banana for skinBanana is the most popular fruit. It is available throughout the year. But some of the people neglect these fruit as they thing it is just a source of weighting gain. But Banana has many other excellent properties that in one or the other way benefit our body, thus it is very useful to our skin. As skin is the most crucial part of our body, every one of us look after it. In today’s competitive world sometimes we neglect our meals due to busy schedule. So it is very important that we tend to have nutrients, vitamins, potassium etc that are more beneficial to our health, and most important to our SKIN.

Banana contains Nutrient. Nutrients are essential for the skin; they contain a large amount of Vitamin A, B, C, E and B6, which play a very vital role in maintaining the Reliability and softness of the skin. It also has Antioxidants and manganese that protects the skin from premature aging which are caused due to oxygen free radicals .Banana contains 75% of water, and it also helps your skin to hydrate and prevents it from dying and peeling. Bananas are rich in iron, which are good for hemoglobin. Bananas are very healthy in nature as they provide a number of benefits to our body. So banana is the major source of Younger and Glowing looking skin.

Some of the benefits of Banana:
1. Natural Moisturizer: Banana is a very good natural Moisturizer. Banana contains Vitamin A which repairs the damaged and restores the lost moisturizer. You can instantly moisturize your facing by apply smash banana on it keep it for 20-25 minutes than rinse it off, this will help to reduce dullness of your skin.
2. Glowing Skin: banana contains a huge amount of Vitamin C which helps to strike a balance between natural and youthful glow of skin. . To instantly moisturize smash a ripe banana add 1 sp of sandal wood powder/paste mix it with ½ sp of honey. You can apply this mask on your face for 20-25 minutes than rinse it off with Luke warm water. This mask helps to get rid of skin pigmentation.
3. Anti ageing: Nutrients present in banana helps to fight against wrinkles, which in result keeps the skin glowing and natural. Smash a banana until it become creamy than add one tea spoon of rose water, applies this mask on your face and neck areas keep it for half an hour than rinse it off with water.
4. Foot care: moisturizing properties of banana can used to heal the cracks. All you need is to do mash a banana take the pulp and apply it on your clean dry feet, leave for 15 minutes than rinse it off. The pulp of banana will penetrate deep into your cracked skin to create soft skin.
5. Treating itchy skin: if you are having a problem of itchy skin, just rub the banana peel on the affected area and u will feel the reduction in itchiness.
6 .Overcome hangover: blended banana with honey and yogurt helps to recover from hangover.
7. Good for Gain weight: banana helps to gain weight, eat one banana daily at night Banana provides enough sugar to the body.
8. helps to balance anemia: As banana contains a good amount of iron which helps to strike a balance in hemoglobin level of the body.
9. Helps in curing heartburn: the antacid substances in banana give instant relief from heart burn.
10. Helps to control blood pressure: potassium and magnesium helps to decrease blood pressure .As banana are rich in potassium and magnesium. It’s a very good source to keep check on blood pressure.
11. For soft hair: mix ripe banana with avocado and coconut milk .apply this on your hair wait for 15 minutes than rinse with water. It helps to soften your hair and conditions it.
12. Healthy and shiny hair: Add one egg white with ¼ cup olive oil to the peeled banana make a fine puree apply this for about 15 minutes and then wash out your hair. This will help hair to shine more.
13. To protect from hair loss: Make a mixture of ripe banana and yogurt apply this mixture on the scalp area leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with water.
14.For dry hair : mix one ripe banana with 3 sp honey make paste and apply it on your hair .it works same great as your skin .

A part from these, banana is also an excellent source of reducing weight. The fiber contains in banana reduce caloric intake. There is a special banana diet to reduce weight.

Rules of special banana diet:
1. Eat one or more bananas in breakfast, bananas must be raw, unfrozen, uncooked as they are rich in enzymes.
2. You can have anything for your lunch and dinner.
3. After 3.00 pm you can have snacks, but not snacks that are rich in calories.
4. Before 8.00 pm it is advisable to have your dinner, skip dessert and have a fruit.
5. You must go to sleep before midnight.
6. While following this diet you are not allowed to drink alcohol.
7. A mile of walking every day is enough, no need to exercise hard.
Many Japanese has followed this diet and have experienced a rapid weight loss. Beside from easy and simple to follow, it is very effective .Banana is one of the most popular and natural source of element regarding the beauty beside from a popular fruit.

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