A diet that concentrates on good nutrition is most cheapest way to beat all skin issues. To retain the natural beauty of the skin, the foods which you include in diet is matters a lot than what you apply on the skin. Simply making use of highly priced skin care products does not work at all, if a well-balanced diet is being overlooked.

Foods enriched with omega-3 fatty acids:-

For a healthy radiant skin incorporating foods packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids is obligatory. Inadequacy of this important mineral can leave the skin dry and vulnerable to acne. One can definitely alter arid and dead skin into a youthful glow if omega -3 rich foods are added in the diet. Food items like walnuts, raw tofu, fish particularly salmon, soybeans and flaxseeds are best example of this vital mineral.

Fiber rich foods:-

Improper digestion give rise to formation of toxins in the body, which can induce acne. Apart from acne, other skin issues that have been associated to weak digestion are eczema and rosacea. Fiber loaded foods plays a key role in improving digestive function, control bowel movement, which imparts in getting over acne issues considerably.
Vegetables such as artichoke, carrots, brussels sprouts and broccoli are excellent source of fiber. Apart from these, fiber is copiously found in fruits like apples, almonds, figs, oranges, pears, bananas, dried figs, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, brown rice and so on.

High antioxidant foods:-
Whether it is to defeat acne or have healthy radiant skin, relying on antioxidant loaded foods will surely not leave you distressed. Antioxidants are one such effective substances that never permits free radicals to harm the skin. The antioxidant lycopene is particularly beneficial to maintain skin healthy. Foods like watermelon, pink grapefruit and tomatoes are excellent source of antioxidant.

Drink sufficient water:-

Intake of water in a sufficient proportion on a daily basis is as vital as consuming nutritious foods for a glowing skin. Plenty of water consumption everyday detoxifies the body, which in turn support in getting that healthy looking complexion.

Foods packed with zinc:-

It is observed that zinc level in people suffering through acne is significantly low. Inadequacy of zinc in healthy individual can give rise to accumulation of skin lesions. In short for acne prevention, diet high in zinc work miraculously and fulfills the purpose. Foods holding abundant souce of zinc comprises lamb, peanuts, low-fat roasted beef, roasted pumpkin seeds etc.


The most usual reason behind acne is a sensitivity to a specific food or food group. When your body is sensitive to a specific foodstuff, constant toxic response occurs in the body. This contribute to redness in the skin developing thick pores, thereby stimulating pimples. Certain foods enhance risk of cystic acne which is very hard to heal. It is extremely complicated to find out the exact list of foods that influence the breakout. Since the risk factors changes from person to person. But there are certain common foods that gives an open invitation to acne, which have been listed below:

Dairy products:-

According to researchers dairy products may have a worst consequence on the skin. Milk is one of the main reason behind acne breakout. This happens mostly as a result of the fat content, and also the hormones found in milk. Remember, not every individual, who drink milk confronts acne issue. But, too much intake of dairy products can deteriorate the circumstance.

Processed foods:-

Processed food hold huge proportion of preservatives as well as additives, which worsens your skin condition. They hold toxins, which may elevate peril of acne breakouts. Even refined sugar or artificial sweeteners can also be hazardous for an acne-susceptible skin.


Foods holding tea, coffee, other cold drinks, and chocolates are responsible for triggering acne. Caffeine enhances hormone production, and can contribute to stern acne breakouts.


Eggs is most usual food substance that lifts up threat of acne. Usually, egg yolk is believed to be major enemy of acne. But, no issues if egg lovers consume egg whites considerably.


Wheat and other grains are also not useful for acne-susceptible skin. Since they are rapidly transformed into sugars when taken. In addition, several parasites and bacteria, which induces pimples and skin rashes satisfy them. This is because try to evade the products holding grains as their main elements consists pasta, bread, biscuits etc.

Red meat:-

In most of instances, red meat increases risk of acne. Animal proteins are not easy to digest comparing to vegetable ones. The waste products remain in the body may be discharged through the skin, which lead to acne. In addition, there are hormones too found in such foods, so intake of them contributes to an elevated hormone level, which may trigger pimples.

This list will facilitates in recognizing the food that may develop acne in your instance. Obviating them can definitely assist in getting a clean, glowing and radiant skin. Also, give priority to intake of fresh fruits along with sufficient water to remove toxins from your body. Moreover, daily workouts and a well-balanced diet plays a crucial role in getting clear, supple and smooth skin.

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