Grape seed oil is acquired from grapes by mashing the seeds through refinement. It is packed with naturally happening emollients such as stearic, linoleic and palmitic acids. It is large in omega-6 fatty acids with less proportion of omega-9 and omega-3 acids, which aid in fighting against eczema and skin dryness. It also holds vitamin E, which is a strong antioxidant, and plays a crucial role in curing the skin and renders protection to it from aging and sun damage.

The great thing about this non-aromatic, light oil is that, no side effects are linked with it when applied topically and best for all skin types. It is also exceedingly helpful for the treatment of acne-vulnerable skin. This potent oil is hypoallergenic in nature, so, people having sensitive skin can also make use of it.


Owing to its endless advantages, no doubt that grape seed oil is a first preference of the manufactures of difference skin care products.

Removes stretch marks

Stretch marks arise by disruption of the dermis. In addition, the structural and deep level of skin, puberty, maternity and sudden growth spurts are also responsible for happening of stretch marks. Application of grape seed oil on the affected area is believed to cut down the appearance of these marks. Most of them incline to slowly vanish on their own. Using the oil daily with the physician suggestion, prior undergoing growth spurts, will have a good consequence, since a good-moisturized skin stays soft and smooth.

  Mix in bath water

Mix a few drops of this oil in your bath water to experience supple and elastic skin. Since this oil is non-greasy and sprinkle easily in water.

Use prior shaving

Grape seed oil can be utilized as pre shave oil or as a substitute for shaving cream. As it offers a soft, thin film, it is an excellent stuff for shaving. Moreover, anti-inflammatory properties of it also aid to heal razor burns.

Excellent scrub

Non-comedogenic properties found in this oil and its light texture make the oil perfect as homemade scrubs, like sugar or salt scrub. It is also a reasonably priced, natural and risk-free product for all skin types.

For getting over eye circles

Grape seed oil consists of Vitamin E that is observed to trim down black circles and even swelling below the eyes. The regenerative phenomenon of this oil besides facilitate in diminishing Crow’s Feet, offering you a healthier and younger appearance. Simply place a drop of oil in the region of your eyes with the help of your ring finger, at night prior to sleep, to get rid of dark circles. You can besides utilize it to take away eye cosmetic, since it is meant to dissolve, also the most obstinate of the mascaras, and is hundred percent organic. Go for just minutely refined, preferably organic, grape seed oil, since the region in the direction of your eyes is precisely erogenous. Besides, make a point that the oil does not penetrate in your eyes at the same time as getting rid of your make-up.

As Carrier Oil

Grape seed oil is light and scentless; as a result it makes a best carrier oil that is, a base for the strong indispensable oils, similar to, rosemary or lavender, which is required to be diluted prior to utilization, particularly for aromatherapy massages.

For Acne-susceptible Skin

Different to best-selling beliefs, grape seed oil cannot offer you a perfect skin. It is, nevertheless, helpful as a moisturizer, for the reason that it is non-comedogenic. It means it does not block the pores, which is believed to be a chief reason of pimples.

Good moisturizer

Grape seed oil is enriched with natural fatty acids, which lowers the TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and secures the moisture. Further, vitamin E element of this oil also support in bringing down the formation of wrinkles. As it is thought to plays a significant role in renovating the cellulose fibers. It is promptly assimilate in the skin and makes skin thin, silky film-ideal for oily and acne-susceptible skin. Mix few drops of this oil to your daily moisturizer simply prior applying it to the skin. Mostly, 3-4 drop for people with dry skin is enough and for normal skin requires 2-3 drops. People having oily skin should not use more than 3 drops of oil.

For cleansing purpose

Grape seed oil is utilized as a key oil in OCM (oil cleansing method). While some users have reported rise in hydration and suppleness. On the other hand a few have reported worsen acne. For obviating complications use oil for cleansing purpose in below mentioned method only.

For people with oily skin 30 percent castor oil and 70 percent grape seed oil

For people having normal skin 20 percent Castor oil and 80 percent grape seed oil

For people experiencing dry skin 10 percent castor oil and 90 percent grape seed oil

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