Exercise to Uphold Healthy Eyesight

Simple Eye ExercisesThe eyes are the windows of the world; its damages spoil the happiness of the life; since, it is one of the key organs, which works like a camera.  Through eyes you can see a fantastic and gorgeous world. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the world. However, a disorder of one eye disturbs both eyes function. Thus, eye maintenance is really necessary. For the healthy vision, you should go for regular check up of your eyes. Keep washing your eyes through the normal water, so that the stain present in the eyes could easily get removed. It also reduces dryness, itching, and irritation, of the eyes. People, who work on the computer, are more likely to get eye disorders. Thus, a regular eye exercise is needed to keep the eye active.

Dry eyes occur due to continue stare on the computer. Hence, to get rid of it one must keep washing their eyes continuously. Moreover, maintain a healthy diet to get healthy eyesight; since, the diet matters a lot to improve eye vision. Eat the stuff, which is rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene; since, this helps improve the vision, of the eyes. Vegetables and fruits are some great option; since, they are naturally loaded with vitamin A, beta-carotene and many other essential components of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.  In short, proper care and diet builds healthy eyesight’s, and reduces eye disorders.In addition, use goggles while driving two wheeler; since, the dust particles get stuck in the eyes and leads to red and irritating eyes. It is one of the main causes, to damage eyesight.

Moreover, wear sunglasses to get prevented from ultraviolet sun rays. A constant work on the computer reduces the blinking ability of the eyes, which leads to dry and rough eyes. In certain, situation the eyes get swollen and pain, baldy. One may also face red and itchy eyes. Hence, it’s a suggestion for the workers to do eye exercise in every 2 hours; since, eye exercise strengthen the eye muscles, promote proper vision, and improve the focus ability. An eye exercise facilitates the function of the eyes, and brings activeness in its connected organs. A small child gazing television for a longer period may get swell and painful eyes. Hence, it’s a work of parents, to take care of their children’s habit. Don’t let them stare the television for a longer period, in case ask them to follow some eye exercise. Small children are at more risk of eye disorders; since, they play games, watch television, etc. which damages their eye vision very soon. In case, you follow any numbered reading glasses then do wear it in a prescribed way; since, its improper use may enhance the number of the eyes and could affect the vision, badly. Furthermore, to get rid of dry and rough eyes drink plenty of water; since, water hydrates the eyes. Besides this, people may follow certain exercises, to maintain healthy eyesight. A regular check up is one of the options, but exercise is the precaution stage of eye damages. Some of the efficient eye exercises are given below.

Rub your hand and place

Rub the palm of your hand together until it gets warm, and place the palm over the eyes gently. Do not let light rays pass inside the gap, of the fingers. Take a deep breath while performing this exercise. Repeat the process 5 times and each process must take 3 minutes. This is one of the easiest exercises, which can be performed at your workplace. So try to do this at every 2 hours gap.

Near and far objects

Place two objects, one should be near and another should be quite far away from the distance, of the first object. Press one eye and see the near object for 10 seconds, then a far object for 10 seconds. Similarly do with second eyes. Repeat this process for at least 8 times; since, it improves the vision and judgment of the eyesight. Anyone can perform this exercise at home, if in case not possible, at work place.

Rotate your eyes

This is one of the most beneficial and best exercises, which can be easily performed at the workplace by sitting, on the chair. Rotating your eyes in a circular motion is always good for healthy vision. Rotate it in a clockwise direction and similarly in anti-clockwise direction. Repeat this process for 10 times at every 2 hours gap. This helps stretch the muscles and improve the eyesight. It reduces the stress and facilitates the function, of the eye balls.

Up and down movement

Do up and down movement of the eyes. See up and down, then left and right. You can do this exercise by sitting at your office chair; hardly, will it take 5 minutes. This is another exercise to stretch the muscles, of the eyes; since, long time work tightens the muscles badly.

Take the object near and far

Hold a pencil or a stick close to your eyes, and slowly take it away to a distance. Bring the object near and move it far, at one hand distance. This exercise helps mend the eye vision of near and far. One can also perform this in the office, at the work place.

Massage your eyes

Take a massage of hot and cold water. Soak a towel in the hot water and place it over the eyes. Similarly, soak a towel in the cold water and place it over the eyes. Leave it for some seconds, and open the eyes slowly. Do not rub the eye balls and repeat this procedure for 5 times to give relaxes, to the eyes.

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Exercise to Uphold Healthy Eyesight