OversleepingSleep is believed to be most wonderful thing that helps you to rejuvenate from daily stress and strain. However, as per popular belief excess of anything is not good and similarly oversleeping also has too many effects on the body. If you fail to get daily sufficient sleep, the chances are high that you will be tired and exhausted. Some people experience difficulties while sleeping at night and thus they prefer the day to take rest. Remember, sleep has the ability to rejuvenate the human body. But, if you get less sleep or sleep excessively, then your body may not react in a positive manner. For adults, sleeping for 8 hours is sufficient. There are numerous causes related behind too much sleeping and this condition is also referred as hypersomnia or oversleeping. Excessive stress, poor sleep and lack of self discipline are some temporary causes which can be resolve easily with little determination. But there are some causes which are not simple comparing to temporary ones.

• Sleep apnea:-
Sleep apnea is sleep related breathing disorder and elderly people are highly prone to it. It is characterize by numerous respiratory interruptions or pauses while sleeping. These apneas (pauses) takes place for 10 seconds or sometimes more than that when person stops breathing completely, and this can happen several times or occasionally every night. This condition disturbs peaceful sleep as well as believed to be life-threatening sleep disorder. As a result, with due course of time, persistent interruption in the oxygen supple to the brain give rise to high blood pressure, stroke and even heart attack. Commonly observed symptom of sleep apnea includes falling asleep (irrespective of the place), extreme snoring and headaches especially in the morning. Treatment relies on not only changes in lifestyle but also clinical therapies. This sleep disorder is classified into two types that is central and obstructive sleep apnea. In central sleep apnea (CSA) the brain fails to indicate the body to breathe during sleeping. It is not common and mostly occurs because of some severe diseases related to heart or the spine. On the other hand, in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the airways get obstructed and contribute to episodic breathing.

• Depression:-
Most often besides insomnia, too much sleeping is directly proportionate to depression. If you get deep and satisfied sleep as per your expectation and if you still feel to sleep again is said to be possible sign of depression. Sleep is such powerful thing which gives relief from feeling depressed. In fact, it acts as like an opiate. The symptoms of depression differs from person to person and few prefer to hide their feeling in bed, where as other confront unexplained weight loss or weight gain, increased appetite, lack of emotional attachment, feeling of aloneness. Contact to your therapist if you frequently feel low and sad.

• Improper diet:-
A poor diet or eating less can make a person feel tired and slow moving. Incorporating unhealthy or fast food can contribute to drowsiness. One might feel like sleepy after having a heavy meal. As a result, one should follow a diet filled with nutrients, fresh fruits and vegetable. Plus, one needs to put limit on eating of junk and oily food.

• Narcolepsy:-
Narcolepsy is one kind of a neurological disorder which affects that part of brain which has the control of alertness and sleep. It is describe by unreasonable daytime sleepiness and unmanageable incidence of sleep attacks. People affected with narcolepsy disorder become incapable to recognize and classify between the times to sleep and time to stay awake. People with this disorder can dope off anywhere and anytime. It is frequently regarded as hereditary condition. This condition is responsible for changing the lifestyle of a person and treatment of it without clinical help becomes impossible. Patient suffering from narcolepsy, dope off for a few second or even an hour and once they wake up, they feel refreshed and re-energized. But sad thing is that, feel-good does not remain for long. After short period they again feel sleepy and snoozing. It is believed that patient of narcoleptic go through shortage of protein called hypocretin. This is nothing but a neurotransmitter which indicates the body to doze off.

• Certain medications:-
There are some medications which instead of healing ailment make a person feel sleepy and drowsy all the while. In addition, alcohol, drug abuse and even caffeine content enable the person to sleep more than required time. If such a condition takes place people are suggested to confirm their medicine which they are consuming and avert consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

• Obesity:-
One study indicates that people who sleep excessively are known to have 20 percent risk of being overweight than people who get average sleep. Therefore to overcome this problem, a well balanced diet and daily exercise is must for people sleeping too much and for normal ones as well.

• Diabetes:-
Excessive sleepers are known to have 50 percent more chances of suffering from diabetes than people who take sleep as per recommended hours per night. Besides, other study has disclosed that people who slept for less than five hours also at a higher risk of diabetes.

• Other side effects:-
Sleeping more than recommended amount gives an open invitation to number of health complication. The list of which includes headache, back pain, hypertension, coronary heart problems, lethargy and so on.

To overcome this sleep disorder, gradually try best to diminish the sleeping time, exercise daily, take a cold shower on a daily basis and prefer light and healthy breakfast only. In case if you incline to sleep excessively and get affected with any mental or physical side effects of this condition, visit doctor as early as possible. He/she will prescribe appropriate medication and guide you about healthy lifestyle habits. This will definitely help you in the long run to develop regular and good sleeping habits, which are crucial to lead a healthy life.

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