Detailed Information About Dopamine Deficiency

Dopamine is an important chemical released by the nerve cells and played a crucial role in the brain and human body. It is an organic chemical that function as neurotransmitters and pass the signals to other nerves. Including signal transmitting, dopamine chemical is also responsible for maintain mood levels and improve motivation behavior. If you are dealing with moods problem, lack of motivation and dissatisfaction then it may be associated with dopamine deficiency. In this article, We will explain about the natural ways to increase the count of dopamine.
Know about Dopamine
There are various organs in the body in which dopamine chemical found like central nervous system, digestive system etc. In medical term, dopamine is also known as “motivation molecule” that increased focus to be productive. This Neurotransmitter plays a crucial role to communicate between the nerve cells. Deficiency of dopamine can lead to the transmission problem between nerve cells.
Symptoms of dopamine deficiency
It is very easy to identify the symptoms of dopamine deficiency. Here are the dopamine deficiency symptoms:-

  • Concentration problem
  • Mood swings
  • Hopelessness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to learn
  • Inability to handle stress
  • Inability to lose weight

Deficiency of Dopamine is associated with depression and addictions. Around the world, millions of people are suffering with this condition and searching for quick solution. Quickly boosted the level of dopamine can associate with the self-destructive behavior, drugs addiction, alcoholism etc.

Causes of Dopamine Deficiency

It is quite difficult to pinpoint the exact root causes for the deficiency of dopamine, because there are various factors that involved. Now We are going to explain the various factors that affect the level of dopamine.
Extreme Stress
As I already explained that deficiency of dopamine contribute the mood swings and mental disorders. Uncontrolled stress has bad impact on the dopamine levels if not treated with in time. It is cleared as per story published in the “journal of Neurochemistry” that extreme stress decrease the count of dopamine levels.
There are various health problem associated with obesity including dopamine deficiency. It is proven that reduced dopamine receptors in the brain are associated with being overweight.
Nutritional deficiency
Combination of right foods increases the level of dopamine in the body. But nutritional deficiency can be associated with reduced level of dopamine. It is cleared that fatty and sweet foods are increased the risk of dopamine deficiency.
Use of Drugs
All of us are aware with the side effects associated with excessive use of the drugs and painkillers. Excessive use of the certain types of drugs can leads in the reduction of dopamine transporters. As per research results, use of cocaine also affect the dopamine level in the brain.

Foods that Increased dopamine level

L-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that increases the level of dopamine. This amino acid is mainly obtained from the foods and can’t produce by body. We take this amino acid in L-phenylalanine form and then it converts in to tyrosine and finally converts in to dopamine. After the several years of researching it is proven that depleted level of the tyrosine can leads to the less count of dopamine. We are going to explain about the foods that boost the level of dopamine.
Everyone knows about the amazing health benefits of bananas, but most of them are unaware that this fruit holds tyrosine that fired the level of dopamine naturally. It is necessary to eat riper bananas because it holds maximum amount of tyrosine.
Beets are rich source of betaine – an amino acid which has multiple health benefits like treat depression and reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Consuming foods that are rich in betaine prevent the risk of depression. The juice of beetroot leaves not only reduced the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease but also prevent the risk of dopamine deficiency.
Green Tea
Green tea is not only used to control the body weight but also improve the neurological activities because it contains L-theanine. As per research results, it is cleared that green tea naturally boost the level if the dopamine and serotonin.
There are many other eatables like apples, chocolates, blueberry and noni juice that helps your brain to function well by increasing dopamine. It is necessary to avoid too much caffeine, because it instantly boosts dopamine and then decreases actually.
Other ways
Including healthy diet, physical exercise, meditation and other activities that reduced stress are also helps your body to prevent the risk of dopamine deficiency. These activities are not only improving physical health but also relax your mind and naturally increase dopamine level. If you want to maintain dopamine level then you should avoid excessive sugar intake, caffeine intake, avoid magnesium deficiency, sleep properly, avoid stress and take healthy vitamins for depression. Increased level of dopamine will surely help you to focus, boost drive and improve motivation behavior. One more thing, always go for natural ways to boost the level of dopamine and avoid foods and drinks that instantly fired the level of dopamine.

Detailed Information About Dopamine Deficiency