migraineMigraine is referred to a Severe Headache or Pain in front portion of the head. Migraine is also known as a vascular headache. Generally, migraine is caused due to extension of blood vessels and escape of chemical from nerves system (fiber) that curls around the blood vessels. Inflammation, pain and extension of arteries take place due to released chemical by the nerves. And this further intensifies the pain to severe pain. Migraines have plenty of versions/variation in headache (problem). Migraine has its versions. Adults are seldom (rarely) affected by this migraine; primarily children get hold of this migraine more evenly. Perhaps, those children specifically who encompass migraine disease in past in their family more probably get hold of this migraine headache. The symptoms of this headache don’t seem to be noticeable at the time, that’s why most people couldn’t figure it out even though they are anguish to it. This version of migraine is considered as an idiopathic stipulation in adult as well as in children’s. This version of migraine is considered as an idiopathic stipulation both in Adult and children. The roots of causes of this disease are still not discovered till date as it does not have any peculiar grounds. Medical experts have just estimated that it may be due to changes in chemical like histamine and serotonin in the body. This migraine may initiate from or might be associated with this chemical changes in the body. Hence this chemical changes may occur due to excessive stress, anxiety , depression , birth control pills, physical exertion, inadequate sleep ,starvation etc. Besides this the other factors that trigger causes of this migraine may be excessive consumption of meal, Chinese food or food that contains nitrite (health hazardous chemical) or gulping down surfeit air (gas initiate) and even drinks that may contains chemical like glutamate and aspirate . Migraine headache pain normally commence slowly but surely ,than after sometime it exaggerate and then as time passes it steadily make your mind up at the end of the attack. The first and foremost sing/pain of before migraine is known as “aura”. If you see any sign of this aura attack than without any delay rush to your doctor for conformation.

Migraine is subdivided into two categories:
Photo phobia —in this a person may feel susceptible to light flash.
Acoustic phobia—in this a person may feel susceptible to sound (earsplitting).

Warning sign of migraine:
1. The pain may be one sided (independent) it is often at the front side of your head.
2. The pain may be mild, modest or even severe, it depends.
3. Pain gets worse if you try to move or even if you perform a small activity.
4. The pain may be so harsh at sometimes that it can hurt/ excruciate the person.
5. You feel like vomiting sometime (nauseated)

Indications with or without aura attack:
i. You may sense superfluous susceptible to light.
ii. You may experience ringing tone in your ears.
iii. You may also, experience lack of sensation in hands or feeling like poking with pins and needles.
iv. Or even have hurdles while talking (not finding proper word to speak)

The symptoms/indication can be intimidating if not detected at the right time. The pain in head, if last for long time or for days than it might trigger migraine. It is always advisable to seek a doctor for more information and preservation. Other symptoms than vomiting in migraine are teary eyes, running nose, and nasal thrusting (congest). Illness like sneezing, injure, physical activity, constant motion or spinning head hastily can increase the progression in pain and aggravate things ahead .In some people pain occurs on only one side of the head in some it may not . By lying down in a sullen room the pain may be reducing in case of some people where as it may not work in the same way for other people. The enhancing stipulation of migraine can be impeding if its grounds are recognized at the right stage and time before it get too late. There are various types of treatment recommended for migraines. Conservation of migraines is not easy as the causing roots are not yet acknowledged.

Treatment of migraine may vary from person to person. There are variation in treatment of migraine taking into consideration various aspects like severity, frequency and symptoms. A mild and moderate migraine patient responds to pain relievers where as severe migraines need a help of proper medication course, that to under the guidance of concerned doctor. A migraine person suffering from nausea (vomiting) can take medicine in the form of injection or rectal medication. Resistance drugs can be taken in combination of nausea drugs that ease vomiting. Trip ants is one of the medicine that is available in oral form in all druggist shop you can use it as a drug that alleviate vomiting. But individual suffering from disease like high blood pressure, heart or chronic disorder, liver disorder, kidney disorder and women’s who are pregnant should not intake this drugs without consulting your doctor . Some people may not respond acute treatment (reduce pain immediately) and may required a supplementary suitable treatment. But preventive (intake of medicine (migraine) on daily basis) medicine surely controls migraine progression in 0the person. Preventive treatment is more effective than the acute treatment, person responds more too preventive rather than acute treatment. Abdominal migraine is one of its versions; it mostly affects women rather than men. Abdominal migraine refers to severe pain in belly button. Even though it’s related to most complicated part of our body, it is less threatening than migraine. Sometimes migraine can be dangerous as it is not treated on time, it can lead to life taking factor. If you notice any aforementioned sign in you or your loved ones don’t ignore it, consult your doctor above all.

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