The Uterus is nothing, but a woman’s womb, which is widely responsible for hormone reproductive sexual organs in the female.  It is further neighbored with ovary, cervix, rectum, vagina, bladder, urethra, etc. The uterus is placed within the pelvis with a pear shape. Further, a pregnant and non pregnant uterus size differs. The uterus can be categorized into four parts: – corpus, internal OS (part of the uterus, which unlock into the cervix), fundus, and cervix. Further, it holds three lining from inside to outside, which are called Endometrium, Perimetrium, and Myometrium. The coating of the uterus is termed as endometrial layer and includes basal and functional endometrial for its occurrence. Any harm to the basal endometrial brings adhesion and fibrosis generation. Moreover, a linked flexible tissue around the uterus termed as Perimetrium. Furthermore, the soft muscle of uterus stated as Myometrium; well an extreme coating of the Myometrium is termed as functional zone, which turns into a deep solid form. Uterus holds a normal size, whose expansion may include various reasons; fibroids would be the most general reason.  It is a benevolent muscular tumor, which develops of the uterus fence, generates pain and bleeding. The CT scan procedure may bring the result of uterus condition, which may further include its treatments. Be relaxed, if in case you got uterus enlargement due to fibroids. In case the test indicates uterine cancer, then you need to go under treatments or operational procedure. However, the fibroids are a kind of muscle tissue, which grows abnormally inside the uterus. Medically it is named as leiomyoma. It forms through the fence of muscle tissue of the uterus known as Myometrium.

Most of the women don’t get any symptoms or indication of uterus fibroid formation. Well the causes of fibroids depend on size, and location. An outsized fibroid may lead to bleeding, pain in the pelvic area, excessive pressure on the bladder results reduction in urine flow, an intercourse pain, chances of miscarriages, improper fertility or reproductive system, a painful pressure over rectum results vaginal discharge, etc. Anomalous uterine bleeding is the most general indication of fibroids; however, a generation of tumor closes to the uterine layer may bring excessive blood flow during period (menstrual cycle); it may bring painful and long lasting periods. Sometimes, a worsening of uterus fibroids may lead to severe pain. Moreover, an excessive blood passage during menstrual cycle due to uterine fibroids, may lead to anemia problem, in females. A prolonged existence of fibroids may lead to cancer; hence, it’s soonest diagnoses and treatments are suggested, to get rid of fibroid growth.

Causes of enlarged uterus

A formation of enlarged uterus may carry various reasons; a pregnancy would be the reason, where a small uterus may turn into a big uterus form. This problem is quite familiar with women, which includes medications as one of the main leading factors, for enlarged uterus. Furthermore, uterine fibroids would be the existing facts to cause oversized uterine. It affects especially a woman above the age of 30; an obesity and overweight are an additional factor to cause uterine expansion. Family history is partially connected to this issue. A woman can get single or multiple fibroids. Constipation, pregnancy difficulties, excessive urination, etc. are some of the symptoms of uterine fibroids. An ovarian cyst is one of the most known fact causes oversized uterus.  It is a pouch of filled fluid, which forms outside or inside the ovaries. In case, it fails to treat, then it may face damages, which leads to severe health disorders.

However, there are several types of ovarian cysts, whose ignorance may lead to ovarian cancer. Further, endometrial cancer a cover of uterine may lead to oversized uterus. Women impending menopause, hormone replacement or breast cancer treatment is at more risk, to get uterus enlargement. An overweight woman and a sufferer of colorectal cancer stood as additional factors, to cause oversized uterus. A surgical elimination of the uterus is suggested as one of the best option, to get rid of uterus disorders. Some of the factors called uterine cancer comprise of endometrial cancer and vaginal cancer leads, to enlarged uterus formation. A birth controlling pills and uses of intrauterine device can bring inflamed uterus wall, which indirectly results oversized uterus. Furthermore, pelvic blockage may be one of the possible aspects, to cause uterine expansion. It’s all about chronic pain, force or heaviness over the pelvic area, which aggravate due to constant stand or after sexual intercourse. Although the fact behind this is still unknown, but it seems comprises of varicose veins in the stomach, which takes growth during pregnancy stage, and maintain prolonged growing over the time. A pain killer medicines or a process of varicose vein obstruction would be one of the solution, to get relief.


Before the treatment one needs to go under diagnose process, which indicates the situation of the uterus through that one can go under proper treatment procedure. The treatment can include medicines or surgeries depend upon the situation. A constant uterus growth may result cancer formation; hence, its elimination would be better. Further, when the medication procedure fails, to treat or cure the problems, then the operation or surgical procedure takes place. There are three main groups of fibroid surgery. A surgery called hysterectomy; it helps exterminate the uterus. A fibroid formation in the uterus enhances the surgery of hysterectomy.

After this surgery, a woman never gets the fibroids again, and she may not face the next menstrual cycle stage. A local resection (Myomectomy) is the surgery, which takes only fibroids elimination not a uterus. This surgery may enhance the chances of fibroid formation again. Further, includes (UAE) uterine artery Embolization surgery this comprises of minute drip components known as polyvinyl alcohol, which is penetrated via catheter into arteries that stood supplying aspects of fibroids. This injection blocks the flow or supply of blood, to the fibroids. There are many other ways to treat the uterus enlargement and to avoid fibroid formation. One needs to keep regular check up especially during the stage of pregnancy; since, the risk of uterine enlargement seen more during this period.

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