Healthiest Food Items For Breakfast
Date:January 4, 2018Author: Anton Lawrence

What you take into your system for breakfast can go a long way to determine how your day will be like. This is why experts have always advised that you shouldn’t just eat anything as breakfast for the sake of eating. Rather, what you should always aim at is to ensure that you are taking healthy food items into your …Know More>>

Depression- A Miserable Health Condition
Date:December 12, 2017Author: Anton Lawrence

In the fast world of today, psychological ad psychiatric disorders have become an endemic part of the society. While people are so busy with their lives, they often tend to ignore mental disorders they suffer from. Besides, psychiatric illnesses are a taboo topic so that is why people usually prefer to suffer silently and it is a very sad fact. …Know More>>

Congenital Heart Defects in humans
Date:November 20, 2017Author: Steven Smith

Congenital heart defects are popularly known as heart anomaly or heart disease. These defects occur due to problem in heart structure that is present by birth. Symptoms can be minor or life threatening. Some of the symptoms include rapid breathing, bluish skin, poor weight gain and fatigue. Heart failure is the main cause of heart defects. Poor nutrition, use of …Know More>>

Common Myths about Dehydration
Date:November 3, 2017Author: Anton Lawrence

Water is very important for life. Up to 60% of human body is made up of water. Water is important to keep your brain hydrated. When brain becomes dehydrated, you may feel dizzy and low and may eventually faint. Deficiency of water may also lead to hypotension. This is why, it is important to drink adequate amount of water every …Know More>>

Wonderful Health Benefits of Fruits
Date:October 17, 2017Author: Anton Lawrence

Dates have great nutritional value. Dates are popular throughout the world for enhancing health. Calorie content is very less in this fruit despite of being very sweet. Rather, dates are rich in minerals and vitamins, which enhance their worth zillion times. Fiber content is also high in the fruit. Dates enhance health in many ways. People who take four to …Know More>>

Emergency Care for Heart Attacks
Date:October 13, 2017Author: Anton Lawrence

Unlike other health disorder and infectious diseases, the heart diseases are often said to be very serious and require instant attention. Heart attack is one of the most common diseases these days that causes sudden blockages of the blood supply to the heart muscles causing blood clots. The main risk with this disorder is that the heart will simply stop …Know More>>

Drink Green Tea Daily For Good Health
Date:August 29, 2017Author: Anton Lawrence

Food and drinks are an important part of our daily life. The components contained in our daily foods and drinks can make or break our health. They have a major impact on our life. This is why, it is very important to look for what we eat. Modern day carbonated drinks have taken over our traditional healthy drinks. These carbonated …Know More>>

Know Everything about Blood poisoning
Date:July 26, 2016Author: Anton Lawrence

Medically blood poisoning term doesn’t exist and always described as septicemia or sepsis. Blood poisoning is a rare bacterial infection. The entry of bacteria into the bloodstream leads to serious health problem. As per name, it sounds dangerous but bacterial infection has nothing to do with poison. Untreated blood poisoning for the longer time increases the risk of body’s organs …Know More>>

Signs and Symptoms of Selenium Deficiency
Date:July 11, 2016Author: Anton Lawrence

Most of the people are unaware with the health problems contributed by nutritional deficiency like selenium deficiency. Selenium is an important trace element used by the body cells to improve physical and mental health. Enzymes inside the body combined with selenium and produce antioxidants that fight against cancer. Inadequate amount of selenium inside the body can associated with various health …Know More>>

Detailed Information About Dopamine Deficiency
Date:June 24, 2016Author: Steven Smith

Dopamine is an important chemical released by the nerve cells and played a crucial role in the brain and human body. It is an organic chemical that function as neurotransmitters and pass the signals to other nerves. Including signal transmitting, dopamine chemical is also responsible for maintain mood levels and improve motivation behavior. If you are dealing with moods problem, …Know More>>