Simple-Steps-to-Lower-Your-Cholesterol-Level-CSP-5768269-MDFHigh level of cholesterol in the body makes you prone to number of heart disorder. In fact, it has becomes a leading cause of death in today’s fast paced world. Excess consumption of saturated and Trans fat, lack of physical activity, obesity, age, family history, and disease like hypothyroidism are leading risk factors responsible for elevated level of cholesterol. Cholesterol is present in your blood in form of fat (lipid). Cholesterol is must, as it builds certain hormones, cell membranes and also needs for other functions in body as well. However, when level of cholesterol raises the condition called hypercholesterolemia takes place, which further enhances risk of various cardiac diseases. HDL (good cholesterol), LDL (bad cholesterol) and Triglycerides are some common types of cholesterol. If there is too much of LDL cholesterol in your body then it blocks arteries. HDL cholesterol is needed to clear fat from you blood and high HDL cholesterol reduces risk of heart disease. Beside these if there is high LDL and huge triglycerides, this indicates you have higher chances of going through heart attack. Keep in mind, high cholesterol does not make you feel sick but it is responsible for narrowing arteries. Therefore it is essential to begin with treatment even though if you feel good.

As aforesaid saturated fatty acids and Tran’s fat are biggest enemies of raising level of LDL cholesterol in your body. You need to put limit on intake of dairy products like butter, cheese, whole milk, and animal meat and products such as beef, pork, egg yolk and many more. These animal and dairy products contain an excellent source of saturated fatty acids. Apart from these, you should also exclude processed and fried foods since these hold Trans fatty acids in abundance. Consumption of these foods in excess amount is main obstacle in way of raising level of cholesterol. As a result, to keep blood cholesterol level in controls, you need to exclude these foods from your regimen otherwise eat in moderate amount. Include more of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to lower your risk of high cholesterol.

• Heart attack:-
It is known to major consequence of elevated level of cholesterol. Prolonged accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of arteries results in plaque buildup. Further this plaque buildup narrows the walls of arteries and restricts blood flow. Through arteries blood flows from heart to entire body, when arteries become obstructed because of buildup of plaque heart does not get enough amount of blood. This condition contributes to chest pain and consequently heart attack. In some cases, accumulation of cholesterol in arteries breaks, due to this cholesterol and fat are expelled in the bloodstream. Once the fat and cholesterol are released in bloodstream then formation  blood clot raises. This in turn obstructs flow of blood and the blockage in arteries and takes you at a risk heart attack.

• Stroke:-
Another major serious effect of high cholesterol is stroke. This medical condition is also referred as silent killer and an ischemic stroke. This severe disease takes place because of narrowing of blood vessels and due to accumulation of cholesterol. When brain does not receive sufficient amount of oxygen and other essential nutrients carried out by blood vessels, then chances of occurrence stroke increases. A clog that is blockage in the coronary artery because of deposition of cholesterol is responsible for occurrence of this severe illness. Due to these depositions, the supply of nutrients and blood to brain declines. This heart disorder is described by the incapability to speak logically, poor coordination and numbing of one side of body.

• Take fiber rich diet:-
Incorporate high-fiber diet in order to stay healthy. Many health experts say that foods that include soluble fiber in excess quantity help significantly to keep colon healthy. Besides that, this diet incredibly lowers you LDL cholesterol level in blood.

• Maintain healthy body weight:-
Highly obese or overweight people have high possibilities of developing LDL and triglycerides in the body. Obesity enhances risk of hypertension and diabetes, which further contributes to heart disease. Obese people have not sufficient amount of good cholesterol in their blood. Weight loss aids in raising the level of good cholesterol and also reduces triglycerides in the body. Therefore, try maximum to lose excess weight by exercising on daily basis.

• Indulge in regular exercise:-
Sedentary lifestyle is major culprit of high cholesterol, so indulge in any physical activity like swimming, walking, dancing and gardening to reduce you LDL level. Regular exercising not just improves your stamina but also boost your energy level and HDL level. Apart from these, regular exercise keeps diseases of coronary artery disease at bay.

• Stop smoking and chewing tobacco:-
The habit of smoking and chewing tobacco lowers level of HDL and enhances risk of blood clot. These unhealthy habits makes person more prone to heart as well lung diseases. To reduce elevated level of cholesterol say no to smoking and tobacco and stay healthy.

• Avoid excess intake of alcohol:-
If you drink alcohol excessively on daily basis they your chances of suffering from high blood pressure, stroke and obesity raise. Though several studies indicate that moderate intake of alcohol is not injurious but still it would better if you stay away from drinking alcohol.

• Live stress free life:-
Several studies have shown that stress and cholesterol level are interrelated. This happens because stress affects lifestyle very badly means in a negative way. To get rid of mental stress most people indulge in eating fatty foods, smoking and drinking excessive alcohol. All these unhealthy consumption contributes to raise LDL in blood, which makes you prone to other heart diseases. Therefore try your best to live stress free life.

Visit your health care provider and check your cholesterol level regularly. To obtain control over cholesterol level try maximum to incorporate a healthy balanced diet and make sure whatever you are eating is in moderate amount. Excess consumption of anything disturbs balance of nutrient and becomes reason behind many health ailments.

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