Baby planning become quite frustrating for most of couples those especially who are taking lots of effort to conceive. Fertility can be simply described as the ability to conceive. Being fertile indicates that the chances of becoming pregnant are lot and one will definitely conceive either sooner or later. There are various reasons responsible for infertility. Production of an executable egg from females end is just not sufficient. To improve fertility the man also needs to produce executable sperms in order to fertilize the egg and to produce a zygote. Several factors like endometriosis, obstructed tubes, ovulation problems and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are believed to be biggest culprits behind occurrence of infertility. Many people across the world meet fertility problems and find conceiving too much hard. Sometime they get disappointed as well when they come to know that they have fertility issues. As a result, one should not considered fertility as a sterility issue. It can be resolve definitely after adopting healthy lifestyle but lots of efforts and patience are required to get rid of this sterility. Fertility is nothing but problem in conceiving after trying consistently (1 year or more) unprotected sex. Hence, there is nothing to worry you can improve fertility by adopting natural ways. Natural ways are not expensive and offers better result as well. Below listed are some of the natural ways to enhance your chances of fertility, which will definitely help you out to get rid of infertility issues.


1. Give proper attention to your weight:-
Being overweight or underweight is one of the leading causes of infertility. Overweight or highly obese people obstruct their possibilities of conception. Obesity in women interrupts the hormonal balance which further results in failure. Even obese men should also focus on his weight problem before planning for a baby. Underweight women are known to have deficiency of estrogen, which result in irregular menstruation. Irregular period is not a good sign for women. Therefore women should maintain a healthy weight to enhance the chances of conception. Proper exercise along with balanced healthy diet plays a crucial role in maintaining ideal body weight of a person. You can burn excess fat easily with exercising on daily basis. Insufficient quantity of estrogen hormone results in infertility and 30 percent of estrogen buildup from fat cells. Therefore it is essential to exercise and throw off excess fat to improve fertility.

2. Decide the right sexual position:-
While planning for a baby, it would be beneficial if you could try for different several positions during foreplay. The possibility of sperm fertilizing the egg is high when the sperm is deposited nearby the cervix of female. When man is on top off the women, there is high probability of conception. This happen because sperm have the ability to travel instantly into the cervix. In addition, the amount of sperm leakage after sexual activity should be controlled.

3. Exercise:-
Exercise not only maintains your healthy body weight but also boosts to your mental and physical health. Stress is another prevalent risk factor that creates problem in conception, particularly in women. Exercise is known to boon for conception as it aids in alleviating stress and keeps you relaxed and clam. But, keep one fact in your mind that over exercising affect badly and reduces chances of getting pregnant. Therefore always give preference to moderate exercise. Besides that, men should not indulge in bicycling and marathon runs for long period as they are well known risk factors for reducing sperm count.

4. Prefer healthy lifestyle:-
Most infertility issues come out through unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. In addition, intake of alcohol, tobacco, smoking and caffeine are known to be biggest culprits behind occurrence of infertility. According to studies, intake of these unhealthy and harmful items reduces your chances of conception by around 50 percent. Hence, if your desire to conceive in near future stay away from these unhealthy habits at least 3 months prior to baby planning.

5. Follow a fertility diet:-
A healthy diet is vital to maintain proper hormonal balance. Since, hormonal imbalance results in infertility. Diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals ensures conception. Women needs sufficient amount of zinc, calcium and folic acid in their body to enhance chances of fertility. These vitamins are just not enough during pregnancy, but they are vital before conceiving as well. Consult your healthcare provider before consuming vitamin supplements. Certain foods like fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds promote possibilities of conception. Besides these, if one includes dairy products and fruits like kiwi and yams on daily basis, it would also be more beneficial for them. Exclude foods like junk food, processed food, fried food and other street foods from your daily regimen as they affect your health severely and consequently result in infertility.

6. Herbs that promote fertility:-
Herbs such as vitex, maca and tribulus play a key role in enhancing ovulation frequency. These herbs help effectively in restoring hormonal balance and induce hormones involved in ovulation. As a result, consequently the probability of conception enhances. The vitex herb works tremendously by normalizing the pituitary glands functions. Apart from these, this effective herb also restores balance of estrogen and progesterone level. On the other hand, the tribulus herb works wonderfully in improving the sperm’s viability. Maca also aids in restoring hormonal balance in the body.

7. Preconception checkups is vital:-
A preconception checkup of both genders is vital to diagnose the problem earlier. Some problem that affects fertility can be instantly sort out by simple measure or certain medications. Due to preconception checkup you will come to know whether there are signs of infertility or not. Without checkup you will not even able to identify which cause is responsible for infertility in you.

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