As like other thing sexual life too found essential to promote optimum health. Enjoying sexual life is everyone’s desire. But, sometimes certain complication becomes barrier for sexual life, which breaks down the excitement of sexual intercourse. Practicing sexual intercourse at a right time trims down various health disorders. Every individual must enjoy sexual life, to get healthy and active body. However, it has been found that most of the men fail, to enjoy their sexual life due to penis irritation or erectile dysfunction. Almost half of the men found suffering from this complication, which holds old age people in majority. People, may get ED issue above the age of 35-40. However, this complication is rarely seen with the teenagers. Moreover, it has been noticed that the intensity of Impotence or Erectile dysfunction in men increasing day by day; this is because poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. The condition arises, when the sexual desire in men reduce the flow of blood towards the penis making it hard and immovable. An insufficient flow of blood towards the penis causes erectile dysfunction in men. This generally occurs when a men get sexually stimulates or while getting into sexual intercourse. The condition tightens the penile muscles making nerves jam to move, which results inflexible penis. This condition might hold family history, health disorders, diseases, medications, unhealthy diet, lack of fluid, etc. However, an excessive smoking and alcoholism may enhance the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. Unhappy frame of mind like anxiety, stress, depression, etc. stood an additional factor, to cause Ed in men.

Treatment through Silagra
A man can reduce their ED frustration by consuming a pill called silagra. Silagra is a prescribed pill for treating impotence in men. Men facing complication of ED can take this pill, to get rid of it. Silagra works fabulously, to mend the condition of ED. It facilitates the flow of blood towards the penis making the nerves calm and the muscles normal. It stood one of the most effective pills, which contain sildenafil citrate. This helps the men deal with and to get relaxed from erectile dysfunction. Any age group suffering from sexual penile irritation can consume this pills; especially a matured person. Silagra is an oral tablet approved only for men dealing with complicated ED problem. It helps facilitates the male reproductive system by protecting it from various enzymes. Mark this sentence “Silagra is only prescribed to treat the erectile dysfunction problem, does not to enhance the sexual desire”. We can’t take silagra as aphrodisiac. Silagra aids supply of blood towards the penis and making it flexible to perform. One can enjoy their sexual life without any complications. A man facing itching or erection during sexual interaction must take this pill, to mend the problem. It comes in an economical rate and in different mgs; anyone can afford it to take. Silagra is a branded pill.

Usage of any medicine must be prescribed by the doctor; since, they know the best and better about the drugs and its reactions. Don’t be your own advocate in case of medication process. One can get the dosage in 25, 50 and 100 mg, but its intake must be decided by the doctor. However, it has been generally advised that having one pill of silagra in a day is sufficient. Do not use more than that; since, it may be fatal for your health or for your life. In short, excessive dosage of any medicines baldy harms the body. If, in case the drug fails to response then do not double the doses, immediately seek the help of the doctor. One must not take this drug daily; since, erectile dysfunction is a type of penile disorder; it’s not a disease. If, you desire to enjoy sexual intercourse take this pill before one hour; since, it takes half an hour to get react and last for at least 4 hours. Avoid consuming the oily, spicy or cheesy stuff; since, it reduces the effect period of the drugs. Do not drink alcohol after taking this pill; since, it may give adverse effect, to the health.

Side-effects are a common history of every drug, some goes severe and some goes normal. Well, it depends upon the pill intake. However, silagra doesn’t carry any severe side-effects, but yes one may get the risk of stomach disorder, blurry vision, head pain, red face, dizziness, etc. Sometimes, the situation may goes the worst and could lead to rapid heartbeats, chest pain, shortages of breath, destabilized blood pressure, etc. An excessive intake of pills may enhance the risk of such complications. However, the side-effects may get cure by itself, sometimes it needs a medical help.

A precaution comes in mandatory category. One must read the label before using this pill just to avoid consuming outdated medicines. If, you are suffering from any severe health disorders including kidney, liver, heart, brain, etc. must not use this drug until your doctor permit. Patient, suffering from tumor or cancer must consult the doctor before using this pill. One must note that “silagra is only prescribed medicine for the men not for women”.

Storage is an important part of the medicine one should store this medicine away from the sun rays and small kids. Keep the bottle tightly close so that the air doesn’t get pass into it. Always keep noticing the expiry date. Since, sometime a long time stored medicine gets consumed and leads, to some severe health disorders.

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