, you will be discovering lots of facts about generic Viagra and how it can help to solve problems that are related to erectile dysfunction in men. This means that it will do you a lot of good to ensure that you read this post from start to finish so as to know how you can overcome your …Know More>>

Common Myths about Dehydration
Date:November 3, 2017Author: Jason Smith

Water is very important for life. Up to 60% of human body is made up of water. Water is important to keep your brain hydrated. When brain becomes dehydrated, you may feel dizzy and low and may eventually faint. Deficiency of water may also lead to hypotension. This is why, it is important to drink adequate amount of water every …Know More>>