Young woman in her kitchen cutting ingredients.Excluding carbohydrates completely from diet is considered perfect way of losing weight worldwide. Though there are some side effects associated with excessive carb diet, but cutting out carbohydrates completely from daily regimen is not a healthy option. Since there are some side are also linked with no carb diet. Keep in mind, without carbohydrates proper functioning of brain and body is just impossible. Carbs are known to excellent source of energy. Hence, instead of cutting out carbs completely from diet give preference to low carb diet. Incorporating low carb diet is believed to be best way of maintaining healthy weight. People find hard to stick low carb diet. This happens because cutting carb from diet means you need to consume tasteless food. It is well known fact that equal amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins are vital to ensure proper functioning of body. Vegetables, starchy fruits, pasta, grains, sugar and bread contains carbohydrates in rich concentration. These days, including low or no carbs in diet has become trend as it ensures quick weight loss. Carbohydrates offers sugar that is further gets transformed into glucose during body metabolism. Glucose is said to be effective source of energy and carbohydrates plays a significant role in developing energy. Proteins are necessary for increasing the strength of cellular structure of the body. Fats are needed not only for proper functioning of body organ but also for generating energy. In short, Intake of moderate amount of carbs, proteins and fats is a key to maintaining healthy health and appropriate weight.

• Kills appetite:-
Hunger is thought to be biggest culprit of dieting. Most beneficial thing of consuming of low carb diet that, it contributes to automatic decline in appetite. Several research has proved that once people cuts down carbs, consume more fat and proteins, then consequently chances of eating calories reduces.

• Promote weight loss:-
Studies have revealed that low carb diet ensures faster weight loss than low-fat diet. Even though, low-fat diet actively limits calories. Low carb diet helps to obtain control over weight because it tends to eliminate plenty of water from the body. In addition, it reduce insulin level, further kidney expels excessive sodium and contributes instant weight loss. In order to maintain healthy body weight one needs to stick to this diet in long run.

• Ensures perfect shape:-
Low carb diet has become most popular for to get rid of excess fat rapidly. Once you ditch carbs from you regimen, your body starts utilizing fat stores. Fat is bitted badly to generate energy if there is no carbs in diet. This is because many health experts suggest this diet to acquire a perfect shape and to reduce excess fat. Everyone might be aware that fats easily get accumulated but, concerning to losing fat become difficult. But with help of fat burning exercise one can definitely obtain control over fat accumulated in waist, arms, thighs and abdomen. In today’s hectic lifestyle people just prefer an inactive lifestyle and find difficult to spend at least an hour on daily exercises. Adopting low carb diet not only ensures rapid weight loss but it also aids in getting perfect body shape. Consult your dietician and then only exclude appropriate amount of carbs to overcome unwanted fat layers present in the body.

• Cures disease of epilepsy:-
Low carb diet is one good option for children affected with disease of epilepsy and seizures. When body does not get enough amounts of carbs, to generate energy, it prefers the option of breaking down fats. During this process fatty acids and ketone bodies takes place. Rather than glucose, ketone bodies are transmitted through blood to several organs and include brain also. The medical condition, in which an elevated level of ketone bodies in the blood is observed, is also known as ketosis. Occurrence of this disease in children gets reduced when child gets blood along with excess level of ketone bodies. As a result, doctors often recommend children to include more fat rich food in their diet. This diet is well known by name called ketogenic diet.

• Helps to enhance level of good cholesterol:-
Adopting low-carb diet is considered to be rich in fat, which contributes to remarkable increase in blood level of good cholesterol and keeps heart diseases at bay.

• Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes:-
When you consume carbs, they are easily gets break down into simple sugar in digestive tract. Further, enter into bloodstream and leads to increase level of blood sugar. Eating of carbohydrate in moderate amount is only best way of attaining control over blood sugar and insulin level. In short, obtaining low carb diet ensures improvement in type 2 diabetes

• Lowers blood pressure:-
Having high blood pressure is a pre- cursor of many heart related diseases, which includes heart attack, kidney failure, stroke and many more. Low carb diet reduces risk of high blood pressure and consequently other heat related diseases, due to which helps you to live longer.

Completely eliminating Carbohydrate rich healthy foods from diet is not a healthy way, as due to this people will stay away from many healthy fruits and vegetables. The chances of vitamin and mineral deficiencies will increase among people considerably. People may suffer from low energy level and extreme fatigue. Lack of fiber in diet may affect digestive system badly. Due to deficiency of fiber in daily diet people are more likely to suffer from problems like constipation and bad breath. Children having ketogenic diet may go through low energy level, constipation, developmental disorders and other health problems because of excess cholesterol.

Instead of cutting out carbs completely from your diet, exclude some simple carbs and incorporate complex carbs in your diet. Sucrose, lactose, glucose and processed foods like candies, cakes and gudge are great example of easily digested simple carbs. Complex carbs like vegetables, fruits, cornmeal, bran, corn, pulses, wheat germ and oatmeal plays a crucial role in stabilizing blood sugar level and keeps you full longer. Put limit on consumption of saturated fat and give preference to eating more of good fat. Canola oil and olive oil are example of good fat. Carbohydrates boost protein function. Therefore, complete absence of carbs may contribute to numerous health problems.

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