Day By day the problems associated with traffic are increasing. In fact, it becomes a very serious issue. Everyone is unable to find any solution over this problem. People are not much aware about the dangerous effects of traffic on human health. One study has found that road vehicles are responsible for emission of greater number of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and other volatile organic compound emissions. Apart from that, research has also proved that exposure to traffic can lead to heart attack. In fact, constant exposure to traffic can affect not only to your mental health but also physical health. The most commonly observed effects of traffic on human health include stress, headache, cough, frustration and so on. It is quiet difficult to live near heavily travelled roads; since, it develops number of health issues. Exposure to pollution from gases and unburned hydrocarbons may lead to negative impact on people’s lungs and arteries. While talking about traffic side effects on human health, we should also consider that, pollution that we are exposed to that take place through number of vehicles such as bikes, cars, trucks, buses. However, diseases associated with traffic are life threatening.


Increases the problems of aches and pains:-

Driving in traffic puts lots of pressure and stress on joints. While driving in traffic you make regular use of accelerator and brake, while in manual transmission you make use of clutch, brake and accelerator. Hence, the consistent shifting puts pressure over knees, which in turn contributes to knee related problems and aches. The same condition appears in elbows as well. The distance between car seat and steering wheel should be comfortable. If it is not then elbows remain constantly straight or locked. This posture creates problem for ball and socket joints of the elbow.

You can overcome these side effects and posture problems by sitting in right manner and by adjusting the position of your seat. In short you can get relief from stress, may drive in the right way and can avoid future accidents.

 Raises issues of heart diseases:-

The studies conducted in Germany has revealed that prolonged exposure to fine particulate matter, air pollution along with traffic noise or pollution are associated with risk of cardiac diseases. In short, long term exposure to traffic pollution is extremely harmful for your heart, since it enhances the risk of heart diseases. Causes such as pollution, fluctuating stress levels, loud noises, inhalation of harmful gases are some of the reason during traffic which increases the risk of heart diseases. These causes are especially responsible for weakening and degenerating the heart. Since the heart is the most delicate organ of body, proper care should be taken while treating it. In addition, rash driving is responsible for high stress level, which in turn may develop the issues of cardiac diseases.

With the help of balanced diet, daily early morning exercise and other relaxation techniques or method you can abolish the problem of life threatening cardiac diseases that causes due to chaotic traffic conditions. Deep breathing and meditation is believed to be another effective remedy to get relief from this problem.

 Increases the risk of respiratory problems:-

Exposure to poisonous gases emitted through vehicles such as smoke coming out of the tailpipes of cars, bikes, buses and other poisonous gasses such as hydrocarbons, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, butadiene, acetaldehyde, benzene, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides are some kinds of poisonous gases. Long term exposure to these gases lead to a serious threat to human health. In short, prolonged exposure to vehicular traffic emission develops the risk of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, cough, whooping, asthma and so on. Besides that, the possibilities of hazardous lung cancer also increase through the emission from diesel vehicles.

In order to get rid of respiratory problems, avoid driving in areas where heavy traffic congestion, take diet rich in antioxidants, try to reduce the exposure to harmful toxins, exercise regularly, avoid breathing in polluted air, and boost your immune system to combat various respiratory diseases.

 Other health problems:-

  • Research has found that components of air pollution emitted through vehicles are not only entering the human body but also altering one’s DNA. This condition may lead to mental or psychological problems or permanent ailments in future generation.
  • Frequent exposure to harmful pollutants may contribute to vitiated brain capacity and risk of brain damage.
  • Lack of memory, poor concentration, low IQ, brain lesions, blurry vision, epilepsy, and migraines are some of the negative effects of pollutants that emitted through vehicles on your central nervous system.
  • Prolonged exposure to neurotoxins emitted from vehicles leads to degeneration. In addition, in severe cases, causes to permanent damage to the central nervous system.
  • Problems of anxiety, fatigue and irritability are also commonly observed while travelling for long period.
  • Exposure to high volume traffic develops the risk of Alzheimer’s diseases at some extent, autism among children, and brings mental and physical exhaustion.
  • While dealing everyday with strangers in traffic, you might lose your patience as well. You might feel like agitated and anxious while travelling and may increase your stress level, if traffic is for long period of time.

Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf for safe travelling and to stay away from poisonous gases emitted through vehicles. So, you may not breathe in harmful smoke directly. Keep patience while driving and avoid getting agitated over other people as it may make thing worse. So, keep your mood cool while travelling in order to reduce accidents and for safe journey.

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