Month: August 2016

Dangerous Risk Factors of Smoking

Smoking cigarettes or being exposed to second smoke can lead to some of the most dangerous health problems. There are a variety of reasons why people start smoking cigarettes. Some find it comforting, while others believe that it makes them look cool. The main problem with smoking is that it is very easy to get […]

Male and Female Infertility Causes, symptoms and diagnosis

Biologically, Infertility is known as an inability of couples in which they are unable to conceive after a prolonged unprotected sexual intercourse. In other words, unprotected sexual relationship more than 12 months without pregnancy is medically known as infertility. If you are trying hard from the last 12 months and not getting any results then […]

Generic Viagra is Coming 2017 in US

Viagra has its generic version known as Generic Viagra (Little blue pill). People still believes that generic version can be dangerous for the health. According to the New York Time’s, generic version of the Viagra drug will be available in the United States to treat erection troubles. Now FDA approved the first anti-impotence generic drug, […]