Dangerous Risk Factors of Smoking
Date:August 29, 2016Author: Jason Smith

Smoking cigarettes or being exposed to second smoke can lead to some of the most dangerous health problems. There are a variety of reasons why people start smoking cigarettes. Some find it comforting, while others believe that it makes them look cool. The main problem with smoking is that it is very easy to get addicted to and once you …Know More>>

Male and Female Infertility Causes, symptoms and diagnosis
Date:August 22, 2016Author: Jason Smith

Biologically, Infertility is known as an inability of couples in which they are unable to conceive after a prolonged unprotected sexual intercourse. In other words, unprotected sexual relationship more than 12 months without pregnancy is medically known as infertility. If you are trying hard from the last 12 months and not getting any results then you need to approach a …Know More>>

Generic Viagra is Coming 2017 in US
Date:August 19, 2016Author: Jason Smith

Viagra has its generic version known as Generic Viagra (Little blue pill). People still believes that generic version can be dangerous for the health. According to the New York Time’s, generic version of the Viagra drug will be available in the United States to treat erection troubles. Now FDA approved the first anti-impotence generic drug, medically known as Sildenafil citrate. …Know More>>

Health Effects associated with Tobacco Addiction
Date:August 16, 2016Author: Jason Smith

We all knew that tobacco addiction leads to various serious health problems that associated with mental and physical health. Tobacco holds an addictive nature drug known as Nicotine. It is a heavily used drug around the world and available in various forms like cigars, pipe tobacco, cigarettes and chewing tobacco. The drug found in the tobacco is very similar addictive …Know More>>

History of Zika Virus and its prevention
Date:August 9, 2016Author: Jason Smith

Zika virus is transmitted by two mosquito’s species which belongs to the Flaviviridae and Flavivirus family and well known as Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquitoes) and Aedes aegypti. The name of this virus is exactly same like Zika forest which is in Uganda. The first case of Zika virus was point out in 1947 in Uganda. Mosquitoes that carry dengue, …Know More>>

Signs and Symptoms of Yellow Fever
Date:August 1, 2016Author: Jason Smith

Yellow fever is a deadly viral disease and mostly found in the Africa and South America regions. This viral infection is transmitted by infected mosquitoes in which patient suffered with high fever and jaundice. It is a viral flu disease that destroys the main internal organs of the body like liver, kidney and other organs. According to the WHO report, …Know More>>