There are many serious health complications are related with the prolonged sitting on chair. And this habit may increase the risk of untimely death as per research reports. Sitting is a comfortable and convenient position but long hours on the chair may affect your health. There are many negative impacts of prolonged sitting on the physical and psychological health. People believe that sitting is not bad for their health. But they are really not aware with the problems that are contributed by this relatively harmless position.

Find out the serious health problems that are directly linked with prolonged sitting on the chair.

Disadvantages of prolonged sitting

Poor Blood circulation

A good flow of blood in the entire body is always beneficial for your health. But sitting for the long hours can affect the blood circulation of your body, mainly pelvic and lower limb area gets affected. Prolonged sitting on the chair is also put the extra pressure on the hip area and surrounding organs. Apart from that, Poor blood circulation is also increases the risk of developing serious health problems.

If you are working in the corporate office and spend your lots of time on the chair, then you have to think. Because prolonged sitting may kill your health in the future or can contribute unwanted health complications. The problems which are occurred due to the long sitting on chair do not show the symptoms at an early stage.

Extra Body fat

There is no shocking news that long sitting can contribute extra fat around your tummy region. Millions of people around the world are suffering with overweight and prolonged sitting is considered as an important contributing factor for this condition. There are many severe health problems which occurred due to the accumulated body fat around the stomach such as high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes.

Increase the risk of digestive problems

Food always works like a fuel for every human being. But improper digestion is unable to send the required nutrients to the every cell of the body. There is strong evidence that digestive problems are mostly occurred due to the lack of physical workout. And sitting is one of them activity, which is not required any hard work. So it is important to always avoid the prolonged sitting if you are already dealing with the indigestion problem.

Enhance the risk of diabetes and heart diseases

Lack of physical movements can contribute the serious conditions like heart diseases and diabetes. Spending lots of time on the chair increases the risk of heart diseases or attack. This condition is mostly experienced by those people who are obese, in which oxygenated blood blocked and not restored instantly. The heart muscle is unable to get the oxygen-rich blood immediately which can leads to premature death.

Increase the risk of Back pain and Joint pain

Back bone is always considered as a chief part of the body. The risk of back pain is always higher in those people who are sitting for the longer time on the chair as compare to other. It is believed that back pain and joint pain is mostly observed by old age people as compare to youngsters. But nowadays, back problem is common in the young people and primary reason is prolonged sitting on the chairs.

Reduce effectiveness of Lungs

Abnormal breathing or poor breathing can also associated with the prolonged posture of sitting on chair. We all know the importance of oxygen, which helps in the survival. Poor breathing can leads to the fluctuation in the blood circulation, which reduce the efficiency of lungs. The primary functions of the lungs are to purify the impure blood, which improve the function of other body organs.

Enhance the risk of cancer

The risk of cancers is highly associated with the physical inactivity. Sitting on the chair for the longer time increases the risk of cancers like breast and colon cancer. The uncontrolled growth of the cells in to large intestine increases the risk of colon cancer. Physical activity may lower the risk of cancer like colon and breast cancer.

Apart from these, sitting for the long time may enhance the risk of cancer, eye strain, tiredness in back, slip disc, sciatica etc.

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