LegsA rainy season believed to be the most enjoyable seasons, which attracts most of the people to get its full pleasure. But, in certain season you might get hit of leg infections due to contaminated water. As you get in the contact of the accumulated rainy water you will surely face an itchy legs complication. It’s not only rainy season found to be the reason there are enormous factors, which found responsible for itchy legs. An inner and outer factor is found responsible to cause itchy leg. People, suffering from diseases or sicknesses; prolonged exposing to sun rays, getting into chemical contact, etc. leads to an itchy skin, which of course includes leg part. It has been found that people, who hold insufficient water level in the body, are at more risk to get skin infections. Most of the people come up with the grievances of itchy legs in rainy season due to persistent wetting in contaminated water. Well, such skin allergies may get cured after getting treated, but there are some skin infections, which lasts for a longer period and sometimes fails to get cured. Here are some lists of skin infections, which mostly hit the leg part.

Dehydrated skin
Dehydrated skin is an outcome of insufficient water existence in the body, which also leads to a dry skin complication. Insufficient existence of water in the body slows down the flow of blood towards the skin organ, which weak down the activeness of the skin cells results unhealthy, dried and dehydrated skin. This makes the leg hit with itchiness. A prolong exposing to sunrays found responsible for dry skin. Most of the times people who use soap excessively gets dry skin grievances. Further, certain diseases like hypothyroidism found enhancing the risk of rough skin.

To get rid of certain complication, one must maintain sufficient amount of water in the body. Avoid making excessive use of soaps; since, it is made up of various chemicals, whose too much usage may harm the skin. Avoid getting into sun exposure for a longer period, try using suns cream to prevent from harmful sun rays.

Unhygienic lifestyle
Dryness of sweats and accumulation of the stains over the body wrecked down the skin microbe’s causing patience less itching. People, who rarely take bath, may get an itchy skin problem.

To take precaution one must maintain the habit of regular bathing. Make usage of Luke warm water; since, it helps remove the accumulated stains of the sweats.

Leg waxing
Leg waxing is found another cause of itchy skin. Most of the time, the leg waxing goes wrong for the sensitive skin people. Waxing is nothing, but a removal of hair and the stains of the body. Sometimes, the hair gets break and left inside the skin, which causes inflamed skin with puss formation in it. This often happens with the person who goes for waxing. Such conditions are found quite complicated one need to seek the help of the doctor for its healing.
Don’t be habitual of doing waxing every month because the skin gets thin and loose, which gradually loses attractiveness.

Chicken or goose bumps skin
This comprises wide hair follicles on thigh, upper arms, legs, etc. places, which appears in red and skin color, adopting a shape of goose bumps. This actually comprises hereditary history. Bumps are found quite itchy and sometimes painful. The condition might need medical help or can get heal after an age.

Folliculitis is a type of hair follicles infections occurs due to bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. This leads to red, itchy and painful bumps with irregular puss formation, generally appeared on thighs or hips. It looks an extreme red spots, which comprises an intolerable itching. Unhygienic lifestyle, contact with contaminated water, wearing a tight and prolong sportswear, etc. may lead to Folliculitis. One needs to seek the help of the doctor for its healing. Keep washing it with lukewarm water regularly, to trim down the itchiness. One needs to use anti-bacterial soap or an ointment, to cure the itching.

There are some people, who get an itchy skin after taking bath with the warm water. Sometimes, a long run leads to an itchy leg due to sweats, which stated as an acid, resulting dryness and irritation. One may also get allergic to dust pollution; hence, it is recommended to take a bath after coming from a walk or exercise. Sometimes, people are found allergic to their own sweats, as we know that sweats are a type of acid, which ooze from the body in a form of water. One must take bath after getting sweats otherwise the stains get accumulate over the body and bring whole body itching. This generally happens in summer seasons (hot weather).
Drink as much water as you can, try taking bath with the normal water. Enhance the frequency of taking bathing.

Stasis eczema
This is another type of skin disorders, which mostly comprises leg part. People, with certain complication may face rough, itchy, puss filled, reddish and swollen legs. An affected area gets rough and inflamed, which appears in red bloody color. Certain disorders arise due to less blood formation and fluid accumulation in the body. One needs to go longtime treatment, to get rid of such skin complication.

Fungal infections
A secret place in the body is more likely to get fungal infections. Inner thigh area, arm holds area, toes, etc. gets easily affected by fungal infections. The infections turn the skin in brownish color making it rough and constantly itchy. One needs to go for anti-fungal ointment, to cure such skin complications.

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