Sunstroke is one such medical condition which is also termed as hyperthermia. This condition is defined by an irregular rise in the body temperature. It may turn dangerous if remain untreated for long time. Sunstroke, also cited as heat stroke, is a possibly fatal condition, in which the body’s heat controlling capacity fails, inducing increased body temperature. If the temperature reaches higher degree, then this condition needs instant medical treatment to evade the probability of stern harm or death. The main goal of the treatment is to lower the body temperature so that it is within the satisfactory range. It too concentrates on restoration and non-exposure to outside sources of heat that may further worsen this condition.


Too much exposure to heat or sun is the primary cause behind sunstroke. In normal condition, once your body is exposed to heat the sweat gland commence generating sweat. When the sweat evaporates, it calms the body and cuts down the temperature. On long term or too much exposure to heat, these cooling systems stop working or fails working appropriately. Since the close temperature enhances in the shortage of cooling mechanism, the body temperature lifts up significantly, contributing to sunstroke. Dehydration is another reason of heat stroke, or a condition in which the body is lacking in fluid, which conquers the capability to rescue huge heat through sweating.


When a heat stroke takes place, the core body temperature mostly increases beyond 40 degree Celsius. In several instances, giddiness may be the primary sign to notice. Some other signs comprise dry and hot skin. The incapability to excrete makes the skin dry and the augmented close temperature heats up the body. Sunstroke may also come with red facial skin, which may signify the necessity for sunburn treatment. Fast enhance heart rate, rapid, shallow respiration, head pain, failing, exhaustion, confusion, nausea, and vomiting are other symptoms related with sunstroke. Once the condition develops, you may notice violent or aggressive behavior, disordered speech patterns, or hallucinations contributing to seizures, death or coma. At this phase, instant sunstroke treatment is fundamental.


Sunstroke is a health disorder which requires to be treated by a medical expert. Hence, if you are undergo heat stroke, without delaying run to a doctor first. The prime need is to reduce the body temperature and this may be done in the following ways. Take the person to a cool place at once. Remove extra clothing like hats, socks, shoes and so on which may hold heat.

Make use of ice packs to the person’s armpits, groin, neck and back area. This may assist cut down the body temperature, as these regions are completely packed with blood vessels which are nearest to the skin. But, extra caution must be taken to make sure that the patient is not covered in cold sheets or towels as this may hold the heat in future. Affected person should prefer a cold water bath to reduce the ambient temperature instantly.

If sunstroke occurred due to dehydration, the electrolyte, fluid and salt level must be refilled either intravenously or orally. This circumstance may also contribute to inadequacy of blood supply to the brain and as a result, the necessity for immediate heat stroke treatment is obligatory to obviate grave results.

If you suffer through minor signs of sunstroke, self care may assist evade its development. The foremost step is to stay away from excessive heat of the sun. Eliminate constrictive clothing and give priority to drinking something cold in which sugar and salt is also added. Drink the fluids gradually instead of ingesting rapidly. Obviate intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol as they may worsen dehydration. If possible opt the solution of a cool shower as this will assist in lowering the body temperature. It is also fine if you utilize a cool cloth to rub down your neck, face and arms. No issues if you try lying down with your legs increased beyond your head to aid improve blood circulation.


Adopting certain safety measure may bring down the peril of sunstroke. Senior citizens and children are especially susceptible; therefore it recommended to take additional caution during sun exposure. Stave off long term exposure to the sun, particularly during summers and in the afternoon when the strength of heat is too much powerful. It will be beneficial if you use cool, non constricting clothing to let your body to take a breath and also permit the sweat to evaporate. Drink ample of water, especially during time of workout and exertion. Utilizing of a broad spectrum sunscreen is also helpful to cut down the chances of suntan and skin irritation. Give yourself time to adjust with a new place if you are not habitual to acute temperature, and reduce the exposure to sun as much as possible.

Sunstroke treatment requires to be opting as early as possible. It is a medical condition that can only be cured under medical observation. Relying on the intensity, hospitality may be needed. However, the aforesaid safeties measures may aid reduce the peril of a heat stroke.

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