chas-aromas-relaxantesWhite tea belongs to plant called camellia sinensis, same like green tea and black one. Due to its endless benefits the consumption level of white tea has risen among people these days considerably. It has its special place in western world and particularly famous in North America. Health experts say that it is first ever less process tea. White tea is particularly from Fujian region of China. There are innumerable leaves of white tea and are classified into most common two forms that is Chinese white and white tea of other regions. White tea is utilized extensively in cosmetic products as well as in traditional Chinese medicine.

• Reduces extra weight:-
Drinking white tea helps to obtain control over excess weight which is biggest culprit of obesity and other related various medical conditions. Extract of white tea not only conquers development of fat cells but also makes ineffective to previous ones. White tea is responsible for changing gene expression of fat inducing cells. It is also referred as best natural source of slimming substances. It has occupied it special place in most of weight loss diet. People who want to lose their extra weight keep in mind that only by drinking white tea your dream of weight loss will not accomplish. A balanced diet and regular exercising is equally important with white tea.

• Combats signs of ageing:-
White tea acts as anti-aging agent and is build up of baby leaves of a tea tree. It packed with essential antioxidants like polyphenols and ECGC, which combats highly with signs of ageing. Besides that, it aids significantly in reducing blemishes and fine lines on skin. In addition, it also assists to produce elastin and collagen, which prevent the attack of early wrinkles.

• Prevents cancer:-
White tea holds antioxidant called flavonoids in abundance. It plays a crucial role in combating various types of cancer like prostate cancer, colon cancer and stomach cancer. Essential antioxidant of white tea obstructs the increasing rate of cancer cells and controls their growth. This is because most of physicians recommend white tea as a supplement to overcome cancer.

• Alleviates stress and anxiety:-
White tea contains flavones chrysin in rich concentration, which gives relief from anxiety. In fact white tea is said to be god’s gift for people affected with stress, anxiety disorder, and insomnia. A cup of this fabulous tea before going to bed helps you to relax your mind and assist to get calming and sound sleep.

• Helps to obtain control over hypertension:-
Whit tea plays an important role in making thin blood and enhances the artery function. It also helps to acquire control over blood pressure. People suffering from high blood pressures, incorporate white as an integral part of your daily regimen and see the result.

• Protects liver:-
White tea contains another essential antioxidant called catechin which helps effectively in protecting liver. Liver diseases take place as a result of oxidative stress and eruption. But, with the help of white tea you can maintain your liver in good shape.

• Keeps heart healthy:-
White tea lowers you high blood pressure, LDL cholesterol level and also forms thin blood. By doing all these activities it keeps your heart healthy and put heart related diseases at bay. High blood pressure is consequence of number of severe heart disorder like heart attack. Intake of white tea is best solution to cope with stress and other cardiac diseases.

• Beneficial for bone health:-
White tea ensures strong and healthy bones. Those individual who consume white on regular basis acquire high bone density. White tea assists in alleviating arthritis and is believed to be good solution for people affected with osteoporosis.

• Reduces risk of high cholesterol:-
Catechins found in white tea are powerhouse of antioxidants, which is highly responsible for maintaining cholesterol level in body. White tea boosts HDL cholesterol by destructing LDL cholesterol in body. Further, it protects arteries from becoming stiff and lesson the obstruction of blood flow.

• Provides healthy skin:-
White tea is known to have rich sources of antioxidant properties which protect skin from damaged caused by sun damage or sunburns. Premature ageing is known to be biggest risk factor of sun damage. In fact several studies have proved that it promote immune system and reduces cell damage which is occurred by overexposure to sun. In addition, it plays a significant role in rehydrating the layers of skin and provides it radiant and flawless look without any side effect. According to several researches white tea is considered to be extremely beneficial in treatment of various types of skin cancer and skin ageing.

• Helps to kill bacteria and virus:-
An excellent source of antioxidant present in white tea enhances the body’s immunity and also helps to kill bacteria and viruses considerably. In short, by strengthening immune system it keeps problems like common cold and flu at bay.

• Good for dental health:-
White tea holds rich sources of calcium and fluoride as these two nutrients are essential for maintaining overall dental health. Rich sources of fluoride aids in keeping teeth healthy and strong. Fluorides are important as they wipes out bacteria which lead to plaque, tooth decay and tooth decay. White tea ensures white shinning teeth without causing harm to your gum or teeth.

• Effective for mental health:-
White tea is believed to be an excellent remedy to overcome several neurological problems. This tea keeps mental problems like attack of dementia and memory loss at bay. Therefore, it would be better if elderly people take this tea every day. Important elements like caffeine, amino acids and l-thiamin present in white tea enhances influence of alpha waves in brain and assist you to stay cool and stress free. Besides that, it helps you to combat risk of Parkinson’s disease substantially.

Along with these benefits, daily moderate consumption of white tea helps you to obtain control over diabetes, gives relief from headache, protects you from HIV, gives you sound and peaceful sleep, provides healthy vision and raises metabolic rate. As a result, give maximum preference to this effective beverage and enjoy healthy life.

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