bitter-gourdBitter melon is a vegetable/ fruit popularly known as “KARELA”. It is not so friendly kind of vegetable for children’s and adults too. Despite the fact that it is bitter in taste, it has sweet virtues that are essential for excellent health, which one cannot ignore. Intake of this bitter vegetable has billions of benefits to health. Actually it is considered more as a fruit rather than a vegetable because of its (inside) seed. In most part of the country it is used as a vegetable in daily diet. The regular intake of bitter melon has a great deal with health reimbursement like- it keeps sugar level in control and also helps to keep our digestive system strong as ever. It has numerous nutrient values twice than the other vegetables and fruits include. This bitter melon is mostly found in Asian and south American countries. Hot and humid region is required for this bitter vegetable/fruit. Its taste is so bitter that one couldn’t take down it, but if your use to bitter taste than you can easily take this too. At least attempt this once for its better health qualities and then you will gradually become to use it .Bitter melons have numerous enduring health and nutrients virtues.

Here are some of them:
Nutrient virtues
Bitter melon is a power pack houses of excellent various nutrients. It has doubled the value of potassium (banana), calcium (spinach), manganese, zinc, beta- carotene (broccoli), folic acid, fiber, phosphorous, steroidal saponins, alkaloids, peptides, vitamin C – B1, B2, AND B3 than most of the vegetables and fruits. Bitter melon contains an insulin compound that is found in a (insulin plant) called polypeptide P. it also contains some unique compound known as phyto – constituent. It is very low in calories and high in nutrients.

Health virtues
There are enduring health benefits of consuming this vegetable/ fruit. It is like an extreme boon to life. It taste may be bitter but its benefits are sweet enough to keep a person healthy ever after. Very few vegetable/ fruit has propensity to replace this food for these disease like bitter melon does.

Diabetes is becoming a annoyance now a day s not only for the adult but for teenagers too. It has very bad impact on lifestyle. As he/she suffering from diabetes have to be very particular about what they are having in their daily diet. This vegetable serves as a subsidiary medication; some of the doctors recommend this natural remedial to control sugar level as a parallel medicine to the patient. If there is much way to cure diabetes than why to treat such life taking health problem in life. Be diabetes free naturally at an earlier a stage without stocking your shelf with pills. Bitter helps to prevent from diabetes, the hypoglycemic composite found in it helps to reduce the sugar level in blood as well as urine in the body. Regular consumption of bitter melon juice in daily basis helps to advance the glucose easiness without increasing blood insulin level. High level in diabetes can cause severe heart (coronary) disease, cholesterol, Blood pressure, or even it can have its adverse effect on memory. So it’s better to check in diabetes on regularly interval basis.

Intake of bitter melon helps to improve digestive system properly or rather healthy. Working of digestive system can help to decrease acidity in a person.

Drink made out of bitter melon helps to cure cholera in the early stage. Grind – 2 tables spoon of karela (bitter melon) leaves with 2 tables of onion (white) juice and mix it with 1 tables of lemon juice make a fine drink out of it take and drink this daily till you get cured.

Consuming or drinking melon (bitter) or its juice reduces the risk factor of cancer. It helps to kill the leukemic cells (source of cancer) and it discontinues spreading or expanding of cells that promote cancer in the body.

Weight loss
This vegetable contains very few amounts of calorie and carbohydrate. Daily intake of such remedial vegetable/fruit can definitely help to get rid of excess weight.

Because of the chemical, antimicrobial and inflammatory belongings found in bitter melon- it helps to prevent from skin lining, acne, and wrinkles etc. The virtues of bitter melon help to free radical (damages) that are caused to skin.

The nutrients and fiber present in bitter melon helps to decrease constipation level and one gets at least some relief. The sufficient amount of intake of fiber and water help to awake the bowel movement in the body (stomach) .Bitter melon is a good source of fiber which helps to slow down the constipation in the stomach.

Bitter melon has helped to release the sputum that is build up in the lungs and respiratory system of the person suffering from chronic cough or asthma. The regular intake of such a godsend vegetable has positive result/outcome in those cases who are suffering from respiratory or chronic disease.

Drinking bitter melon juice regularly in early morning boosts stamina level and perk up energy in the body. Sleeping prototype has also been regulated by regular sip of bitter melon juice.

Bitter melon has proven to bring down hang over, the property present in bitter melon helps to eliminate the toxic element from the body and it conserve the liver damages caused by excess alcohol (drinking).

Eye sight
The bête carotene is very essential for eyes. Bitter melon contains doubled the amount of beta carotene than other vegetable include which helps to improve the eye visibility power and resolve s eye problems.

Those people who exclude bitter melon from their meal now start including it because of “sweet Virtues” which leads to heal and healthy health. Bitterness of it keeps people away from it. But once if you go through its benefits that are really healthy you will definitely think to give a chance to it. Many of us skip this because of its bitter taste, but once you become use to it than there will be no such issue to discuss.

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