130301_womenshist_tout2Cancer is one life threatening disease and most of people suffering as well as surviving from this disease across the globe. One research indicates that most of people ignore cancer symptom intentionally. This happen because there is one misconception regarding cancer that it is an incurable disease. In case of cancer, early detection is vital in order to cope with this life threatening disease. It is important to listen body and should observe anything that is odd or unusual chances occurs. Self observation always helps to recognize the disease at initial stage. When sudden odd changes take place in body, women often ignore and prone to cause disease. Below listed are some of the common signs of cancer which will definitely help you to diagnose the cancer at early stage.

1. Sudden weight gain or loss:-
If your weight is normal and if it suddenly starts gaining month to month then it is an issue of worrisome. Since weight increases suddenly due to development of fluid in belly and it is common sign of ovarian cancer. In addition, several studies have proved that unexplained weight loss is associated with risk of developing stomach, esophagus, lung and pancreatic cancer. Most of women experiences sudden weight loss due to the occurrence of the hyperactive thyroid. In short, both signs are the indication of cancer. So, never ignore this symptom of cancer and consult your physician immediately.

2. Breast changes:-
Most of women fell to identify this symptom in their self examination but redness and thickening of the skin around breast ensures the occurrence of breast cancer. Besides that, rashes that remain for long period and changes in nipple are also possible symptom associated with breast cancer. This disease is known to be very serious. But you can alleviate this disease with the help of ultrasound, MRI, mammogram and biopsy test effectively.

3. Bloating:-
Women often experience blotting problem and just ignore it. Frequent bloating is a cause of ovarian cancer. Other symptoms like abdominal pain, pelvic pain and urinary problem also ensures risk of causing ovarian cancer. If the bloating occurs on daily basis and remain for longer period then take medical help instantly.

4. Skin changes:-
A change in mole is known as one of the popular sign of cancer. If you notice excessive scaling or bleeding on your skin are also possible causes which linked with developing cancer at some extent.

5. Rectal bleeding:-
Blood in urine or stool is not a symptom of hemorrhoid only. It can be a sign of colon cancer. Even blood comes while coughing that should be evaluated.

6. Discharge:-
Highly offensive or smelly vaginal discharge is some of the symptom liked with cervical cancer. The discharge may hold blood and may take place between menstruation and after the phase of menopause. Doctor recommends to never treat this condition with self prescribe medication. It would be better if you take doctors consultation to cope with this problem. An exam is vital in order to decide if the discharge occurs due to an infection or some other reasons.

7. Mouth changes:-
One study has disclosed that white spots on the tongue and white patches inside the mouth are related to precancerous condition. This condition is medically known as leukoplakia. If this condition is not treated on time it results in developing risk of oral cancer. Therefore consult your dentist or physician and determine what should be done next.

8. Prolonged cough:-
Any prolonged cough that remains more than 2-3 weeks is not a cause of an allergy or other upper respiratory infection. If your cough is occur due to smoking or being exposed to second hand smoke, fist of all checked it out from your doctor. Several studies have revealed that smoking is well known cause of cancer. In order to overcome cancer you have to undergo a chest X-ray or CT scan as well.

9. Changes in lymph nodes:-
If you observe a lump or swelling in the lymph nodes below armpit or on neck or anywhere else then it is a issue of concerning. One study indicates that if you have a lymph node and if it is getting larger gradually, then seek for medical help. Your physician is the right person who can analyze and solve any related issue like infection. He may also explain you about the lymph node enlargement.

10. Poor digestive ability:-
When digestion problems begin during pregnancy the possibilities of weight gain increases substantially. This is because indigestion during pregnancy is more risky and is called as often red flag. In fact, it indicates an early sign of esophagus, throat or stomach cancer.

11. Abdominal pain and extreme depression:-
Women experiencing huge pain in the abdomen and felling depressed should do a checkup. One research indicates that, there is interlink between pancreatic cancer and depression.

12. Pain:-
With increase in ages, the possibilities of number of aches and pains enhances in people. Though pain is unclear but it can be a precancerous symptom. All pain that occurs is not symptoms of cancer but some pain that are unexplained and remain for more than few weeks should be checked out properly. Consult you physician if you notice any pain for prolonged period in order to avoid future complication.

13. Extreme fatigue:-
Fatigue is another obscure symptom which is considered as a cause of cancer. One study has revealed that, in some of the stages of cancer fatigue occurs early. For instance, in case of leukemia, colon and stomach cancer as well.

14. Other symptoms:-
The list of other symptom of cancer which women often ignore include shortness of breath, constant fever, infections or chest pain, trouble swallowing, excessive bleeding, no appetite or unable to eat, changes in nails, irregular bleeding and so on.

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