Without any reason our bodies temperature goes high and our body start sweating. Owing to this our bodies heats-up shoddily remarking some health impediments at the forefront. These are nothing, however the only indications of body heat. To dodge such consequence upbringing it is very imperative to sustain our body’s temperature beneath control anyhow.  As claimed by medical science our body’s temperature should be around 36.9 degree Celsius and not beyond that, if so than there will be health peril ringing bells.  Also, in summer our body’s temperature swings constantly, due to certain possible reasons. Similar to wearing stiff fitting clothes, prolonged physical application (exercise), certain medication and also sometimes extended exposure to sun rays and so on. In order to evade this stipulation try out this simple tips/tactics that will sure help you to get free from this spinning heat this summer: –

Tips to reduce body heat in summer

  • The first and foremost step is to have a glass full off pomegranate juice with added almond oil drops in early morning this practice will definitely help you to with stand this muggy summer climate.
  • Similarly, the sustained temperature of our body falls down very easily without any reason; hence to avoid this stipulation you can definitely try this one out. Take a bucket full of cold water and put your feet’s into for above 10 minutes this will pull down your body temperature. Also, try some fenugreek seeds in morning it excessively helps too.
  • Even to survive this summer your body needs to administer the temperature independently, and this can be done simply by eating a handful of poppy seeds before you go to sleep. But it is only applicable to adults and not for children because of certain properties present in it.
  • You can also make a paste out of water and sandal powder and apply it on your forehead and chest so that your body temperature remains under control. Furthermore you can also add some blob of rose water to it to enhance its efficiency and outcome.
  • Milk is alternate option for cooling down your body temperature. Chilled milk with few drops of honey helps a lot, this mixture of milk and honey is a custom remedy of cooling down temperature in summer. Besides, butter milk also aids to bring down the temperature of our body in summer muggy days. Because buttermilk is full of vitamins, probiotics and minerals as it gives a power pack punch of energy to our body.
  • Even coconut water is considered necessary to drink every day to uphold the compatibility of energy and temperature of our body.
  • Similarly, make approach and indulge Vitamin C in your diet as it said that vitamin C aids to calm the heat of our body timely. You can have them in various citrus flavor fruits like orange, lemon, grape fruit, tangerine and so on.
  • And also, where loose fitting clothes to avoid certain uncertainties ahead. Elucidation shade clothes as well cease the annoyance of heat in muggy day.
  • Wear sun glasses whenever you out for a ride. Or else better don’t be out in between noon time from 12 to 3 as where the sun at its best heating site.
  • Most importantly take care of your health in this summer, keep your family and yourself hydrated throughout the day without going wrong. If you miss so, the consequences of such may be inauspicious comparatively. Thus, don’t consign this blunder knowingly, as healthiness of health is a subject to concern.   

Moreover, arrival of summer brings many good things as well apart from heating. Summer means vacation and vacation means picnic time, it’s a time of joyfulness and fun around the pool side or a favorite destination with whole family and friends.  Go out for a ride, cricket or for an outing but make every attempt to protect your skin and your body from heating temperature outside.  If you don’t want to take any chances with it than stay in-door or else step out with absolute care and caution. At rest, in between do not overlook to be cautious of yourself and your beloved ones in this summer. And hopefully you have a refreshing and invigorating summer ahead this year with your loved ones……

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