Lupus is a form of skin disorders, which comprises not only the skin, but also the various organs of the body. A formation of lupus may expand and affects the neighbor area. Lupus acts like an autoimmune ailment, in which the immune system turn into overactive form and attacks normal active tissue. In short, a breakdown of normal tissues due to overactive tissues leads to lupus formation. The consequence includes engorgement and joints crash; one may also find the disorders of cardiac, lungs, blood, skin, and kidney. Systemic lupus found quite severe type of disease; its chronic affect may bring the silent attack and inflamed condition of the organs; well for certain disorders an autoimmune disease is found responsible. The lupus may further leads to inflamed joints, kidney, lungs, skin, heart, brain and blood cells. An immune system is responsible to make antibodies called protein, which helps protect, fight, and beat the viruses or bacteria. When the immune system get disturbs by lupus formation; it fails to distinguish between viruses and healthy tissues. This further allows the immune system to form direct antibodies opposite the healthy tissue, which results inflammation, pain, and damages of the tissues. Well, there are various types of lupus, which a person may face.

A form of Discoid lupus
Discoid lupus generally occupies and stays limited to the skin; it brings the skin in itchy, thick, rough and red rashes form. One can diagnose discoid lupus easily and can be treated. This generally occupies the area of face, neck, and scalp. Such lupus affects the external part of the skin; an internal organ is found out of risk. Well, the disappearance of the rashes may leave marks over the affected skin area. Further, the infected scalp after healing might lead, to hair loss problem. This disease may get disappeared and could get appeared again. Any age groups may face this skin disorder; well women are found more at risk.

A form of systemic lupus
An ignorance of the cutaneous form of lupus may further lead to systemic lupus. This lupus found quite severe form, which could get appear and affect any part, of the body. Such type of lupus may generate in the mild or severe form and could persist for a long or short period. It may come with the symptoms of extreme joint pain, fever, fatigue, hair fall, inflamed legs, numb toe and fingers, etc.

A form of drug induced lupus
Certain lupus causes due to excessive and prolonged intake of medicines. People, who undergo for severe disease medication treatment might be at the risk of this lupus formation. Well, this is hardly found affected, but comprise extreme joint pain, fever and rashes. Well, men are found more at risk, then the women. As the medication process get stop the problem of lupus get disappears within 6 months. The chances of its reoccurrence have not yet found; one needs not to worry about its turning into the systemic form of lupus.

A form of neonatal lupus
Such type of lupus issue found very rarely. It generates, when a mother prefer certain types of lupus antibodies, which gets transferred to the baby during birth. Perhaps, mother takes this antibody without lupus attack. This might affect the child in the form of skin rashes, anemia, etc. Well, it’s not necessary that a baby must get lupus problem. Sometime, the antibodies fail to cause lupus to the baby. Most of the time, the lupus generate and get cured, automatically.

Well, the causes of lupus are yet to be cleared, but the doctor believes that the family history, lifestyle and environmental factors play a significant role, to enhance the risk of lupus generation. Infections, medications and prolonged exposing to sun rays stood an additional factor, to cause lupus formation. Well, most of the women found suffering from lupus then men; since, women are more likely to face hormones changes. Lupus not only affects the skin organs, but also affects the internal organs of the body. An appearance of skin lupus looks very wired and embarrassing. People, fail to manage an eye contact. They make themselves covered and hidden inside the room. As far as I know the skin lupus is not contagious, but could found in heritance. People, who found allergic to sun rays, might face the risk of lupus formation.

Diagnose process of lupus
Diagnosing lupus is very tricky; especially, an internal organ related case. However, a skin related lupus can be judged, easily. It appears in the form of red patches over the particular area of the skin, comprises itchiness and inflammation. People, fail to diagnose the lupus; since, it carries the symptoms similar, to other diseases. In case of discoid lupus, people get disturbed to recognize the exact skin disorders; since there are enormous skin disorders amongst which some looks similar like discoid lupus. In certain situation, the doctor diagnoses the disorder through its causing factors. This helps estimate the doctors to understand the diseases and to make the better solution. Well, lupus doesn’t cause by one factor there are various reason behind its occurrence.

Treatments of lupus
As far as the research is concerned lupus is cureless. I mean there is no particular treatment for lupus, but one can go for partial treatments, to mend the symptoms situation. A treatment of itching, inflammation, pain can be done, which helps soothe down the lupus condition. This may indirectly help the lupus, to get healed. Sometimes, treating symptoms found helpful, to treat the disease. Doctor follows certain test and medication process, to mend the condition. Most of the lupus holds severe conditions, which needs an urgent hospitalizing. Some of the medical research stated that an initial stage of lupus and its identification may help, to treat lupus. Most of the lupus gets healed by itself; it periodically comes and goes. The lupus is found due to improper functioning of immune system. One needs to take care of their health, to build healthy and active immune system.

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