smokingNo one can deny the fact that smoking enables a person prone to many severe diseases. In fact, it is believed that people who are addicted to smoking have more chances of dying early than non smokers. According to studies, millions of people are addicted to smoking across the world. There are several reasons behind people start cigarette smoking. Teenage people starts smoking just because to peer pressure and sometimes even as a fashion also. On the other hand some people smoke in order to alleviate stress. Besides these, people with low self esteem also become addicted to this unhealthy habit. The nicotine content present in cigarette is extremely harmful and due to which people find difficult to refrain from smoking. Whatever may the reason but once people become addicted to it, they need to confront number of severe medical conditions. There are endless health hazards related with cigarette smoking. Generally a smoker suffers from many severe and fatal diseases. Smokers have more possibilities of developing respiratory infections and other minor health ailments like common cold and cough. Smoker may also experience life threatening diseases like cancer, cardiac diseases, heart and lung diseases. Besides these, smokers may suffer from respiratory problem and other problem associated with liver, pancreas and kidneys.

• Respiratory conditions:-
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) is one such group of medical condition, which is responsible for blocking airflow. This in turn makes difficult to breathe. It induces health disorders like emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Emphysema is condition of breathlessness and it occurs by damage to the alveoli. On the other hand, chronic bronchitis contributes to persistent coughing and induces lot of mucus.
Smoking enhances the speed of decrease in lung function significantly than its usual speed. Breathlessness takes place because of failure of lung function. Particularly runners who smoke are more likely to suffer from breathlessness and may notice difficulty while breathing. This happens in case of runners because lungs need to take more efforts than usual.

• Cancer:-
Smokers have more chances of suffering from life threatening cancer comparing to non-smokers. Carcinogens, like tar present in cigarette increases risk of many cancer including throat, gullet, mouth and lungs. Among several cancers, mouth cancer is most common among smokers. Mouth cancer usually takes off on either one’s lips or underneath the tongue. Studies indicate that about 90 percent of people go through lung cancer just because of smoking. Female smokers are at an increased risk of acquiring cervical cancer. Apart from these, smoker may suffer through other various cancers as well. The list of which includes acute myeloid leukemia, larynx cancer, kidney, lung, pharynx, bladder, stomach, pancreatic, esophagus and oral cavity cancer. Studies have disclosed that people who smoke earlier extensively and light up after some period, have more chances of developing lung cancer.

• Effects during pregnancy:-
Women who often smoke during pregnancy may experience problems like miscarriage, and other issues like bleeding, ectopic pregnancy and detachment of placenta. Besides these, chances of giving birth to abortive or low birth weight baby raises. You may notice some congenital defects in baby as well, if smoking frequently during pregnancy. In addition, pregnant women who smoke are also likely to suffer from premature delivery and infertility issues.

• Cardiac diseases:-
Usually cardiovascular diseases involve diseases of heart, blood vessels and other associated organs. Coronary artery disease is a prime risk factor of death related to smoking. Nicotine component of cigarette raises cholesterol level in blood, which in turn blocked the arteries and contributes to hardening of arteries. This makes arteries rigid, blocked or narrow. Once the condition like atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries) takes place, blood clots are formed. Therefore, consequently risk of cardiac diseases enhances considerably. Disease like blockage in legs, coronary heart disease, coronary thrombosis, stroke and cerebral thrombosis are most common in smokers. Smoking may also lead to develop condition called abdominal aortic aneurysm.

• Since smoking is known to develop acidic taste in moth, it raises risk of mouth ulcers.
• Nicotine, most harmful chemical of cigarette damages the lining of blood vessels and therefore affects level of fat present in bloodstream. In short, raises risk of atheroma, which is major culprit behind occurrences of aneurysms, strokes and heart diseases.
• Addiction of smoking also worsens oral health by contributing to stained teeth and gums. Swollen gums, bad breath and loose teeth are problem of teeth associated with smoking.
• Due to smoking many sexual problems like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and infertility issues also occurs.
• Smoking gives rise to enhance risk of high blood pressure, which is thought to be common cause of heart attack and stroke.
• Smoking aggravates the disease of asthma badly and raises the inflammation of airways.
• Smoking is responsible for skin issues like loss of elasticity from skin and premature aging. This happens because blood supply to skin gets reduce due to smoking. In fact, level of vitamin A also gets reduced. As a result, most of smokers have pale skin and more wrinkles.
• Women addicted to smoking are at a higher risk of suffering from hip fractures as compared to non smoking women. This is so because; women who have addiction of smoking are known to have low bone density as like postmenopausal women.
• Excessive smoking leads to eye disorders like macular degeneration. In this disease you may notice gradual loss of eyesight. Smokers are even at an increase risk of cataract.
• Some other health disorders associated with smoking includes diabetic retinopathy, chest infection, crohn’s diseases, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis and so on.
• Non-smokers who come in contact with smokers are also at a higher risk of developing many health disorders. If kids comes in company with smokers are highly susceptible to infection of ear, nose, chest as well as asthma. In fact, in such kids the risk of sudden infant death syndrome is most common. This disease is such severe that once kid confronts this disease pass away while asleep only.

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