detox_dietNowadays, people are giving more preference to consumption of unhealthy like junk food and other process foods. So, the problem of obesity has increased substantially in people. Lack of physical activity and poor eating habits are the major culprit behind occurrence of obesity. Once people become obese, consequently the problem of cardiac diseases, diabetes, hypertension and even life threatening cancer increases considerably. Due to intake of several process and junk foods your body does not get sufficient amount of nutrients. Therefore, intake of healthy beverages is the best option to lose excess weight. The list of beverages mentioned below will help you to cope with obesity. Below listed beverages does the work of detoxification. Detoxification is most vital in order to eliminate toxins and to lose weight naturally. Even celebrities also choose the option of consuming these healthiest drinks to lose weight.


Intake of detox drinks is considered healthiest and quickest ways to obtain control lover weight. There is lots of detox drinks are available in the market which helps substantially in losing weight. The main purpose of these drinks is to make intensive cleansing of the body. These drinks are loaded with an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

1. Organic teas:-
Various organic teas play a dominant role in weight loss program. Though these organic teas contains abundant source of caffeine (which many experts though unhealthy for body), the major benefit of these teas that, it counterbalance between exclusion and production of toxins present in human bodies. Ginger tea, dandelion tea, green tea, peppermint tea and various other herbal teas are great example of weight loss plan. Dandelion tea is considered extremely beneficial because it not only protects the liver but also cleanses the bloodstream. While, ginger tea helps efficiently in detoxification through perspiration. Peppermint tea aids in indigestion and nausea significantly. Green tea plays a crucial role in diminishing cholesterol present in the body and strengthens the immune system of the body as well. In short, all teas help to excess weight in more healthy and organic way.

2. Cranberry juice:-
Cranberry juice is considered extremely beneficial in weight loss program. This juice has the ability increase the body’s metabolism and due to which most often the fats into fuel, required by the body for several activities. Therefore, many experts always recommended drinking this juice especially in summer or spring to get maximum desire results. Besides that, it would be better if drink 32-64 ounces of cranberry juice on daily basis in combination with enough amount of vegetable and fruits. This beverage is considered extremely useful as it plays a key role in losing weight and eliminates nicotine and alcohol completely from the system just within a few couple of days. Hence, drink this healthy drink on daily basis and enjoy a healthy weight.

3. Lemon detox diet:-
The lemon detox diet is also known by ‘masters cleanse diet’ and is famous due to its connection with celebrities. Lemon cayenne pepper is most popular as it is extremely beneficial in weight loss and helps in improving complexion as well. The major advantage of this beverage, that it ensures instant weight loss. Though it helps to lose weight instantly, but it is not recommended for every individual. To cleanse the digest tract is the primary function of this beverage, which consequently contributes to weight loss.

4. Vegetable juice:-
The liver is considered most important organ of body as it plays a key role in detoxification. Cabbage is extremely beneficial for liver detoxification, as it ensures digestion, which considered vital for weight loss. Make sure that you are utilizing cabbage in form of soup. Some people prefer cabbage juice to consume with other different veggies to increase its flavor. Apart from these, carrots and pears are extremely beneficial and can be utilized in combination with cabbage in soups or juices. You can give preference to consume cabbage based beverages along with fresh fruits and other different veggies.

5. Beetroot and pineapple:-
This juice is quiet useful as it holds rich source of iron, folate, and fiber. In addition, the pectin content present in this juice not only cleanses the toxins but also detoxifies and soothes the liver.

6. Cranberries, kale and pomegranates:-
This is another healthy beverage that holds high amount antioxidant and vitamins. Hence, this healthy drink promotes metabolism and aids in losing weight.

7. Apple and kiwi juice:-
Juice made up kiwis, broccoli, apple, cucumbers and lemon juice is essential in weight loss plan. This juice is packed with vitamin C, K, anti-inflammatory nutrients, antioxidants and anti-disease nutrients. These all the nutrients play a significant role in boosting energy level and expelling toxins.

• While shifting towards detox diet, you need to follow it for short period that only 3-4 days at regular intervals. No need to extend this detox diet for 10-12 days. Avoid continuing this diet if you are experiencing headache, dizziness, vomiting, body aches, nausea and so on.
• Stay away from heavily-cooked and processed food while following this diet. Strictly exclude foods like meat, fried food, and sweats from your regimen.
• While consuming fruits say no to fruits such as banana, grapes, custard apple and mangoes in order to avoid consumption of fats.
• If you cannot survive on drinks, then you can incorporate whole grains also in your diet. As fiber is considered good in losing weight. In addition, you can even consume boiled beans and legumes in moderate amount.
• The last but most important that you need to drink plenty of water while obtaining detox diet.

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