teensAt present there are lots of teens going through number of difficulty like skin problems, pimples problem, black heads on face, sweat, body odor, hair, height, etc. This is because many of the changes that occur in the hormones during sexual maturity. Hormones are the chemicals that lead to growth (physical and sexual). In case of sexual maturity girl’s inert puberty much earlier as compare to boys. The phase of puberty is an exhilarating era in teenager’s life. As per the article issued by the website of National Institute of Health , hormones changes take place during the age of 12 -16 years in boys whereas in girls it take place between 10 to 14 years. It’s the absolute transformation from childhood to adulthood. During this transmission, numerous side effects also take place. Symptom of growing may varies regarding the sex. In girl’s breast developments are the first and the top most indication of puberty and in boys generally they notice amplification in penis and testicles. Additional significance is muscle growth, hair growth under arms (for both), besides they grow taller at a rapid phase.

Sweating is one of the symptoms of puberty. Generally, sweat glands are responsible for producing sweat. They work doubled the time during the puberty. An adolescent (minor) may be feel much more sweating during exercising or when tense. Testosterone and estrogens triggers the glands to produce stinking smell chemicals (sweat).Teens can get rid of such stinking smell by using good deodorants. Increased in level of oil production in body due to puberty can trigger pimples, blackheads, white heads on face and also on chest, back and arms. Consult your doctor or a dermatologist if teen is going through such dilemma. As this stuff takes complete control of teens, they begin to feel that they are growing stronger emotionally and sexually.

Even the mood swings. The phase “adolescence” is very risky. Even the change that occurs is healthy and natural; teens don’t react in prudent manner towards these changes. They may also feel more impulsive and will eager to take risks like driving without license, smoking, drinking and will began to indulge in such activities which are for adults. It’s very important that when teens enter into this stage there must be a hold up system on which they can blindly rely. A lot of mood swing experienced in teens is because of sex hormones’. These same hormones’ have a huge impact on your emotions, thinking ability and likes/dislikes. A teen begins to take further interest in “sex”. Sometimes due to obsession teens may find their self attracted to the people in their peer groups. Spending more time with other teens in peer groups, learning how to socialize with peers is a sign of puberty as well it is very essential. Some teens look forward to date someone as they think it’s a sign of puberty. But if you are anxious of it than start with effortless friendship at than figure it. Knowing about sex and sexuality is a important part of growing, but learning about sex shouldn’t involve thinks that are unwanted and unavoidable .Or getting an STD (Sex transmitted diseases).

The values and belief about sexual activities varies from family to family. Each and every parent should answer frankly to the questions related to sex, when it comes to teen. It is said that a teen who talks freely and openly face less problems regarding sex and sexuality issues. Neurologist studies indicate that teen tends more towards experimenting with alcohol and drugs, because of dissimilarity in their brain growth. Choices that the teen makes in this stage have both negative and positive consequence but more likely the negative, not only in the instant period but also for the years to come.

Hormones, sex and drugs are a deadly combination. In some situation teens are likely to do things which put you at a risk of making life shifting decision. Sometimes teens under peer’s pressure do things that are dangerous knowingly, at that time they should talk to someone who can really solve their problems or to someone who is mature enough. In this stage teens may have the opportunity to experiment with their style, values, sexuality and beliefs.

Some of the tips to get started with new phase of life:

  • Build up a repo: by talking about your daily stuff teen can build up a good relation or repo with their parents. This can help them to improve their relationship as well to improve it. Develop a bond that may help you in sharing serious things about your life.
  • Talk about small-small things: To keep your relationship strong and comfortable you need to start talking to your parents about how you got through the day, what thing to be made at the dinner(menu) or how you won the match by striking a goal at the last moment etc. the more you talk or share the easier it gets.
  • It’s never too late to begin: the relation between you and your parents is too edgy than you can make up for it by sharing your funny and most ugly moments with them. Daily conversation not only helps to well put up the relation but also it makes it stronger than ever.

Try to be loyal to yourself when you feel like living the stage of adolescence and entering into a new phase of life. It’s very crucial that the choices you make may be correct in both the sense mental as well as physical. The decision you take must be balanced in each way of life. This transformation of phase is new and exciting thing to experience, just enjoy it and beware of it too.

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