Artemis_WomenThe Menstrual cycle is a flaking of the female uterus coating, which comes periodically every month and last for minimum 5 and maximum 7 days. This is the stage, which has to be faced by every female from the age of 13 or 14; well, the duration may get fluctuate. The first day of the period brings extreme abdomen pain, back pain and some pain of the adjacent area. The pain is not familiar with every woman; the women who carry weak health are more likely to face pain during the menstrual cycle; it only lasts for one day. However, the menstrual cycle comprises a fleshy blood and tissue, which passed through the cervix towards the vagina. It usually gets periodic after 25 or 30 days. The pituitary glands ooze the hormones, which facilitate the ovaries for reproductive cycle; this hormone found responsible for the formation of a women’s egg, which hoard in the follicles of the ovaries, to get developed and matured. Further, the follicles begin with estrogen (hormone) formation, which gets a boost and found in women’s blood. This brings the thick womb surface, to get a proper egg fertilizing. A thick womb results healthy and default-less pregnancy. A regular menstrual cycle is the indication of future pregnancy; it means a woman may get pregnant easily without any complications. Well, sometimes the woman faces irregular menstrual cycle, which indicates certain internal disorders and pregnancy complications. However, it depends on how soon the female body gets hormones formation; well, the investigation report stated that US female initiate with the menstrual cycle in the age of 12. Some may get initiates in the age of 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 and lasts for 45, 50, or 55 of age. Any abnormalities of periods may lead to various dangerous health disorders; you may not get it now, but perhaps in the future. Most of the female faces irregularity of the periods, amongst them some ignores and some tolerates, but shy to consult the doctor which is wrong because an inappropriate menstrual cycle found responsible, to disturb the whole reproductive system of the female, which may become a pregnancy barrier in the future. However, there are various facts, which are found responsible for menstrual disorder. This may lead to short term or long term menstrual periods. Let’s know the fact in detail.
After puberty a hormone imbalances are obvious, which stood one of the reasons for inadequate periods. This may bring heavy, short or long-term menstrual series. Not only this fact stood responsible for irregular periods, there are certain more factors, which lead to inappropriate menstrual cycle.

Sometimes, the lifestyle of a person becomes a barrier of the regular periods. A sudden weight loss or weight gain, over exercise, stress, lack of rest, etc. may results irregular periods.

Disorder of Thyroid
An inadequate thyroid function may lead to rare, but responsible for irregular menstrual series. The result may indicate over active thyroid or underactive thyroid, which brings inappropriate periods.

Lack of food
Your eating habits may be one of the reasons to break down the regularity, of the periods. Lack of eating, an excessive eating, unhealthy eating, dieting, fasting, etc. are found highly responsible for the improper period flow. You may get late periods, sometimes before the time, sometimes with an excessive flow and long lasting. This might possible with the female, who maintains improper eating habits.

Pregnancy is an obvious factor, to bring down the menstrual regularity. Women, who get pregnant can get periods after getting birth of the baby. Sometimes, a miscarriages lead to heavy and prolonged bleeding. This might least the hemoglobin and iron level of the blood; since, the flow might include a pure blood. Furthermore, any damages to reproductive system may lead to asymmetrical periods. Moreover, abortion found additional factors of inappropriate periods. A woman may face excessive blood flow, which sometimes needs hospitalizing to treat the complications. An abortion brings certain medications procedure, which imbalances the next periodic system.

Female, who suffers from certain severe diseases are liable to face periods infrequency; since, this disease disturbs the hormone formation. Most of the ailments break down the immune system, which again leads, to improper menstrual series. Certain disease called HIV, tuberculosis, cancer, etc. may fail to manage regular menstrual cycle. In certain situation, you may face late periods and prolong periods.

A woman, who holds certain medication process, may get asymmetrical periods. Medications are finished up of various chemical components, which trims down the hormones circulation and bring late menstrual cycle. Most of the women tend to follow birth control pills, which are found widely responsible for late and improper menstrual cycle. The pills help relief the ovaries for the formation of the egg, which indirectly results late periods. It sometimes may take 4 months gap for the periods.

Ovarain failure
Sometimes, the failure of ovaries becomes an issue of irregular menstruations. A woman, who undergoes cancer treatments, radiation, chemotherapy are at more risk of ovary failure. This condition can be seen with the 40 age groups of the women.

Family history
Sometimes, the family history becomes an issue of the irregular menstruation. If, a mother suffers from menstrual disorders a daughter might get the risk of same.

Internal cancer formation
A formation of tumor in the uterus may found an additional factor, to cause inadequate menstruations. This may lead to late and excessive bleeding during menstruation, which also comprises extreme pain.

Some additional factors
Sometimes, the additional factors called excessive smoking, drinking alcohol and several other drug addictions may lead to asymmetrical menstruation. This may reduce the days and lasting of periods. One may also get extreme cramps during periods. Uterine disorders comprising fibroids, polyps, endometriosis and cysts. A woman may get diarrhea, fever, back pain, headache, exhaustions, weakness, etc. Excessive caffeine consumptions breast feeding, etc. found some additional factors to cause irregular menstruations. Thus women undergoing certain situations must consult the doctor for the treatments rather than bearing and turning it into a severe disorders.

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