Natural Remedies that Remove Plaque and Tartar

Everyone knows the importance of good oral health but facing problem like plaque affect the self confidence. The formation of plaque is normally associated with the improper brushing. And its ignorance enhances the risk of developing tartar. Plaque is nothing but a deposition of invisible substance onto the teeth that contains millions of bacteria. It is mostly occurred when we eat and drink. It is necessary to brush daily to reduce the risk of plaque which further increases the risk of solidified plaque known as Tartar. Brushing and flossing every day removes the bacteria of plaque, which can contribute tooth decay and gum diseases. Apart from that, a professional teeth cleaning from a dentist is also helpful to remove the plaque.

Know About Tartar

Formation of the yellow and brown color film on the surface of the teeth is known as Tartar, or untreated plague leads the formation of tartar. Tartar is hard in nature and build-up strong bond with enamel. It is not easily removable like plaque, and you need to consult with professional dentist. So if you are dealing with plaque or tartar, then immediately approach a professional dentist for the better treatment. Tartar caused due to the accumulation of minerals from the saliva on the teeth and its ignorance linked with bad breath and yellowish teeth.

Risk associated with Tartar

We all know that tartar is hard in nature and also harmful. There are several bacteria in tartar that leads to loss of teeth and causes gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. These teeth related diseases require advanced treatment and only performed by professional. Removing tartar is not an easy task; need some patience and also painful treatment. Here are some amazing home remedies that remove tartar and prevents its growth.

Natural Remedies that remove Tartar

Baking Soda

It is clinically proved that mixture of the baking soda and salt improve the teeth health by removing plaque. This mixture has more cleansing power and effectively removes tartar. It is very inexpensive way to remove tartar effectively. It is a perfect mixture for your teeth and only use once or twice in a day.

Fluoridated Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpastes help to enhance the strength of the teeth but also prevent dental cavities. It protects teeth from the bacteria attack and increase the concentration of fluoride in the teeth. Regular use of the fluoride toothpastes enhance the strength of tooth enamel and reduce the formation of plaque or tartar.

Orange peel method

Orange peel are loaded with the most essential vitamin known as Vitamin C, and rubbing white part of the orange peel before brushing teeth prevent risk of plaque build-up. The presence of vitamin C in the orange peel has plaque-fighting properties.

Use Cheese

Consuming aged cheese before the meal neutralizes the acids attack, which enhance the risk of Tartar production. It is cleared that aged cheese works better to minimize the risk of teeth disease like plaque. There is a component in the aged cheese that acts as buffering agent and easily neutralizes the acids in the mouth.

Eating Apple in a Day keeps Tartar away

There is no doubt that eating an apple in a day keeps the plaque and tartar naturally away. Consuming apples daily keeps your teeth healthy and also remove foods from the teeth that associated with the formation of plaque. Apart from that, it also improves the gums health naturally.

Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important vitamin for the good oral health. There are plenty of foods that hold good qualities of vitamin C like strawberries and tomatoes. These foods easily soften the tartar, if you rub directly on teeth. After the 5 minutes, just clean your mouth with the mixture of baking soda and warm water. It helps you to easily get rid over tartar problem and improve the strength of teeth.

Oil pulling

It is a well tested Ayurvedic method that naturally improves oral health and also remove toxin from your body. Oil pulling is an ancient method and also known as “kavala” that makes your mouth plaque-free.

Brush properly and daily

If you want to prevent the risk of tartar formation then brush your teeth after every meal. You need to use all angles during the time of brushing to remove food particles on the teeth.

Floss daily

It is another excellent way to remove food particles between the teeth and prevent the risk of plaque. Flossing is a best way to maintain a good oral health and also prevent the risk of gums diseases and cavities.

Other Tips

It is always difficult to remove tartar without medical help, so make an appointment with professional.  You can use toothpastes that easily remove tartar and prevent its growth further. Drinking water after the meal is another good way to remove the particles from the teeth. It is necessary to avoid bad habit that spoils your oral health like smoking.

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Natural Remedies that Remove Plaque and Tartar