Wonderful Home Remedies to Cure Acidity Effectively

Home Remedies For Acidity TreatmentAcidity takes place when excessive amount of acid is secreted in the gastric glands of stomach. When gastric glands of stomach produces excessive amount of acid, it results in acidity. Acidity is a common health problem that affects people of all ages. It is normally occurs in highly emotional and nervous individuals. It is a medical condition in which gastric acid along with pepsin and other enzymes are considered effective to break down the complex matter into simpler substances that can be easily digested by the body. Chest pain, prolonged heartburn, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, belching and pain in stomach are some symptoms that linked with acidity.

These days, it is considered to be one of the major causes of health ailments as it ranging from mild digestive problems to severe cardiovascular diseases. It is often believed that body’s pH level and acid-alkaline balance has an excellent impact on the overall health of person. A normal healthy person should have a pH value somewhere 7.35 to 7.45. However, a body is said to be acidic, if a person has a pH value slightly lower than mentioned normal pH value. It is also known as acidosis. While one fact should always be remember that acid produced by body is required for digestion of food you consume. However, if acid production is increased, then excessive gastric juices shift from stomach to the lower part of esophagus and seriously affect the function of esophagus. The major causes which are associated with the risk of developing acidity are mentioned below:

Causes of acidity:-

  • Irregular eating habits
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Excessive consumption of fried and spicy foods
  • Skipping breakfast or lunch
  • Being on an empty stomach for long time
  • Overweight
  • Aging
  • Intake of fatty foods in large quantity
  • Stress, depression or negative emotions
  • Inadequate sleep

As acidity usually takes place due to consumption of heavy meal and antacids. However one should aware about the fact that antacids reduces the nutrient absorption in body and stimulates several health problems. Hence, try to avoid taking these antacids and follow maximum home remedies as they do not have any side effects. However, there are numerous home remedies mentioned below which will definitely help to cure acidity.


Tulsi (Basil leaves):- It has the compound to combat acidity that makes it an effective digestive agent. Besides that it induces stomach to produce more mucous and has potent anti-ulcer properties. It not only reduces the effect of peptic acids but also reduce gas formation. Thus, result in preventing excessive acidity.

  • Simply eat five to six basil leaves after meal to get instant relief.
  • Boil some basil leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes and add some honey then drink it frequently to reduce this problem.

Jaggery: – It is considered as one of the best home remedy as it holds high content of potassium which maintains the balance of acids in your stomach. It works as a cleansing agent for stomach. Eat small piece of jaggery after meal as it prevent acid formation in stomach.

Apple cider vinegar: – Apple cider vinegar consists of acetic acid which is effective for various stomach problems as well as acidity.

  • Mix one or two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in half cup of water and drink this mixture.
  • Mix one tablespoon of honey and natural apple cider vinegar and drink before eating spicy meal. It would give instant relief from discomfort as well as burning sensation.

Ginger: – This ingredient is widely used in Indian cuisine. It not only improves absorption of essential nutrient but also helps to break down the protein in your food. Hence, stimulates digestion effectively. It is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that treat acidity.

  • During acidity drink a spoon of ginger juice for two or three times a day which will provide relief from acidity.
  • Just chew a slice of fresh ginger during acidity to get instant relief.
  • Make a powdered of equal amount of ginger, black pepper, coriander, anise, dried mint leaves and cumin seeds then add some salt in it. Drink this mixture with water twice a day after meals.

Clove: – It has the carminative effect which stimulates the    production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Thus, plays a vital   role in alleviating acidity and also dispel gas.

  • Chew some cloves thoroughly so that juices will release into your system which will give instant relief.
  • Consuming crushed cloves and cardamom mix in equal amount can help to alleviate acidity and combat bad breath.

Aniseed: – Anise is worldwide popular and used as mouth freshener. It gives relief from constipation and keeps acidity at bay.

  • Boil one tablespoon of aniseed in water and leave this mixture overnight. Drink this water at least three times during a day when you feel uneasy.
  • Chew some aniseed after eating heavy or spicy meal as it can give soothing effect to your stomach.

Mint leaves (Pudina):- It is widely used for garnishing various foods. It has various properties that lower the acid content of stomach and improves digestion.

  • Drink fresh mint juice everyday to prevent acidity.
  • Chop some fresh mint leave and boil them in water then drink that water after meals.

Cumin Seeds: – It contains acidity fighting properties and stimulates the production of saliva. It not only promotes digestion, metabolism but also get rid of other gastric troubles.

  • Boil one tablespoon of cumin seeds in cup of water then drink that water after your meal.
  • Mix one tablespoon each of cumin seed powder, coriander seed powder, aniseed seed powder and some sugar in one-half cup of water, strain it and then drink the mixture of water after meal.

Indian gooseberry (Amla):- It contains rich source of vitamin C which gives soothing and healing effects to injured stomach lining and esophagus.

  • Consume one tablespoon of amla powder twice a day to keep acidity at bay.

Other remedies:-

  • Drinking one or two glasses of water early in the morning helps in the reduction of acidity. Because drinking plenty of water after meals helps in diluting the acid and eliminates excess acid in stomach.
  • Consumption fresh fruits like Banana, watermelon, cucumber and papaya can also give instant relief from this problem.
  • Drink a glass of cold milk after your meal to cure acidity.
  • Boil half a tablespoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of water for few minutes. Then drink this mixture two or three times in a day.
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Wonderful Home Remedies to Cure Acidity Effectively