energydrinkEnergy drinks are advertised highly and sold extensively in all grocery stores. No doubt, these beverages are famous and utilized mainly as energy booster without thinking much about its side effects. These energy beverages are made from certain substances that assist an individual to hold his energy level. These beverages actually promote the energy level of a person which directly affects mental alertness. Initially, sports person were used to make use of these energy drinks to perform better and to alleviate tiredness. But, these days situation has completely changed because even kids are also preferring various energy drinks. The FDA has strictly warned to energy drink corporations to avert utilizing dimethylamine (DMAA) in their drinks. Since, it is proven toxic especially for the health of young adults and teens. According to studies, if energy drinks are used in reasonable then there is no risk of side effects. But excessive consumption definitely results in side effects. The side effects linked with use of energy drinks does not seems, hence frequently remain unnoticed and if neglected for long period induces body a slight degree of harm. As not all energy drinks are made of similar element, hence to identify harmful one among several is too much difficult. But, there are some substances which is almost common among every energy drinks and that induces harm if not utilized properly.

• Caffeine:-
Consumption of energy drinks may prove worst for you, since caffeine is abundantly present in it. Caffeine is responsible for making you anxious and even gives rise to a headache problem. Caffeine even stimulates stomach pain and makes health issues worse. Caffeine can trigger heart palpitations as well, which is nothing but uneven beating of the heart. Caffeine also leads to insomnia. If you are experiencing trouble sleeping, intake of caffeinated drinks will be the prime reason behind disturbed sleeping patterns. Remember, there are some energy drinks which are filled with caffeine and hold caffeine content even more than coffee. Most of students make use of coffee to avert sleepiness and for studying whole night. But, these drinks reduce your concentration while studying. So, it would be better if you ignore such drinks. Sometimes they may also make you feel tired. In short, after intake of energy drink even concentrating also becomes more difficult.

• Ginseng, Glucuronolactone and Ginkgo Biloba:-
Most of energy drinks holds an excellent source of ginkgo biloba, ginseng and other such elements. Present of these ingredients gives an open invitation to various health complications like headache, nausea, heart problems, diarrhea and sleeping difficulty. Such energy drinks may prove extremely harmful; if you are taking any other prescribe medicine. No side effects have been found with glucuronolactone but use of it is not permitted in many countries for safety purpose.

• L-Carnitine and L-Theanine:-
These elements can be regarded as green tea extracts on the ingredient label. Though they are amino acids in nature but excess intake of them can definitely cause harm. Headaches with a feeling of lightheadedness, nausea, sleeplessness and diarrhea are ordinary symptoms which takes place due to overuse of these elements.

• Sugar, Taurine and vitamins:-
Elements like creatine and taurine also utilized in energy drinks. Energy drinks not just hold rich source of nutrients. Therefore it would be better if you prefer energy drinks which include natural source of minerals and vitamins like milkshakes and fruit juices. Remember, overuse of vitamins, particularly B complex group of vitamins may give rise to several health issues like sensory nerve problem, skin lesions and liver toxicity. These beverages also hold herbs and the possibilities are high that it might develop with pesticides. In short, they are responsible for including toxins to your body. Further, body needs to take lots of efforts to throw out them. Plus, they hold too much sugar as well which gives sweet taste and contribute to obesity issues for the drinkers.

Apart from the above mentioned ingredient there are other elements also found in these beverages that lead to complications, if consumed excessively. So you need to take extra caution as to how and when to prefer these beverages. The worst thing is energy drinks are known to have rich source of diuretic properties, due to which they can leave you dehydrated, if consumed in excess.

The aforesaid side effects related with intake of energy drinks are not much severe. But if neglected for long period, then definitely can cause harm. The major among these are the too much calories found in energy drinks. Only a single energy drink holds more than 100 calories and to burn these calories is not an easy task. Due to over intake of calories the chances of weight gain increases. So, those who want to be slim body should take extra care while consuming energy drinks.

Another main fact of concern that these energy drinks can make you habitual to energy drinks. Addiction of energy drinks is worst habit because replacing water with energy drinks is very harmful, as it can lead to acute dehydration. The presence of ingredient in energy drinks is proven extremely harmful to teenagers and pregnant women. So, these beverages should be averted by them at earliest.

Most of people consume energy drinks by adding it to alcohol. This is not good for the body as they work as stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. Thus, intake of them by combining leads to adverse effects on the body. Poor concentration, slow reflexes and drowsiness are some of the consequences of them. It also enhances the possibilities of dehydration some times. As side effects related with energy drinks are numerous, hence consume them in reasonable amount.

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