Healthy-Eating-Foods-To-Keep-Away-DandruffsEvery individual desires to have a good volume of hair. Diet containing fruits and vegetables help substantially in making scalp and hair roots grow strong. The problem of hair loss is rising by the day worldwide, both men and women are at a higher risk. Hormonal imbalance, genetics, an underactive thyroid gland, lack of nutrient and inadequate scalp circulation are the major risk factors associated with poor hair growth. Diet is one most prominent way through which you can get all the essential nutrients. Consumption of foods that holds all the essential nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats is vital in order to have a healthy body. As like body your hair also needs proper nourishment. Essential vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, and minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, magnesium and proteins are vital in sufficient amount to get stronger and healthier hair. The list of below mentioned foods ensures proper blood circulation of scalp, which in turn promote hair growth.

• Goosberry/ Amala:-
Paste of dried amla aids in opening of pores which promote scalp to develop natural oils. Dried amla is consider most effective fruit for hair growth as it not only promote hair re-growth but also adds more shine to the hair.

• Salmon:-
This fish is packed with essential nutrients like vitamin D, protein and also holds an excellent source of omega-3fatty acids which encourage your hair growth by keeping scalp healthy.

• Oysters:-
Lack of zinc mineral in the body contributes to hair loss and poor scalp circulation. Oyster is one such food which contains rich sources of zinc. Only 3 ounces of oysters holds around 493 percent means fulfills your daily requirement of zinc.

• Pomegranate:-
It is another most beneficial fruits that aids in strengthening hair follicles. In fact, many spas make use of pomegranate seed oil for hair massage. This oil plays a significant role in making hair stronger, thicker and healthy. Other important advantage of pomegranate is that it even fights against other hair issues like dandruff and itching. You can overcome hair loss problem by utilizing pomegranate extract.

• Eggs:-
Eggs also contain high amount of omega-3 fatty acid and biotin (which people take in supplement form also for growth of their hair). You need to understand that egg yolk is important to get long and beautiful hair. People generally give more preference to consuming egg white and over intake of egg white obstructs the assimilation of biotin into the body, which result in reduction of this micronutrient.

• Citrus fruits:-
Vitamin C is known as most vital component in hair growth process. Deficiency of vitamin C often makes your hair dull, wreck and susceptible to breakage. If you include this most important nutrient in your diet in adequate amount your risk of premature growing of hair may reduce significantly. Juices rich in vitamin C help to obtain control over dandruff. Most of people are unaware that dried peel paste is not only good for skin but also useful for hair pack. That paste helps in cleansing scalp and also gives extra shine for hair. Fruits such as black currants, bread fruits, kiwi, guava and passion fruit are best example of vitamin C rich diet, which encourages hair growth.

• Sunflower seeds:-
This seeds are loaded with vitamin E, which increases blood flow to scalp and ensures quicker hair growth.

• Banana:-
This fruits is a powerhouse of potassium, therefore if your applied banana paste to your hair, you will get soften hair. Paste of banana is considered extremely beneficial as it provides shine and manageability. Another important benefit of this fruit that it protects natural elasticity of hair and keeps the issues of split ends and breakage at bay.

• Sweet potatoes:-
These are packed with important nutrient called beta carotene, which is precursor of vitamin A that boost a healthy scalp and encourage hair growth. Keep in mind that high doses of this vital nutrient can cause severe side effects also. Therefore, take vitamin A in moderation and avoid over intake of vitamin A and stay healthy.

• Avocados:-
There are various essential vitamins and minerals are present in avocados which plays a crucial role in keeping your skin and hair hydrated. This fruit is also popular as age-old beauty secret. Therefore apply topically on your hair and scalp, this fruit is capable to induce collagen and elastin production. Avocado oil not only gives shine luster to hair but also keeps hair loss at bay.

Due to high concentration of essential nutrient present in papaya, it prevents baldness and promotes hair growth. This fruit is extremely beneficial to cope with issue of dandruff. Apply
papaya leaf extract as conditioner to treat dull, unruly and deadly hair. This conditioner is proven beneficial to get strong, shiny, thick and healthy hair.

• Almond:-
High amount of biotin present in almond helps significantly for faster hair growth. One cup almost hold one-third and fulfills your daily requirement. You will get the desire result in just 1-2 months by including almond in your daily regimen.

• Asparagus:-
It holds an excellent source of folic acid, which assists the body to absorb more proteins, due to which the hair grows faster. The most important benefit of Asparagus that, it includes rich source of vitamin A, C, E, silicon folic acid, fiber and iron. Asparagus induces hair production and vitamin E present in asparagus improves volume of hair. Therefore, consume at least 1 bowl of asparagus on daily basis to obtain thicker and shinier hair.

• Legumes:-
Foods such as kidney beans, peanuts, chick peas and other pulses are loaded with natural oils, which do the work of moisturizing the hair and scalp and also add extra shine to hair.

Along with above mentioned foods include various leafy green vegetables, dried fruits and fresh fruits in your daily regimen to get healthy hair. Therefore make sure that you are taking a healthy balanced diet, so you won’t suffer from hair loss.

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