HEALTHY LIVIGNErectile dysfunction (ED) one condition which most of men suffering across the globe. Physical and Physiological causes are major risk factors behind the occurrence of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also known as male impotence and this condition is described by the inability to maintain an erection of the penis during sexual intercourse. According to research around 30 million males are undergoing from this problem across the world. Occasional occurrence of this condition is not an issue of worry but consistent occurrence of it creates lost of problem in relationship. However, men suffering of this condition consistently may experience lack of self confidence and level of stress may also increase in men. The loss of libido is the leading reason behind ED but health disorders like high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, neurological disorders, high cholesterol, and uncontrolled diabetes are also equally associated with the risk of developing ED. Physical health problem is believed to be most prevalent cause of ED, especially in older men’s. Erectile dysfunction takes place in younger men due to extreme stress, anxiety or psychological trauma. Various treatment and medicine have been introduced in order to overcome male impotence. A pill like Viagra plays a significant role in treating erectile dysfunction. These pill helps to get rid of psychological obstacles and enhance the confidence of the male suffering from ED. Older men should consult their health care provider as it is the best solution for them. Their physician is the only person who can find out the fundamental cause behind occurring ED in older males. Apart from these, adopting healthy lifestyle is one of the good options for males to cope with erectile dysfunction in people of all ages. Below listed are some of the natural ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction at greater extent.

• Eat right:-
Diet plays an important role in preventing and treating ED. Most often, poor eating habits bad for your heart also considered harmful to your reproductive organ. As eating habit are associated with slowing down your erection potency. Even several researches have proved that heart disease including eating habits may obstruct the blood circulation in and around the men’s organ. Blood circulation is most vital for the penis in order to become erect. Diet rich in fats and intake of fried and junk foods are responsible for decreasing blood flow within the body. Several research indicate that ED can be prevent substantially if you incorporate foods like green leafy vegetables, nuts, fresh fruit, whole grains, and saturated fat like nuts, fish, extra virgin olive oil and red wines (moderate amount) in your daily regimen may help you significantly to enhanced lovemaking capability and to reduce the severity of ED at a greater extent.

• Exercise regularly:-
Sedentary lifestyle is also a prevalent cause of ED. Therefore regular exercising (at least for 30 minutes) may help one reduce the risk of developing ED at some extent. One study has disclosed that, even 30-35 minutes of walking daily ensures less risk of ED by around 41%. Other research revealed that, even moderate exercise helps to enhance sexual performance in men suffering from ED. Aerobic exercises like running and swimming plays a key role in preventing ED. With the help of daily exercise one can be able to obtain control over stress, hypertension and obesity, some of the possible causes related with ED, so consequently the chances of risk of ED may also reduce. Apart from these, give more preference to exercise that puts huge pressure around the perineum and avoid prolonged bicycling riding to prevent occurrence of ED.

• Give attention to your vascular health:-
As mentioned above physical health disorder like hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes are also linked with causing erectile dysfunction. As a result, consul your physician and check your vascular system. If required switch on to necessary medication and treatment to overcome ED.

• Say no to smoking:-
People who have habit of smoking since long time experiences sexual problem include ED. Poor blood circulation is thought to be major effect of smoking. Poor blood circulation is clear outcome of occurring ED. Several research has proved that people who smoke around 15-20 cigarettes a day is 60 percent more prone to develop impotence, as compared with men who never smoke. As a result, quitting this most injurious habit will help you to overcome ED and may provide host other benefits to your body as well.

• Communicate with your partner:-
Communication in partners is essential to enhance sexual performance. If you are worried about coping your partner high expectation and satisfying some kind of standard, communicate with your partner, otherwise it will become difficult to maintain an erection. This condition is also known as performance anxiety. If you think that your partners opinion might hampering your ability to have pleasing sex, then talk with your partner immediately and find ways to make your sexual environment more attractive.

• Live stress free life:-
Anxiety is thought to be another major culprit behind occurring ED. Give at least little time for yourself from your busy schedule and spend that time in the activity which you like most. Besides that, turn off your entire electronic gadget before going to bed and take enough sleep. Extreme stress and lack of sleep also result in causing ED. This is because reduce stress and spend some time in getting fresh air and around nature to overcome anxiety and therefore ED.

• Other Tips:-

  • Make environment more lovable like lighting up the room with candles.
  • If possible try various new position to increase sexual pleasure
  • Adopt various relation method like deep breathing to relax body, mind and consequently to enjoy sex.
  • Avoid drinking before indulging in sexual intercourse.
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