Month: June 2015

Potassium scarcity

Potassium is referred as one of the major mineral requisite of our body. Even a small shift or change in its routine requirement can lead to certain grave health interruptions ahead in prospect. Hence, potassium deficiency is a matter of concern and thus should not be neglected once you noticed, this can be perilous rather […]

Food list that should be followed by migraine afflicters

These days there is one most widespread set back heading and ruling over the working class people that initiates from simple headaches but ends up giving birth to grave “Migraine”. It is so simple calculation migraine is directly associated with the trauma {stress} and upbringing around the person. Knowingly or unknowingly people simply get seize […]


Couples now a day are getting apart from each other in consideration of various lifestyle and emotional aspects. There has been very little scope of face to face to interaction amidst working couples who gets time to relate with each other at last  only in the bedroom, otherwise. This somehow is a very conscious state […]


Majority of people have heard that working out is imperative for living a healthy life. But, handful of people knows its exact consequences. It aids one to acquire the wanted physical shape. Its impact on the mind and soul is also popular one. Though, most of us are aware about the advantages, yet many don’t […]