Thalassemia , a word which you might not be so familiar with. Thalassemia is a disorder subjected to the blood (hemoglobin) count in the body .It is a disease that is actually related or caused by the abnormality of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein present in red blood cells which carries oxygen from the respiratory organs to all parts of the body and it also carries carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs. It is inherited (passed on to the child from the parents through “Genes”) disorder, in which many number of red blood cells are destroyed. Abnormal type of hemoglobin is been produce in this disorder. As lots of red blood cells wipes out, can leads to the risk of anemia in individual.Thalassemia and anemia are correlated in nature. There are two reasons why anemia can cause due to thalassemia in individual.
1. Not sufficient hemoglobin in red blood cells.
2. And due to abnormal number of red blood cells.

Hemoglobin is an iron loaded protein. Hemoglobin is a permutation of alpha and beta globins’ proteins. Less production of one of these proteins in genes can promote thalassemia. Our body needs at least four genes to produce sufficient globins’ from our parents (2 from each parent). Missing any one of these genes can lead to health problems it may or may not be severe, depends.

Reasons for causing or giving a call to alpha thalassemia :
• Missing one of these genes means -there won’t be a sign of any poor health issue in your body and it is also known as alpha thalassemia. .
• Missing two genes refers to mild anemia.
• Missing three genes among the four can probably leads to severe or moderate anemia.
• Missing all four genes, usually it take place usually in infants baby (who die before or after their immediate birth)

Basis for causing beta thalassemia:
In beta globins’ you body needs two genes (one from each parents) to produce enough number of globins.
•Distortion of one of these genes can lead to mild anemia; this condition is also called minor beta thalassemia
• Or distortion of both the genes can lead to major anemia or Cooley’s anemia or intermediate anemia.

Symptoms of thalassemia:
Thalassemia generally takes place due insufficient or lack of oxygen level in the body. Hemoglobin’s in red blood cells are responsible to do so if they do not produce enough oxygen it can be one of the reasons to c root thalassemia (mild, modest or severe) it depends, in the person.

• Invisible or no symptoms: The person suffering from alpha thalassemia can have no symptoms or symptoms that are not visible at all, alpha globins’ protein is so negligible in this situation that it doesn’t have any of it impact on the health. In this hemoglobin generally works properly, as per our body needs.
• Mild anemia: Person suffering from alpha or beta thalassemia can also anguish mild anemia. Even in this type of disorder or disease there are no symptoms that can be detected.
• Major or moderate anemia: person who already suffers from moderate beta thalassemia can get catch of mild or moderate kind of anemia. There may be other (reasons) horrible health complication that can be seen in these patients (person who have disease of moderate anemia).

Other reasons that can give birth to anemia in children’s:
1. Delay puberty: A child go troughs thalassemia can have problem related to their growth and extension.
2. Bone issues or complications: Thalassemia along with blood cells inside the bones furnishes to bone marrow (a spongy substance inside the bones) and the bones start widening all of a sudden. If it becomes too large it has to remove for betterment of the health.
3. Annoyance Enlargement: annoyance or spleen is an organ that helps our body to fight against contagious harms. It also removes all discarded stuff from our body whenever the need arise.

• Severe anemia: person suffering from beta major thalassemia or hemoglobin H can easily get this disease .Sign and symptoms are usually visible in the first two years in that person.
And other health issues related to it may be:
1. Persons Liver, heart or Annoyance (spleen) starts expanding without any symptoms.
2. Bones related problem can arise in the surface area of face.
3. Unexpected things like whitening of eyes and staining of skin (root for jaundice) take place.
4. A person might go through unhealthy appetite (hunger)
5. Pale (whitish) spots and endless emergence on skins occurs.
6. Darkening of urine may also take place.

Thalassemia can be diagnosed at an earlier stage doctors can help you to beat this disease. By making you go through certain physical test, blood test and bone tests. Person suffering from severe thalassemia can have a shorter life compared to person suffering from mild or moderate thalassemia . Person suffering from mild or moderate thalassemia can live normal life. Diagnosis of thalassemia associated people may vary from person to person. While diagnosing there are certain restriction on thalassemia associated person’s diet and eating habits.

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