Know About Asthma- symptoms, reasons and deterrence

The lungs are affected because of various pollutants in the atmosphere, which leads to asthma. A few diseases are more commonly seen in humans, and asthma is one among them. When an individual suffers from asthma, the most common difficulty occurs in the process of breathing. The affected cannot inhale oxygen for survival easily, which is otherwise a process most of us forget because there are no efforts required. Asthma results in damage of the respirational system, lungs and the breathing. When the ailment is not diagnosed at the initial stages lungs tend to damage. Asthma can occur because of hereditary. When someone in the family tree is affected, the same can occur to the blood relations. Asthma at most of the times, occurred in childhood and unfortunately, as the kids grow up the ailment too progresses. In addition, acute asthma can lead to death.

Symptoms of asthma

Asthma attacks are classified into average, moderate and fierce.

Average Asthma Symptoms

  • Minute shortness of breath
  • Though short breath occurs, speaking faster is not affected
  • Cough and wheeze

Moderate Asthma Symptom

  • Tussle for breath
  • Loud wheezing and constant coughing
  • Unable to speak continuously and to unable to finish the sentences

Fierce Asthma Symptoms

  • Chest pain
  • Hardly breathing
  • Unable to speak even a word fully
  • Wheezing is continuous
  • Pain in lungs and throat
  • Nervous system can have a speedy beat
  • Profuse sweating
  • Blue lips can occur at times
  • Mood swings and stress all of a sudden

How to prevent asthma?

Air and dust pollution

Do not venture into places with air pollution. Even for the people, who do not suffer from asthma, air pollution leads to various other lung disorders. The respiratory system is damaged because of asthma and breathing can be disturbed to a considerable extent because of air pollution. Asthma attack is often triggered by air and dust pollution.

Make your bed clean

Wash the pillows and blankets or use vacuum cleaners to do away dust from the beds. This also does away stains and germs from the bed. You can keep the problem off the bay to a great extent with these simple techniques. Make sure the bed you sleep is always clean and is free from dust.

Stay away from pets

Your furry friends carry bacteria and they are invisible. Regardless of how much you love your pets, do not forget, they may lead to asthma attack and damage the respiratory system. You should ensure that the pets are not allowed near your beds, and ensure they get a separate place to stay and play. Your children should also be away from the pets. Toys, upholstery and curtains must be cleaned often.

Lower the stress levels

Severe stress levels always increase the attack of asthma chances, which has been noted and proved from the various cases. You should keep your mind relaxed and happy to stay away from not only asthma but various other diseases.

Quit smoking

If you suffer from asthma, you need to quit smoking as soon as possible. Asthma levels and attacks are severe when you smoke. Even passive smoking can trigger the asthma attacks. Do not stay close to the smoking zones and keep away from people who smoke.

Avoid using chemical products

The smell of the chemical products that are harsh can always trigger asthma attack. When you use such products to clean your house, you can see the asthma attack is triggered. Your harsh detergents too can trigger the attack. A moderate asthma attack can be triggered.


Do not use harsh perfumes if you are prone to asthma attack. Use the perfumes that are moderate else your asthma attack can be severe too. Also, make sure you stay away from all fragrant like flowers.

Do yoga

Regular yoga does wonders for asthma attacks. Your body and respiratory system is greatly relaxed because of yoga. Your asthma level can be brought down to great extent when you practice yoga. This is because yoga concentrates on breathing patterns, which strengthens the lungs and the respiratory system. Also, your organs of the body are vitalized when you do yoga. Stress can too be relieved when you do yoga. Stress too can trigger asthma attack. So, you can get rid of more than one risk factor of asthma when you perform yoga.

Do not do strenuous exercises

You should avoid strenuous exercises, because such exercises increase the rate of heart beat and you need to breathe faster and you would be panting. In case, if you suffer from asthma, you would not be able to do any of these. The better option is to opt to the yoga.

Consume Vitamin D foods

The function of the lungs can be enhanced with the Vitamin D foods, and lack of the same can damage the lungs. You can have Vitamin D with foods like eggs, milk, fish etc. All asthma syndromes can be brought down with these foods.

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Know About Asthma- symptoms, reasons and deterrence