article-1286536138091-0b87f9c5000005dc-221557_304x407An eye acts transom for the world, which is finished up of the iris, pupil, cornea, lens, retina, optic nerve, sclera, fovea and choroid. Almost all the organs of the body found vital to perform, an eye founded one amongst them. The work performed by each linked factor of the eyes varies; so, any damages to any of the parts break down the function, of the eyes. Hence, one needs to take extreme care of their eyes. Today’s occupation has become a threat to promote healthy eyes. Now a day’s people hold the complaint of glaucoma and an ocular hypertension, which is found a minor eye complications, but if ignored may lead to severe problem. An excessive pressure over the eyeball leads to an eye vision loss. People, suffering from glaucoma may get the risk of gradual eyesight damages. It causes when the optic nerves fail, to work properly. Sometimes, this condition leads to a blindness problem in people. Glaucoma is a form of eye disorders, which affects the vision of the eyes. It might initiate with one eye complications and could lead to both eyesight damages. An insufficient flow of fluids or blockages of drainage tubes within the eyes lead, to glaucoma problem. In short, glaucoma is a form of eye dryness, which enhances the pressure over the eyeball and leads to gradual loss of eye sight and damages of retina nerves. Certain conditions comprise inflammation, itching, redness and sore eyes, which last for many days. However, ocular hypertension and glaucoma is one not the same, both comprise the pressure within the eyes. When an eye gets the pressure more than the normal one, indicates the risk of ocular hypertension or glaucoma. Prolonged gazing on the computer, television, etc. are the facts behind the risk of glaucoma or dehydrated eyes. Excessive smoking and lack of sleep are another leading factor, to cause glaucoma and ocular hypertension issue. However, certain complications can be treated with the effective eye drops called Latanoprost.

Latanoprost an eye drop
Latanoprost has been introduced one of the effective eye drops, to treat glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Using this drops mend the condition and reduces the inflammation, itchiness, and redness of the eyes. One can get relief from pressurized and dehydrated eyes. It helps stabilize and holds the eye fluids, which keep the eyes hydrate and results less stress on the eyeballs. It’s like when you gaze anything with dehydrated eyes, it puts pressure and facing these persistent conditions may gradually lost the eye vision. So, apeople can use Latanoprost a best eye drop, to get rid of glaucoma problem. This is not a disease, but an eye complication, which can get cured after going through Latanoprost medication treatments. It helps soothe the eye vision by facilitating the fluid existence. One can get rid of inflammation, itchiness and irritation of the eyes, but if used in a prescribed manner.

Latanoprost is an eye drop, which has been prescribed only for the eyes not for any other place. Its dosage must be recommended by the doctors do not predict the dosage by your own. If, in case you are under medication treatments or using certain drops, to treat some eye complication than do reveal this to the doctor; since, the usage of two eye drops may lead to eye sight damages. Take a drop as your doctor advised; do not over or under dose the drop. Its appliance twice in a day is sufficient further, one needs to seek a help if in case the minimum drops doesn’t work. If, you want to get well soon, then do take the drops according, to the prescribed manner. Most of the people hold the mentality that an excessive or frequent use of the medicines may cure the complication soon; which in fact gives adverse effect. In case of children, one need to be extremely careful and must not fail to take the help of the doctor about its dosage. Do not rub or wash the eyes after appliance. If, in case you are getting allergic to it then wash and immediately contact the doctor. After, dropping Latanoprost leave your eyes close for 3 minutes and gradually open it. Do not rush for the works, relax for sometimes and then start your work.

An improper usage or outdated eye drops may enhance the risk of side-effects. However, an allergic side-effect is rarely seen. Side-effects may include soreness, itching, inflammation, irritation, pain, persistent fluid flow, etc. However, certain complication is rare to see, but if occurs then stop using the drop and rush to the doctor. Swelling of face, mouth, tongue, chest pain, sudden loss of vision, harsh breathing, etc. are some severe side-effects, which may cause due to Latanoprost. This condition might need an immediate hospitalizing.

Storage stood very important part of the medicine. Store the drop in the refrigerator in normal temperature; don’t let it get a freeze. Keep the bottle away from the children and sun rays. Place the bottle tightly after the use. Keep watching its manufacturing and expiry date; since, sometimes by mistakenly people use an outdated drug, which found fatal for their life.

Precautionary steps
Precaution is mandatory to precede any treatments. Before, using these eye drops remove the lens if in case you hold it; Place it again after half an hour. Women with breast feeding and pregnancy stage must seek the help of the doctor before using this drop. Stay away from dust pollution, gas pollution, etc.

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