aging-processAging process is like a biological process which every individual experiences at certain point in their lives. Generally, this aging process begins in every individual at the middle age that is around 45 and it occurs most of the time due to the social, psychological and physical problems sometimes. This aging process in human body is unavoidable and signs of aging takes place both internal and external part of the body. The aging process is also known as senescence and every human being undergoes this natural process of aging. With increase in age, numerous changes occur in several system of the human body, which may stimulate age related problems and other health disorders as well. The aging process and its effects depend on biological and environmental factors as aspects of aging process differ from person to person. The aging process often results in some amount of decrease in the rate of human cell reproduction and also stimulates some of the cells to function improperly. In addition, it also interrupts with the development and growth of the body tissues which in turn often contributes to the development of disorders associated to immune system.

The genetic and environmental factors are plays a crucial role in aging process. Besides that, the other possible reasons that contribute to aging are listed below:

• Cellular changes:-
With increase in ages, cellular reproduction and rate of formation of T-lymphocytes of the immune system diminishes. Due to this reason the body easily gets prone to large number of diseases. Poor immune system often results in human aging and the chances of large number of health disorders also raises.

• Health condition:-
Certain genetic disorders play a significant role in the changing phenotype of an individual. Down syndrome, Werner’s syndrome and Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome are particularly responsible for aging. Apart from these, diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis are said to be major risk factors for regulating aging in females. In the disease of parkinson’s, toxins are produce in order to deteriorate the neurons that obstructs the memory of the brain. A substance called amyloid is also produces in the disease of Alzheimer’s to destructs the brain cells. In short, all these facts interrupt with normal aging.

• Unhealthy lifestyle:-
Lack of exercise, excess intake of alcohol, heavy smoking, insufficient rest or sleep, mental stress induces symptoms of early aging. In addition, daily intake of excessive spicy food and excess consumption of caffeine also triggers off early aging.

• Environmental factors:-Environmental stress linked with exposure to excessive light and heat is also responsible for triggering the process of aging genes. Prolonged or regular exposure to toxins also consider harmful as this risk factor also ensures early aging. In addition, malnutrition and poor oxygen condition also result in early aging.

• Genetic factors:-
The genes linked with the mechanism of programmed cell death or apoptosis results in aging in every human body. Several researches are conducted in order to find out the similarity of DAF-16 genes with FOXO genes in human body. Since the activity of these genes have the ability to control the process of aging.


Men also undergo numerous changes due to aging process. Hormonal imbalance is believed to be one of the most important among all changes. The occurrence of hormonal changes in men is also known as ‘andropause’ and is recognizes by the change in plasma level of the melatonin, dehydroepiandrosterone and testosterone. This in turn contributes to low sex desire, male impotency, low body mass and poor bone strength in men’s. Besides that, other changes like irritability, insomnia and lack of memory also increases in males. The ageing process in males is not such severe as females. Since, most of the males incline to age without experiencing any severe aging physical problem. In some cases, due to aging males also undergoes severe life threatening diseases like Alzheimer’s, Cardiac diseases, dementia and diseases associated with prostate.

Many a times women face aging problems due to physical, social and psychological challenges. On the attack of menopause the chances of weight gain increases in women and they also observe some wrinkles and fine lines as signs of aging. During the phase of menopause most of women inclines to lose all the natural moisture. As a result, the skin becomes dry. Huge decrease in body mass, muscle strength and bone mass may also noticed during menopause and this leads to number of diseases particularly arthritis and osteoporosis. Hormonal changes also ensure lots of behavioral and psychological changes in females.

Aging process is nothing but a biochemical phenomenon. Since past few years, several cosmetic therapies are developed in order to wipe off the aging marks from the skin. However these techniques do not provides long lasing benefits and provides temporary benefits and they do not have the ability to control activity of genes. Adopting old age with positive attitude is one of the good options to reduce the problem at some extent, as this attitude helps you to feel young. No one can stop themselves from undergoing this inevitable problem. But, by maintaining healthy lifestyle and by eating proper food one can definitely cope with this most unpleasant problem at some extent. Besides that, one should put certain limit on consumption spicy foods. Especially, those foods holds rich source of cholesterol, fats and carbohydrates. Every individual after the age of 35 should put limit strictly on consumption these foods otherwise intake of such foods can also aggravate the condition. Sedentary lifestyle is another major risk factor in aging. So indulge in activities like yoga and other sports activities to lose excess weight. Yoga plays a key role in keeping you fit and flexible. Try maximum to be happy during old age and spend lots of time with family and grand children may also help you significantly to stay happy and consequently to feel young. Practicing religious activities and reading holy books may also play an important role in keeping your mental status good during older age.

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