Hypertension treatment naturallyThe disease of hypertension is rising worldwide since past few decades. According to studies, around 73.6 million people are suffering from high blood pressure in US. Studies indicate that, at present situation, one in every three adults has hypertension and it is going to increase considerably by 2025. To supply oxygen via pumping of the blood in the arteries to overall parts of body is the leading function of heart. Arteries are form of blood vessels that passes on blood to overall parts of the body through the circulatory system. Whenever the heart pumps blood, it develops some source of forces. The arteries reduce the flow of blood and therefore the possibilities of that force enhance. These two forces lead to what is exactly known as blood pressure. Go for regular checkups and keep on checking blood pressures in your medical reports. If your blood pressure is 117/77 then, the top number is referred as systolic blood pressure whereas the bottom one is called as diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is said to be the contraction of heart when it pumps blood into the body. On the other hand diastolic blood pressure is nothing but the period of time in which the heart relaxes. Studies have found a detail range of systolic and diastolic pressure which plays a crucial role in proper function of your body. Blood pressure below 120/80 is said to be fine for adults as it is normal blood pressure. In case where if your systolic blood pressure between 120-39 and diastolic is between 80-89 mmHG, this condition implies blood pressure checkups is vital, as it is an indication of prehypertension. A blood pressure 140/90 or more than that indicates a condition of high blood pressure and is life threatening as well.


The symptoms of high blood pressure are not seemed in every individual; therefore it is often also labeled as a ‘silent killer’. People with high blood pressure are calm in some cases and still develop the risk of hypertension. Basically this disease takes place directly without showing symptoms, as a result one need to visit doctor at least once in a month and should confirm it.

Most commonly observe symptoms of high blood pressure include dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, headache in various intensities and so on. If people avoid regular blood checkups and ignore early symptoms, then the possible of curing this disease becomes less. If this disease is left unchecked for long period then it contributes to several health disorders like heart attack, stroke, heart failure and even cardiac associated diseases. Kidney failure is known to be serious effect of chronic high blood pressure. If this disease is left untreated, then possibilities of severe problems like loss of vision and arterial diseases rises consequently. To get rid of hypertension, it is responsibility of every individual to go for regular checkup.


Excess consumption of salty foods, poor eating habits, addiction of smoking, drinking too much alcohol, lack of physical activity, intake of junk food and genetics are biggest culprits behind occurrence of high blood pressure. You can definitely cope with such a severe condition like hypertension by adopting healthy lifestyle. Below mentioned measure will definitely help you to cope with hypertension at a greater extent.

  • Develop healthy eating habits:-

A healthy balanced diet plays a significant role in keeping blood pressure under control. In fact, it is a perfect way of keeping blood pressure in check. Include maximum green vegetable, fruits and low fats foods in your daily regimen. This diet is considered best and healthy for curing hypertension and it also works substantially in diminishing the intake of sodium in daily diet. People with hypertension, should limit over their intake of salty food. Reduction of salty food is the key to cope with hypertension.

  • Exercise regularly:-

Being overweight raises chances of hypertension, so it is vital to keep control over excess weight. One can overcome obesity and hypertension with help of performing yoga and breathing exercises. But, before performing these exercise patient with hypertension should consult their health care provider. In addition, aerobic exercises and other physical exercises like jogging, walking, and swimming also helps incredibly to lose excess weight and also lower the effects of hypertension. Ask for trainer if possible, he will guide you perfectly about some exercises that will help you in the long run.

  • Put limit on intake of alcohol and quit smoking:-

Unhealthy habits like addiction of smoking and drinking alcohol are highly responsible for causing high blood pressure. Research indicates that, about 30 percent of deaths from occurrence of hear diseases are takes place in US due to these unhealthy habits. Smoking is believed to be biggest enemy of heart and drinking excess alcohol is linked with elevated level of blood pressure. In addition, they also cause harm to the important organs of body such as liver, brain and heart. Apart from these, addiction of drugs is another major risk factor that contributes to chronic heart diseases and even worsens them.

  • Effective medications:-

There is large number of categories of medicine that efficiently treats high blood pressure. But take all the medicines under proper medical guidance only, as taking advice of an expert medical practitioner is vital to get rid of disease at earliest. There are total 8 major medications for hypertension. However, most common types include alpha blockers, diuretics, beta-blockers and vasodilators. But, take any of these medicines with a consultation of your certified medical practitioner only. Since most of hypertension medicines are known to have some side effects like headache, heart palpitations, nausea and so on. Even there are some hypertension medicines which are known to have risk of ‘drug-to-drug interactions’. This condition occurs because of consumption of 2-3 medicines together. It is therefore necessary to seek for medical help before adopting any of the self-help technique. One can treat hypertension easily by following a combination of healthy lifestyle and proper medication.

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