Natural and healthy ways to prevent the risk of Osteoporosis

Most of the bone problems are noticed in the old age as compare to youth age. It is believed that osteoporosis is an aging bone disorder. But nowadays many people are suffering with this problem in to mid 30s. Lack of bone mass and bone density which increases the risk of fractures is the symptoms of osteoporosis. Bone related problems are very common in women which mostly occurred due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy time. This is possible to reverse the osteoporosis naturally without the intake of medications.

Natural Ways to prevent the risk of Osteoporosis


Healthy diet and proper digestion plays a key role in the prevention and the treatment of osteoporosis. Most of the people struggled with the low bone density after the age of 50 due to the lack of digestive enzyme secretion. Proper acid secretion in the stomach helps your body to absorb all nutrient and calcium in effective way. You need to avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and red meat because these habits and foods increased the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, you should avoid preservative foods and soft drinks because they wash out bone calcium. Excessive use of drugs can be another reason for the bone disorder.

A well-balanced diet can help you to recover from the osteoporosis, so always include lots of green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds in your dietary chart.


Calcium is not only building bones but also increase bone strength. The intake of Calcium rich foods is a best way to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The combination of calcium and other minerals foods reduce the risk of fractures and make your bone healthy. There are many foods that contains good amount of calcium such as dairy products, yogurt, milk, eggs, almonds, oysters and Brazil nuts. It is necessary to eat these foods if you are dealing with the low bone density. Otherwise, you may consume the calcium supplement to increase the strength of bones. For the better absorption of calcium, you need to add magnesium rich foods.

Hormonal balance

Adrenal gland plays an important role because it produces the all reproductive hormones in men and women. So it also helps your body to maintain a hormonal balance and for that you need to add nutritional balance diets which provide strength adrenals and thyroid glands. Imbalance of hormones in the body also triggered the osteoporosis in men and women.


There is no doubt that Exercises build the healthy bones and also increase the bone density. Weight lifting is considered as most effective exercise that boosts the strength of overall bones.

Avoid Smoking and alcohol

It is cleared that smoking addiction increases the risk of bone disorders in many ways. First of all, there are some chemicals in cigarettes that affect the normal function of bone cells. This bad addiction also reduces the calcium absorption and increase the risk of osteoporosis. Excessive alcohol consumption prevents the calcium supply which is required for healthy bones. Apart from that, prolonged stress can also trigger the bone disorders in both men and women.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis

There are no warning signs and symptoms of bone loss in its initial stage. But after few years, when bones feel pressure due to the weakness, you may feel symptoms like back pain, loss of weight, stooped posture and unexpected bone fracture more easily. Immediately approach a professional orthopedic doctor in case of these symptoms.

Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Nowadays, it is very easy to know about the Osteoporosis. There is a test known as BMD (Bone Mineral density) that help you to know about Osteoporosis. Normally your GP recommended scan known as DEXA that used to collect information about bone loss and help in the Osteoporosis diagnosis. There is no pain during this scan and it measures bone mineral density and compared with BMD of a young aged person who’s is same age and sex.

After this test, your GP will give some instructions to improve bone density. If needed, then he may suggest some calcium medicines or other effective treatment ways. It is necessary to never avoid the symptoms of bone loss; otherwise it is quite difficult to regain normal health.

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Natural and healthy ways to prevent the risk of Osteoporosis