Anti_Aging_SkinWith increase in age, generally skin elasticity begins to deplete and contributes to sagging skin. Every one desires to have supple and smooth skin throughout their life. Skin suppleness is depends on two factors that is collagen and elastic. Damaged caused by environmental factors and natural aging process are believed to be major risk factors of skin elasticity loss. Sudden weight loss is also another reason behind loss of skin elasticity. Consumption of fried food, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity are also associated with loss of elasticity in aging skin. But, antioxidant rich diet is one such diet which substantially helps in order to cope with loss of skin elasticity. Below listed are some of the tips to improve elasticity in aging skin, which may definitely help you to fight against the effect of environment and aging. A little change in your daily regimen and proper use of essential oil may promote the anti-aging benefits and can help you to retain skin elasticity.

1. Exposure to sun’s rays can severely damage to your skin. So, try maximum to stay away from harmful UV rays of sun. Since the effects of the sun’s rays are irreparable in some cases. The sun’s UB and UBV rays are considered as extremely harmful as they consume all the water from the skin and enhance the melanin level, which in turn gives skin very leathery and stretched look. Prolonged exposure may contribute to loss of elasticity. The effects of UV rays not only seem when one is out in the sun but also appear when one is indoors. As a result, it is vital to make use of sun protection in form of sun screen to protect the skin. During direct contact with sun’s rays try to cover all parts of your body and if possible avoid stepping out in the time between 11 am to 4 pm. As during this particular period the possibilities of the damage cause by sun’s rays increases due to excess heat.

2. Apart from obtaining balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, the use of essential oil also helps extensively in order to improve the elasticity of skin. Oil like neroli and chamomile is known to have anti-aging properties and these essential properties plays an important role in improving skin’s elasticity. Chamomile assists in smoothing broken capillaries. Therefore promote skin’s elasticity. Use of neroil ensures cell re-formation and reduces the appearance of varicose veins and scarring as well.

3. Avoid taking bath with hot water as it badly affects skin integrity and makes skin dry as well.

4. Drink enough water as it helps you to stay hydrated, nourishes your cells and eliminates toxins from your body. Due to insufficient intake of water skin looks dull and listless. But increase intake of fluid in natural form like juices and water only. Intake of fizzy drink can badly affect your health. So, stay away from such soft drinks. According to several studies 9 cups of water for women and 12.5 cup of water for males are recommended on daily basis to improve elasticity of skin.

5. Take diet rich in vitamin A. Foods like tomatoes, apricots, carrots, watermelon and sweet potatoes are loaded with an excellent source of beta-carotene. Consumption of these foods aids in obstructing free radicals, especially pesky agents which enhances the risk of premature aging. Apart from these, foods like strawberries, corn, blackberries, egg yolk and green leafy vegetables contains high amount of vitamin E and C. The purpose behind including all these foods that, they provide the body with huge amount of essential vitamins, folic acid, and amino acid. These foods help significantly in collagen formation. In short, intake of all these foods helps to get rid of loss of skin elasticity.

6. Indulging in exercise on daily basis for at least half an hour helps enormously in improving skin elasticity. Sever studies have proved that, daily exercise promote blood circulation, eliminates toxins from your body, supply excess of oxygen and nutrients to the body and also regulates the hormones. Hormonal imbalances are responsible for paler and loose skin. Daily exercise will improve muscle mass substantially. The improved muscle mass will further aids in restoring and maintaining skin elasticity. Other important benefit of that, it will contribute to metabolism of vitamin D and hence skin health improves consequently.

7. Several treatment and products have become available in the market in order to overcome the problem of loss of skin elasticity these days. These treatments works wonderfully in treating the loss of elasticity in aging skin. Since these products have the ability to restore skin elasticity and to delay the attack of skin aging with the help of improving collagen level in the body. Most commonly observe treatments like injectable fillers, radio-frequency, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, botulinum toxin and chemical peeling are some of the most effective types of treatments which proven extremely beneficial in treatment of loss of elasticity in aging skin. Apart from this treatment, use of various anti-aging skin products and anti-aging creams also plays vital role in maintaining younger looking skin and also reduces the chances of loss of skin elasticity as well at greater extent.

8. The habit of smoking is considered as extremely harmful as it results in constricting the blood vessels. So, your body remains stay away from adequate amount of essential nutrients and oxygen and this result in loss of skin elasticity. You may not observe the loss of skin elasticity when you are young but this injurious habit will damage your skin very badly. So, try maximum to abstain from this most harmful habit.

One can definitely improve and restore skin elasticity by following above mentioned tips carefully. If one is not interested in taking supplement then using of creams is also good option to fight against the loss of skin elasticity. But make use of moisturizer and other creams by consulting your aesthetician or dermatologist.

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