ED Free Life For MenWhat is erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction is a form of sexual complication found in men. Almost half of the men are found suffering from this complication due to their improper lifestyle and various health disorders. An incomplete sexual desire or an enhancement of sexual intensity causes erectile dysfunction. As you feel sexually encouraged the brain nerves get a signal, which gets linked to the spine and gradually reaches to the penis making it inflexible and rigid, to perform. In short, an insufficient flow of blood towards the penis makes it hard and leads to an issue of erectile dysfunction. It makes the penile muscles hard and slow down the nerves efficiency. However, this is not a severe complication, but also can’t ignore. This is the condition where men shy to share it with the doctors. This difficulty actually occurs in old age or above the age of 30 people. Teenagers are at less risk of this complication. Erectile dysfunction irregulars the impotence level of the men and fails to enjoy sexual life. An ED arises more when a man gets into a sexual relationship with the partners, which makes the penile immovable comprises itching and irritation. For some this condition is persistent and some gets rid of it after normalization of sexual stimulation. ED trims down the testosterone (a sexual enhancement hormone in men) level. It further may lead to improper libido, weight increment; breakdown of lean muscles, ED, irritable behavior, etc.

Causes of ED
A family history may be one of the risk enhancing factors of ED in men. Further, an improper lifestyle and unhealthy diet found a threat for sexual intercourse. People, who smoke, drinks, takes harmful drugs may get the risk of low testosterone, which results ED, low impotence, low libido level, etc. An excessive medication may found one of the reasons for ED. A severe and persistent diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, etc. stood an additional responsible factor, which reduces the testosterone and enhances the risk of ED in men. An irritated frame of mind such as stress, depression, tension, anxiety, etc. found one of the leading aspects, to cause ED and testosterone decrement.

Treatments through Meltabs
Meltabs are an ED mending drugs come in a form of soft and jelly shape. It holds the components called sildenafil citrate. This property works efficiently to ease down the irritation and mends the condition of ED. Meltabs is a type of drug, which gets melted after placing it inside the tongue. You can even take it with the water, but the effect time may get varied. Melting through the tongue may take half an hour to come into effect; whereas, taken through the water may take an hour, to get into responding. Meltabs helps treat impotence in men by discharging nitric acid in the penis, which results flexible and calm penile muscles. It enlarges the arteries veins of the penile muscles, which facilitate the flow of blood towards the penis making it flexible, to perform. Meltabs also restrict the formation of enzymes, to safe the male reproductive system. It assures the blood flow towards the penis, easing the erection and acts as anti impotence. One needs to take this medicine one hour before getting into sexual intercourse; since, it takes half an hour or more than that to get react. Well, it depends whether you are taking these pills through the tongue or water. A tongue melting condition may take 25 minutes, to come into effect. The effect may last for at least 4 hours. Men can enjoy their sexual life after having this pill.

Don’t be your own doctors; seek the help of the doctor in the matter of any drugs. They suggest better and best. However, one dosage in a day is sufficient; more than one may become fatal for the health. Do not use this drug (Meltab) every day; since, erectile dysfunction is a complication not a disease. One should take it while practicing sexual intercourse, do not take it daily. This helps ease down the condition of ED and facilitates to enjoy the sexual relationship. Do not go for double dosage in a day it may give an adverse effect, to the health. One can take this medicine with or without meals, but see to it you don’t eat cheesy, oily or spicier stuff; since, it reduces the effect period of the pills.

The Side-effect is a common fact of every drug. Some seems to be normal and some seems, to be worse. Blurry vision head pain comes in a normal category of side-effects. Diarrhea, nasal blockage, heartburn or excessive heart beats, dizziness, improper digestion, etc. may get enhance with the first time user as a side-effects. Chest pain, difficulty in breathing, high blood pressure, etc. found some severe condition, which needs an immediate doctors help.

Do not run the treatment of the two drugs together. Seek the help of the doctor in this manner. Try avoiding alcohol or smoking after taking this pill; since, it may harm your health and could trim down the effect of the medicine. This pill is only for the male so female must not try this drug. People, facing certain health complications such as kidney, liver, high blood pressure, cardiac disorders, etc. must avoid having meltabs.

Storage is an essential part of the medicine. Place it away from the kids and sun rays. Store it at a room temperature. Fit it in a tight container so that the air could not get pass inside it.

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