Constipation generally takes place because of a disorder of bowel functioning and children and elderly people are highly prone to this problem. It is known to have severe repercussions on one’s health. Most often poor dietary habits are leading reason behind occurrence of this digestive tract problem. Opting incorrect lifestyle choices can definitely make one vulnerable to this condition. People incorporating unhealthy diet and leading an inactive lifestyle are at higher risk of going through this condition. Hormonal imbalance and long term use of certain medication are responsible for poor digestive system. Due to this, the chances of onset of digestive problem enhances considerably. If the condition takes place in person following healthy lifestyle, then in that case one is believed to suffer from functional constipation. Since unfinished emigration of wastes can contribute to the development of toxins in the bloodstream. In addition, one may become prone to other diseases as well. Severe constipation is a dangerous condition; hence instant action should be taken to cope with this condition.

As aforesaid, this digestive disorder is commonly occurs because of poor eating habits. No doubt fast foods are tasty but daily intake of this unhealthy foodstuff give rise of development of digestive disorders. People who took their meal at late nights (improper timing) and don’t chew food appropriately are also at higher risk. Insufficient consumption of water or fluids can also lead to development of this condition. Those who live an inactive lifestyle are also at risk. So, one should incorporate a balanced diet along with an exercise regimen on a daily basis. Below listed are effective remedies that gives instant relief from constipation.

Elderly people affected with digestive disorder should make certain lifestyle-related chances as early as possible. Here are easiest natural remedies:
• Include vegetable soups, juices, cereals, wheat bran and whole grain breads in your regimen.
• Have ample of fluids because inadequate fluid is major culprit of this digestive ailment.
• Have a diet filled with fiber. Intake of fresh fruits like pear, grapes, oranges, guava and papaya are considered extremely beneficial to overcome this digestive ailment. Even eating of corn, carrots, spinach, beans and peas may also prove useful to deal with this condition.
• For fast relief option of beverages like cabbage, prune and aloe Vera juice is also one potent solution.
• Honey has good source of laxative properties, so mix 2tbsp of honey in glass of warm milk. Then drink the same mixture on an empty stomach. Besides, you can also mix lemon juice in a glass of warm water and drink it in the early morning. Both the remedies are extremely powerful and beat the constipation effectively.
• Castor oil is well known for its capability to offer instant relief. Add a tbsp of castor oil in a glass of warm milk and consume it every other day.
• Since sedentary lifestyle is major enemy of digestive disorder, so try maximum to stay physically active.

Infants who fail to digest formula milk are at increased risk of going through this condition. As breast milk hold natural laxatives. Hence, breastfeeding baby will definitely prove beneficial as it keep this digestive ailment at bay. Here are easy home remedies to overcome this condition:
• Take extra care if you are newly adding solid food solid food in your baby’s regimen because infant’s digestive system fails adjust it sooner. Thus, include solid foods which are pureed and do not forget to mashed them completely.
• Add little milk of magnesia to the formula milk. Milk of magnesia is one kind of an antacid which is supposed to absorb water into the intestine. This in turn makes bowel movement easier.
• It would be fine if you give fruit juice like grape fruit and prune juice to you infants. But gives these juices in diluted form. Take an advice from pediatrician regarding them amount of juice that should be offer.
• Find out foodstuff that lead to this digestive disorder in your infants and mostly avoid giving them to your baby. Foodstuff like white bread, rice cereal, applesauce, banana cheese and potato are highly responsible for onset this condition.
• Warm bath or stomach massage both are wonderful solution for your infant. Since both plays a significant role in giving relief from gas. Apart from that, move baby’s legs in a bicycle motion in order to get rid of gas.
• Include maximum easily digestible fiber rich foodstuff like mashed peaches, apricots, pears and plums in your baby’s regimen. All these food items functions like a stool softeners.
• Intake of diet enriched with fiber is equally indispensable for older children as well as adults. Strictly tell your kids to consume fruits like guava, orange, papaya, plums, grapes, mangoes, and peaches. These food items are proven helpful to get rid of this condition at earliest.
• Children are mostly suggested to eat vegetable like spinach, French beans, turnip, carrots, broccoli and cabbage. Besides that, eating too much processed food like cakes, pastries, white bread and biscuits should also be averted.
• If your child is affected with this condition then recommend him/her to take prune juice.
• Mix 2 tbsp of honey in a glass of warm milk and a told you child to drink the same mixture in the early morning. This is one of the most powerful remedy to come with digestive ailment.
• Soak few amount of raising in water overnight, then next morning allow your child to consume these soaked raisins on an empty stomach. It will surely help you to get relief from this condition to a great extent.

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