How-to-Treat-Dry-Facial-Skin-585x536Among several skin problem dry and flaky skin is also one most common skin problem. Treating this skin problem at earliest is essential. Dry skin comes along with itchiness, flaking and red patches. People with dry skin sometimes may experience cracks and tightness’ on skin. In case of dry skin sebaceous glands does not function properly and skin loses its capability to protect itself from chemicals and other harmful substances. Dry skin has higher chances of developing wrinkles and fine lines at early age. There are various lotions and moisturizers are available in market which gives temporary result by emptying you wallet. Hence, instead of that if you follow natural remedies, it would be better for you as it gives long lasting benefits without any side effects. Natural remedies are considered effective because they play an important role in nourishing and hydrating dry skin. In short, these remedies help you significantly to get back to normal healthy skin.

Excessive loss of moisture from facial skin is major reason behind occurrence dry skin. Besides that, lack of nutrients, genetic predisposition, overuse of cosmetics or chemical products, lack of water consumption, weather conditions, excessive air-conditioning, certain skin disease, pregnancy, exposure to dust, harmful UV rays and pollution are some of the possible causes which are associated with risk of developing dry skin.

Dry facial skin takes place around lips, on cheeks and under eyes and is usually in form of patches. Use below listed some simple remedies to cure this skin condition and try maximum to keep it hydrated.

• The first and most important step is drink plenty of water daily. You can even increase your fluid intake in form of vegetable and fruits juices to cure dry skin. To cope with problem of dry skin you must give priority to increase water consumption. Adequate amount of water consumption helps you to keep your skin and hydrated and keeps dry skin problem at bay.

• Make sure you are using natural skin care products on your face and voiding cosmetics and chemical products.
• Make some changes in your dietary habits. In order to get soft and supple skin increase intake of herbal tea, flax seeds, fresh fish and other food item that hold an excellent source of vitamin E.

• Perform more of yoga or aerobic exercises to acquire and maintain a healthy soft skin.

• Be sure that you are using mineral water only to cleanse you face. Use of tap water for skin cleansing is not good because it raises chances of skin irritation and leaves your skin dry.

• To ward off dryness and cracks on skin use of lukewarm water is one best solution. Do not use hot or cold water while cleansing face.

• Do not make use of face scrubs and tonners as these skin products instead of curing dry skin problems makes worsen skin condition.

• Stay away from consumption of caffeine, alcohol and addition of smoking as these unhealthy habits aggravates dry skin problem.

• Start steaming facial skin for at least thrice in week. This remedy is effective because improves circulation on you face and keeps your skin clean, glowing and hydrated.

• Mixture of banana and yogurt is proven boon for people with dry skin. This mixture moisturizes skin as well as exfoliates dead cells. To overcome dry skin apply this paste on dry patches for 30 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

• Almond oil holds vitamin E in rich concentration. Hence, proven best ointment and lubricator for flaky skin. This oil is non-greasy type and easily gets absorbed into skin. Apply almond oil on face and gently massage for 5 minutes. After 10 minutes wash it off cleanly with warm water.

• Coconut oil is loaded with high amount of fatty acids which helps to obtain loss of moisture from skin. Apply warm coconut oil over you face before going to sleep. Then next morning rinse it off. Follow this remedy on daily basis to get soft and smooth skin. It would be more better if you apply after taking bath.

• For dry skin make a face mask by mixing 1 tbsp of honey, ½ tbsp olive oil, 1 egg and rose water properly. Apply this mixture twice in a week and see the desire results. This remedy is best to beat problem of dry skin instantly.

• Olive oil is said to be powerhouse of antioxidant and healthy fatty acid too. Therefore apply olive oil every night before going to sleep and overcome problem of dry skin naturally.

• Milk cream is believed to be good moisturizer. Abundant source of lactic acid present in milk aids in exfoliating dry skin. Mix 2 tbsp fresh milk creams then add to 2 tbsp honey and rose water to it. Finally apply this homemade cleanser to get rid of dry skin.

• Petroleum jelly and glycerin is said to be nature’s gift for people with dry skin. Mixture of both is ideal to make soft surface. This effective remedy cures all kinds of skin problems that occur because of dry skin. Take both in equal quantity to make fine mixture and they apply to dry skin.

• Combination of avocado and honey holds rich sources of sterollin and plays a significant role to cope with dry skin. Mix ½ cup of honey and half mashed avocado then apply on face and leave for 15-20 minutes. This remedy is extremely useful to come out of dry skin.

• If possible massage face with honey and aloe vera gel twice in a week. Honey is known to have rich source of antimicrobial, antioxidant and humectants properties. Aloe vera contains soothing, antifungal and antiseptic properties. So both are useful to fight against dry, flaky skin and to make skin extra soft, supple and smooth.

• Mix well both avocado oil and lemon juice, and then gently apply to face to make skin soft.

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