Hair Fall and Its Treatments

Are you also a victim of hair fall? Have you found any treatment for it? Not yet? Then, you have landed on the right page! You are not the only prey of the hair fall problem. It is one of the most common problems which people faces. It might be due to the lifestyle habit or the hereditary issues. However, it is a serious problem which needs to get tackle carefully. It does not harm your health but it affects your personality and looks a lot.

What is a Hair Fall?

You lose few strands of your hair every day and it is a normal process of our body. Losing 12 to 25 strands daily is not a big thing as every strand possesses a lifespan of 3 to 6 years only and they fall once the life ends. However, if you are facing the hair fall problem of new and fully grown hair excessively then, it is an alarming situation for you. The loss of more than 110 hair strands on daily basis is a real threat.

Causes of Hair Fall

Below are the different causes of the hair fall:

  • Certain medicines like anabolic steroids which are used in chemotherapy or kidney failure might result in the loss of the hair.
  • The health problems like toxins, allergies, exposure to chemicals, injuries burn, as well as infections.
  • Doing too much dying, bleaching, tight braiding, using hot curlers and blow drying can result in hair fall.
  • The overdose of vitamin, anemia, iron deficiency, fever, thyroid, or pregnancy is also a reason for hair loss.

Different Types of Hair Fall Treatment

Below you can read the different types of hair fall treatment which are utilized for different categories of hair fall from which you suffer:

  1. Homeopathy Treatment

One of the most prevalent and widely used therapeutic practices is homeopathy which helps in controlling the hair fall problem effectively. It cures the problem from its roots. While giving medicine to the patients, the temperament, nature of the diseases, and sensitivity level are checked. Sabal serrulata and Thuja occidentalis possess the power to act as the natural inhibitors of DHT. It stops and controls the falling of hair. In fact, in some cases quantity of hair in the person get increase.

  1. Naturopathy Treatment

If you are looking to have right nutrition then, nature is the best source. In the Naturopathy treatment, the vitamin supplements like iron and vitamin B are prescribed for the growth of the hair. The grapeseed oil is also beneficial in case of hair fall. Herbs like bilberry and Biloba extracts helps in stimulating the flow of blood inside the scalp. One of the best treatments for good hair is the usage of the olive oil and rosemary oil that provide permanent effect to the person’s hair.

  1. Common Treatments

There are some common treatments which are used for hair fall treatment like:


Rogaine is a famous treatment for the hair fall that is approved by the physicians. You can take it without prescription also. It is a well-known medication which originates in the form of liquid and the form of foam both. You have to run it two times on your scalp daily. It is also the most effective method to cure alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia. It not only helps in stopping the hair fallbut also promotes good growth of hair.

Egg oil:

An egg is known for its great nutritional value and you should include in your diet daily. The oil of the egg is used for treating the problem of hair fall from past many years. It not only nourishes the scalp but also helps in more growth of hair. In fact, it stops the early aging of hair as well.


It is used for treating the problem of alopecia areata. It is basically vaccinated inside the scalp for stopping the falling of hair. It functions rapidly in case of speedy hair loss.

  1. Surgical Treatment for Alopecia:

The following are few surgical treatments for Alopecia:

Hair Transplant:

It helps you in making your scalp look full of hair. Under this procedure, a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist needs the small masses of skin enclosing hair, generally from the rear or adjacent of the scalp and embeds inside the sections of the hairless areas. The degree of hairlessness will decide the number of sittings required.

Scalp Reduction:

In this process, the region of baldness is decreased on your head. It takes some time for the complete result. It is used along with the hair transplant so that you get a natural look afterward.

We hope that now you know that how you can do the treatments of your hair fall. But you should consult some hair specialist or doctor before beginning any treatment once. Don’t forget to take the good and healthy diet for good growth of hair. Doing some kind of yoga and exercise also increases the life of your hair.

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Hair Fall and Its Treatments