Common Habits that Associated with Kidney dysfunction

It is very hard to observe the symptoms of kidney damages in its early stage. Your kidneys play an important role by filtering waste material from the blood. Including blood filtering, kidneys have other functions like produce hormones, absorb minerals, produce urine and balance alkaline acid. Kidney dysfunction or reduced kidney function is mostly associated with the build-up of waste material inside body. It is hard to reverse kidney diseases, but a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet can improve kidney function. We all known that kidney failure causes no symptoms and long time ignorance can lead to the permanent damage of kidneys, which increases the risk of premature death.

It is not difficult to improve the kidney function, just you need to get rid over poor lifestyle and develop healthier habits. We all know that kidney is an important organ of the body and need to take special care of this organ. Here are the lists of factors that increase the risk of kidney damage.

Factors associated with kidney damage

Excessive intake of sugary soda

It is cleared that excessive intake of the sugary soda enhances the risk of kidney damage. As per Osaka University research results, intake of sodas regularly increases the risk of kidney dysfunction due to presence of protein in the urine. It is an early sign of the kidney dysfunction and easily reversible if noticed in the initial stage. So avoid the intake of sodas regularly and live a healthy life. Apart from that, you need to avoid foods that are highly rich in protein, especially animal protein.

Reduce salt Intake

Excessive intake of the salt, especially if you are hypertensive, increases the risk of kidney damage. The risk of high blood pressure is always higher who eat more salty foods like pickles, snacks etc. Increased blood pressure is a primary factor of kidney damage.

Smoking Addiction

Everyone knows that smoking increase the risk of atherosclerosis. Primary function of the blood vessels is to supply sufficient amount of blood supply to all vital organs, including kidneys. But in the atherosclerosis, blood supply is affected due to the narrowing and hardening of the blood vessels. So it is cleared that smoking affects the function of kidneys due to the insufficient blood supply.

Deficiency of Vitamin B6

There is no doubt that a healthy diet is improving the function of kidneys. And a healthy diet is incomplete if it does not contain essential vitamin like B6. According to the Maryland Medical Center studies, the risk of stone formation is higher due to the deficiency of Vitamin B6. Here are the richest sources of vitamin B6 like fish, beef liver, potatoes and non citrus fruits. It is necessary to consume at least 1.3 milligrams vitamin B6 daily to improve the kidney function and prevents the risk of kidney stone formation.

Deficiency of Magnesium

Due to the magnesium deficiency, your body is unable to absorb calcium properly. And this can leads to the kidney stone formation due to overload of calcium. You can easily minimizes the risk of stone formation caused by calcium overload by including foods that are rich in magnesium like beans, seeds, nuts and green leafy vegetables.

Lack of exercise

Unhealthy lifestyle is playing a crucial role in the formation of kidney dysfunction. A regular workout is not only enhancing the immune strength but also protect your kidneys. Apart from that, a healthy body weight will also minimize the risk of kidney diseases.


Dehydration always affects the performance of kidneys. Water playing a crucial role to eliminate the toxins from the blood and also improve kidneys function. Insufficient intake of the water enhances the risk of kidney stones due to the accumulation of toxins. Drinking plenty of water helps kidneys to drain toxins easily, so it is necessary to keep hydrated of your body and always drink more the 12 glasses of water daily.

Sleep disruption

A quality sleep not only improves the mental health, but also improves the kidney function. It is cleared that frequent sleep disruption is directly linked with the kidney diseases.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol contains the toxins that not only damage your liver but also increase the risk of kidney damage. So it is necessary to drink alcohol in moderate amount and prevent risk of kidney damage.

Health complications

There is strong evidence the high blood pressure and uncontrolled blood sugar level is mostly experienced by people due to poor lifestyle and unhealthy diet. The risk of kidney dysfunction is higher if you are already suffering from these health complications. It is necessary to take prescribed medication on the time to prevent the risk of kidney damage. Consult with a professional doctor to know about medicines which are safe and does not damage kidneys.

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Common Habits that Associated with Kidney dysfunction