Homeopathic is stated as an optional medicine, which was introduced by a person called Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It is a form of pseudoscience, whose effect is comparatively less than placebo. The formation of homeopathic medicine includes alcohol or distilled water (proper purified water). It gets manufactured through precise pharmaceutical method known as “potentization”, which are mixed with the diluted water and shakes dynamically; again the diluted process takes place and again it trembled properly, this is how the process repeated again and again until the original molecules of the substance disappears. In certain medication the direct drug applications are used, which are then goes under shaking procedure and are mixed with the diluted water or alcohol. Sometimes the original molecules substance remains in the process, which may be venomous, if taken excessively.

The pills of homeopathic include an active ingredient, which goes under several processes to get finished pills. However, the ideas of homeopathic rose in the mind, when a bit dose of mandrake roots is used, to treat the mania problem in ancient times, this inspired Mr. Samuel Hahnemann and motivate to expand the process by the name called homeopathic. Homeopathic doesn’t carry any treatments for the ailments, but instead it carries remedies for the diseases. In Greek word the term homeo is stated “similar” and pathos stated suffering. However, the science has been partially accepted homeopathic process. Homeopathy is effect full medicine, but gives very late result. You must have noticed that doctor’s advice the patient to have three to four portions of homeopathic medicine; since, it overdose may bring some toxic effect. Not all the dosage, but some of the dosage holds this effect; hence, one needs to be careful about its intake. Consume the medicine according to the prescribed manner.

Most of the people believe that an overdose may cure the disease soon, but that’s wrong the overdose may harm the health, badly; since, the medicine is finished up of various chemicals, whose over intake can’t be tolerated by the body. However, the treatment of homeopathic lacks biological acceptability, the research is in the process. Most of the scientific research stated homeopathic as a useless medication treatment. However, some of the clinical reports demonstrated good result of homeopathic treatment, but still it is yet to accept scientifically. The research has stated that homeopathic is a gradual treatment, which takes several years, to cure the diseases. Most of the people prefer homeopathic medicines to treat the disease, even though they don’t get instant result, but they addict to follow that; since, they believe that homeopathic lacks side-effects.  For a while it is accepted that homeopathic doesn’t give any side-effects, but the result is seen very slow. Almost all the disease can be treated through homeopathic medication, but the process will last for several months and years.

Some of the extreme disease like malaria, dengue, cancers, etc. can’t be treated or cure through homeopathic, but the problem such as asthma, ear infections, high blood pressure, allergies, mental health, hay fever, kidney stones, stomach disorders, etc. can be cured, after undergoing a long process. A Kidney stone is common in men; most of them prefer to follow homeopathic medicine, to get rid of kidney stones. Female too prefers to follow homeopathic medication, to cure certain health issues. It can be used to get rid of respiratory disorders, blood infections, urinary discharges, etc. Some of the related treatments of homeopathy are veterinary homeopathy, electro homeopathy, Isopathy, and flower remedy. However, the homeopathic medicines come in various forms such as liquid, pills, pellets, ointment, and suppositories.

Some essential tips

You need to close the bottle tightly; since, the alcohol present in the bottle in liquid form gets evaporated. You perhaps noticed that doctor put liquid separately in the bottle after putting the pills, this is because the mixture of pills and liquid may get evaporates soon. This reduces the effect of the medicines. Once you intake the pills of homeopathic, you need to suck it, so that it can get dissolved in the blood. One needs to maintain 4 hour gap between the dosages; however, its ignorance fails or delay the results. Hence, one needs to maintain the dosage intake at prescribed manner. In case you are undergoing any other medication treatments, do reveal the doctor about this; well, consuming homeopathic medicine with other medicines may not give any side-effects, but for safety one should take the suggestion of the doctor.


Homeopathic is a quite safe medication process, one can do their treatment without any hesitation. Most of the medicines carry side-effect, which affects secretly, a certain parts or organs, of the body. However, homeopaths are seen without any negative impact; hence, people are seen bother less to use this medication procedure. The process includes diluted water and perfectly harmless substances, which reduces the risk of negative impact. People, undergoing homeopathic medication can get proper curing of the disease or problem.


However, it doesn’t carry any known disadvantages, but its excessive intake may bring some health disorders. Its late outcome can be considered one of the disadvantages. The homeopathic medication cannot give an instant result; it takes several months or year to give perfect consequence. One needs to follow the chain of treatment, for a longer period. The remedies lacks for many severe diseases such as malaria, cancer, etc. Moreover, due to its slow effect people may leave the process in between. One may face a weak psychological function. However, the disadvantages are not fatal; one can face minor difficulties, which can get eliminated after the end, of the medical procedure.

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