o-estresseStress is one such condition, which is just unavoidable in today’s hectic lifestyle. It can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain which affects both physical as well as mental state of an every individual. Stress has become a major issue as it is increasing rapidly worldwide by the day. To obtain control over stress has become just impossible because every individual is experiencing stress at certain point in their life. Fast-paced lifestyle is biggest culprit behind occurrence of intense level of stress. Acute, chronic and acute episodic are some of the common types of stress. Stress can be causes to various reasons such as hectic lifestyle, work overload, meeting family needs, financial problems, relationship and family issues, over thinking, unrealistic targets, maintaining social status, loss of loved one, not getting time to sleep, negative attitude, extremely busy schedule, inactive lifestyle, lack of time for personal hobbies and recreation and so on. The problem of stress was not so severe in the earlier time because in those days people used to give more preference to physical activity and lots of time for personal pleasure. Apart from these, there were huge families to help and share problems of each other.

The effects of stress are not only linked with mental health but physical health as well. In short, if stress is bothering your mind then it can give bother to your body also. Due to excessive stress you may notice severe problems such as loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, constant headache, palpitation, random aches and pains, hair loss, irregular periods, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, dizziness, muscle cramps, common cold, flu, stomach cramps, decrease in appetite, obesity, chest pain, neck pain, back pain, shortness of breathe, migraine, dryness in the mouth, frequent urination, fatigue, sleep apnea, increase in eczema, asthma, heartburn, insomnia, poor immune system, high blood pressure, poor concentration, depression, lack of interest, anxiety, addiction of smoking, alcohol and many more.

• Breathe deeply:-
Breathing exercises considered extremely beneficial in order to overcome stress. Major advantage of this exercise, you can perform it at any place and at any time of the day. Irregular breathing is most common cause of stress, so one must take deep and regular breathing. Deep breathing is considered one of the good options in alleviating stress. Due to deep breathing, huge amount of oxygen enters into the body. Then inflow of oxygen aids in relieving the muscle of the body, cooling the mind and waking up the brain, therefore consequently relieving the person.

• Give time for your hobby:-
Along with medicines and exercise indulging in any activity which likes you most can also work tremendously in improving your physiological and physical health. So, give some time from your busy schedule for some creative activities like dancing, painting, gardening, and cooking to obtain happiness and peace of mind. Giving time for personal pleasure is also one best way to overcome excessive stress.

• Eat healthy:-
A healthy balanced diet plays a leading role not only in maintaining good health but managing stress as well. A healthy diet holds all the vital nutrients in sufficient amount. So, incorporating a healthy and nutritious breakfast is the perfect way of starting the day and keeping energy level at high throughout the day. Instead of eating three large meals give preference to five small meals to keep yourself energized. Stay away from caffeine as intake of caffeine result in mood swings. In addition, also exclude soft drinks, chocolate, tea, coffee from your daily regimen strictly to get rid of stress.

• Time management:-
Time management is necessary if your want to get relief from stress. Once you decide specific time for specific work, most of your work will complete in particular time. In short, due to perfect time management you don’t need to undergo stress at the end of month or year. This technique will particularly help you to tackle work related stress. In some cases, though this technique lead to stress because of dynamic thought process. But it also helps you to finish work rapidly and to avoid future excessive stress.

• Exercise regularly:-
Regular exercising plays a significant role in maintaining both physical and mental health. If you are not getting time to go to gym, then perform some exercises even in home to keep yourself fit and in shape. There are some easiest exercises of stress management which you can perform even in desk also to relive stress effectively. If possible, along with diet give first priority to regular exercising as this will help you in long run.

• Be positive:-
Positive attitude will help you significantly to cope with stress at a greater extent. If there are any differences with your partner, colleague or friends then try to resolve it with a talk. If you still notice any problems then ignore it and avoid over thinking. In most cases, keeping positive attitude helps to resolve problem quickly and also help in alleviating stress in an effective way.

• Relationship:-
Maintaining close relationship with friends, family, and colleagues and strong support from family also helps person to prevent and manage stress. Sharing your feeling with your close one may help you more to overcome stress to a great extent. According to studies, nothing is as meaningful as spending quality time with people whom you love most. This helps you to get relief from stress and makes you feel better.

• Be happy:-
Your emotional health has a great impact on your overall physical well being. As a result it is vital to have a positive outlook on life and to get rid of stress. In order to relive stress stop worrying, be happy, enjoy live, keep laughing and indulge in thing which give you pleasure. These are key factors which will help you while dealing with stress. Several studies indicate that laughter is one kind of effective stress-relieving medicine. Hence, keep relax you by listening music, watching movie, reading funny quotes or humorous book. These activities will help you greatly relax your mind and thereby consequently to cope with stress.

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