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Today’s youngsters, especially teenagers between the ages of 12 to 18 years are not much careful about long term benefits of healthy diet. They are very notorious for their terrible eating habits. They give more preference to food what tastes good and what’s within reach. Junk food is popular among this age group of people and often a routine diet for them. Intake of fast food makes a lot of bad impact on the health of teenage. As fast food contains rich source of saturated fat, excessive salt, sugar, hydrogenated oil and Tran’s fat. Daily fast food consumption leads to several life threatening afflictions such as poor concentration, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, constipation and so on. It is necessary to avoid the excessive consumption of it. Teenage period is phase of life; teens are entering into a new world, particularly world of phase of maturity and responsibility. It is a stage of life that lies between childhood and adulthood. The stage of teenage is described as the growth and development of mind as well as body. Therefore, it is essential to have healthy diet during teenage.

A healthy diet provides enough calories and essential nutrient for growth of teenagers. Thus, healthy diet is essential because children normally have a growth spurt during their adolescent years only. Poor eating habit of teenagers are associated with the risk of developing health problems like obesity, coronary diseases, hypertension and anemia. Anemia can be prevented by adding more iron-rich foods in diet. Obesity is the primary cause of hypertension and cardiac diseases. Thus, teens should avoid the excess intake of fatty foods.

Diet for teenagers:-

 A healthy diet plays a crucial role to remain healthy. The diet mentioned below will definitely help for teenagers to fulfill the requirement of teenage body.

Diet rich in fiber: – Teenagers must include high quantity of fiber foods in diet. In fact it should be an integral part of teen’s diet. Because deficiency of fiber may lead to serious diseases such as intestinal cancer in later life. These foods promote healthy health as it is loaded with essential nutrient, vitamins and minerals and also contains low fat, high nutritional value. Brussels sprouts, carrot, broccoli, raisins, banana, apple, whole wheat bread and tomatoes are some example of high fiber products.

 Daily breakfast is essential: – Skipping a healthy breakfast in teen age is not good for the health. They must take three meals along with breakfast daily, without skipping and on time. Breakfast is considered vital for proper physical and emotional development of a teenager. But more nutritious food should include in a daily breakfast. Because breakfast playing a key role in keeping teens active and energetic throughout the day. If they consume heavy breakfast, they might not tempt to move towards junk food. It is duty of parent to ensure whether their child eating breakfast daily or not. Besides that, Along with breakfast daily a glass of milk is important as it is regarded as complete food. Milk includes high content of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin B12. Hence, promote healthy muscles, bones, teeth and good for eyesight. In fact prefer skim milk instead of using whole milk as the former is a fat-free drink. Hence, considering to teens, diet is incomplete without including breakfast and dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt.

High Protein foods: – Foods that are rich in protein help to build-up the healthy muscles. Health experts recommend intake of protein is vital for proper muscle growth. Hence, diet rich in protein it a great tool for proper growth and maintenance of muscles. Consumption of lean meat, fish and boiled egg can be a great way to fulfill the requirement of protein of teenage body. But take these foods in moderation only. These foods are not only high in protein but also low in unhealthy fats hence, also consider beneficial for weight loss diet among teenagers.


1)   Fast food is the main culprit that contributes to teen’s obesity. Hence say no these fast food.

2)   Make certain limit on consumption of red meat as well as eggs. Meat contains high amount of cholesterol hence avoid over intake of meat and eggs. Do not intake meat more than two times in a day. Intake of 3-4 eggs per week may not cause any harm. One fact should also keep in mind that only 20% of diet should consist of fish, egg and milk while the rest should be in form of vegetables, fruits, and grains only.

3)   Avoid drinking fizzy drinks because cold-drinks contain lot of sugar. Instead of drinking fizzy drinks, include fresh vegetables juice, fruit juice or simply water as they are in natural form. They are not contaminated with any harmful chemical and assist to keep body hydrated.

4)   While teens are on computer, playing video games or watching television, put a bowl of freshly sliced mangoes, some grapes or other fruits towards them. Certain intake of fruits will help to them to stay away from soda and chips until dinner time.

5)    Having meals in a hurried manner is most common among all teenagers. Thus, Teens should keep one fact in their mind that, they should gives utmost priority to chewing foods as it plays an important role in digestion.

6)   While eating one should give more attention to the food only and should enjoy every bit of food. Because, while watching TV or chatting one can unknowingly consume excess food, which may contribute to weight gain.

7)   Teens often have the habit of taking snack in between meals. It is responsibility of parents that they should give healthy snacks like almond, slice of fresh apple and pear, and protein shakes instead of giving process foods.

8)   Avoid excessive intake of salt in daily diet.

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